Master the Art of Anti-Gravity Yoga

With The Gravotonics Yoga Trapeze!

The Gravotonics Yoga Trapeze Workout

Gravotonics originated in 2003 on the tropical island of Bali – where our talented team have been lovingly hand making Yoga Trapeze & Aerial Yoga Hammocks of the highest quality and sending them around the world for 17 years..

Looking for a fun, exhilarating aerial workout? – look no further!

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The Gravotonics Yoga Trapeze Workout is the most complete, restorative, strength building, aerial fitness programme available!

Designed specifically to be an extremely versatile, adjustable and comfortable piece of aerial exercise equipment – It’s still the best yoga trapeze on the market!

Achieve Almost Any Yoga Pose Imaginable!

With the Gravotonics Yoga Trapeze anything is possible – from vertical to horizontal with every conceivable angle in between, including Inversion Therapy.

Get ready to experience an intoxicating aerial experience that will revolutionize your resistance training workouts and yoga asanas.

Once you’ve grasped the basics, you’ll be ready to take your exercise regime to the next level!

Gravotonics produce the ORIGINAL & BEST anti gravity yoga equipment – unmatched in QUALITY, SAFETY & VERSATILITY – suitable for all ages and fitness levels from experienced yogis to seniors and complete novices!

This isn’t just any old swing – it’s a complete exercise system & best of all FUN!

‘Forget the rest… Swing with the Best!’

Aerial Yoga
Aerial Yoga
Aerial Yoga


  • “I just wanted to say thank you so very much for the beautiful yoga swings. I am super happy and impressed with everything from the initial contact to the final product. Thank you so much for your quality, professionalism and hard work, you have a long-term client!”

    Amanda Paige – Tough Lotus

    AZ, USA




Gravotonics Yoga

All Gravotonics products are handmade in our family run workshop by a skilled team of dedicated and proud crafters.

We believe in Fair Trade and look after our staff. We are conscientious of our environmental footprint and also contribute 5% of all profits each year to helping Balinese community groups minimize waste and clean up the island.

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Commonly Asked Yoga Trapeze Questions

What is a yoga trapeze?

A Yoga Trapeze is a versatile aerial yoga prop, comprising of a hammock base and includes a set of handles on either side, each with 3 soft grips that allow you perform yoga postures suspended in mid air, and can also be used for various strengthening techniques.

What is the best yoga trapeze?

There are quite a few Yoga Trapeze on the market, each claiming to be the best. The thing to do is find one that has been hand-made from high quality parachute nylon and heavy duty fittings and avoid cheap, mass produced swings which may be a risk to your safety.

Is the Yoga Trapeze worth it?

Yes absolutely! The Yoga Trapeze is one of the most versatile pieces of fitness equipment available. It was originally designed as an amazing yoga prop most suited for aerial yoga. However it is also used for suspension training workouts and even inversion therapy!

Where can you hang a yoga trapeze?

A Yoga Trapeze can be set up quickly and easily by hanging daisy chains over a strong exposed beam or tree branch, or even in a doorway using a pull up bar. For a more permanent option, you can install sturdy brackets in your ceiling.

How much weight can a yoga trapeze hold?

Most Yoga Trapeze hold well over 440 lbs, however a safe operating weight range is generally around 330 lbs. This is because you are moving, swinging and bouncing around which creates more strain on the materials and fittings.

How do you attach a yoga trapeze to the ceiling?

To hang your Yoga Trapeze from your ceiling it is best to locate your ceiling joists and screw in o-rings or ceiling brackets 60cm to 80cm apart. If you have a concrete ceiling or are unsure, it's best to have a professional do the installation.

How high should a yoga trapeze be?

For most purposes the sling of your Yoga Trapeze should be at the height of your belt line. However you can adjust the height using daisy chains to suit different yoga poses or aerial fitness workouts.