Increase Flexibility & Minimize Pain Quickly With Our Specially Designed Yoga Swing

Gain noticeable results in your stretching and flexibility by adding this professional yoga prop to your routine, minimize pain and discomfort and perform asana easily with:

– The original & best yoga swing on the market for true therapeutic relief
3 Amazing Uses. Aerial Yoga, Suspension Training, Inversion Therapy
– Helps you go deeper into yoga poses in a safe and effective way
Simple to set up & use – portable enough to take anywhere you go

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Master the Art of Anti-Gravity Yoga
With the Gravotonics
Yoga Trapeze!!

Achieve Your Limitless
Yoga Pose Potential!

Get ready to experience an intoxicating aerial experience that will revolutionize your
Yoga Asana & Resistance Training!

Suitable for all ages and fitness levels from experienced yogis to complete novices!

Gravotonics Yoga Trapeze & Aerial Hammocks are unmatched in QUALITY, SAFETY & VERSATILITY

This isn’t just any old swing – it’s a complete aerial fitness workout & best of all… It’s FUN!

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How Can The Yoga Trapeze Help Me?

The yoga trapeze is amazing to improve both your mind & body.

It can help you:

  • Deepen your yoga practice
  • Awaken your inner body awareness
  • Improve body alignment during asana
  • Build strength and increase flexibility
  • Release daily mental stress & physical tension
  • Relieve back pain through Inversion Therapy
  • Assist in correcting your posture
  • Help you master your back bend
  • Open your solar plexus
  • Unlock your hips
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The Gravotonics Yoga Trapeze – Used & trusted by Yogis in studios & homes all around the world!
Beautifully crafted using high strength fittings & triple stitched, durable nylon parachute material
Two handles, each with 3x foam padded grips at varying lengths & spacious hammock for comfort
Extremely portable & lightweight – Quick assembly & can be hung almost anywhere..
The perfect prop for aerial yoga & traditional yoga alignment – Inversion therapy & suspension training.

16 Fabric colors - Multiple combinations!!

16 Swing Fabric Colours

Pick one solid color or ANY two favorite colors for your yoga trapeze!

Yoga Trapeze Package

Designed with versatility in mind, this adjustable & comfortable
Aerial Fitness equipment is still the BEST Yoga Trapeze on the market!

Indonesian Industrial Design Certificate

Indonesian Design & Safety Certification

Gravotonics is the original & only legal manufacturer of Yoga Swings in Indonesia, commencing in 2003.

Our Indonesian Design Cert. ensures the highest quality & safety standards – 200kg load capacity.

Novelty – Utility – Ingenuity.

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