10 Tips to Maintain a Regular Yoga Swing Routine

10 Tips to Maintain a Regular Yoga Swing Routine

The benefits of yoga swing workouts are well documented.

The problem is, most people find it incredibly hard to stick to a daily practice – and this can be caused by various things like being busy in life, among other issues.

And if this continues, you may end up giving up on your swing yoga practice altogether.

In this guide, we will share 10 tips and strategies that can help to make your yoga swing routine stick, so that you can continue enjoying the incredible benefits of yoga swing workouts.


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So, if you have been struggling to get into a regular aerial yoga swing routine, the following tips may help.


Note Down Your Goals

People start doing their aerial yoga workouts for various reasons. For instance, you may start a yoga swing routine to improve your overall fitness levels.

Whichever the case, it will be highly advisable to note your goals down.

Noting down your goals will help to hold yourself accountable. And as a result, you will be more committed to your workout routine, as opposed to a situation where you have no goals to reference.

Also, noting down your goals will help you to track and monitor your progress. And, keeping a record of your progress will help to add commitment and motivation. Consequently, the higher the commitment and motivation, the more likely you are to stick to your routine.

Hence, if you have been going about your practice without a visual record, it will be highly advisable to create one as soon as possible. And, it doesn’t have to be something complex. A record of your goals jotted down in your diary should be enough.


Commit To Your New Routine

Tips to Maintain a Regular Yoga Swing Routine - CommitmentWhen it comes to building a new habit, you first need to create clear, attainable goals and set your intention. And, you will also have to use the approach if you are looking to make your yoga swing practice stick.

To do so, you can do something as simple as setting aside 15 minutes every morning after you wake up for your antigravity yoga swing practice. You can then take those 15 minutes to either engage in some meditation or do a few simple poses.

From there, you can start to schedule in longer or more strenuous workouts in the evening after you arrive home from work.

By incorporating some form of aerial yoga into your daily schedule, whether morning or night, you will eventually get into a routine.

And with time, it will become something that you will be looking forward to, every day. Besides, when you commit to a particular routine, you no longer have to keep trying to decide when to do it.


Minimize Distractions

Doing yoga swing workouts at home presents various challenges. And of the biggest challenge is being distracted. The distractions can come from your children or pets, just to name a few.

And, if these distractions keep interrupting your practice, you may start postponing, but this will again break your routine, which is what you are trying hard to establish.

So, to avoid this, you will need to find a means of eliminating the distractions during your workout sessions or keeping them to a minimum. For instance, if your children keep interrupting you, maybe try waking up slightly earlier. By the time they wake up, you will have already finished your yoga swing workout session.

Also, you should keep your workout spot well maintained. Keep it clean and clutter-free. Dirt and unnecessary clutter may disrupt your focus, thus making your antigravity yoga hammock sessions less effective.

You should also consider enhancing your yoga space with live plants, comfortable cushions, crystals, essential oils as well as other Zen-like enhancing elements.

Minimizing distractions and enhancing the serenity of your yoga swing workout space, will make you look forward to your practice sessions. And this will go a long way in helping to firmly establish your practice.


Reward Yourself

Tips to Maintain a Regular Yoga Swing Routine - Reward YourselfSticking to a regular yoga swing practice is not always easy. There will be those days when your motivation will be at a minimum. Hence, it will be highly advisable to find a means of rewarding or incentivizing yourself to keep moving. However, ensure whatever you choose to incentivize yourself with is enhancing your practice.

Some of the methods you can use to reward yourself after an intense yoga hammock swing session include soaking in a bathtub or even scheduling a weekly massage. You can also reward yourself by purchasing new workout gear after a month of following your routine.


Go Easy on Yourself

If you’ve just started your aerial yoga practice, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the information about yoga out there. And, you may easily get tempted to start pushing yourself too hard, trying to master all these poses.

The problem is, such an approach may leave you with injuries, which will sideline you, thus making it hard to get into your yoga swing routine.

Also, trying to master all the poses at once may leave you feeling frustrated, especially if it appears you are not making the progress you had expected.

Instead of using this approach, you should instead try to master the basic poses first and then build from there. By mastering the basic aerial yoga poses first, you will avoid potential injuries.

Also, this approach will be less overwhelming, since you won’t have to put too much pressure on yourself.


Create a Daily Reminder

Regardless of how committed you may be to your yoga swing practice, you may sometimes end up forgetting, due to various reasons.

For example, you may sometimes wake up late, meaning you will be forced to rush to work. And during such days, you may completely forget about your practice, especially if you have nothing to remind you.

If such situations keep happening, you will find it increasingly hard to stick to your antigravity yoga swing routine. And this is where reminders come in. For instance, you can set an alarm that notifies you about your upcoming workout, thirty minutes before.

When you have set up a reminder notification, you will not only wake up earlier for your session but you will leave for work on time. Simply put, it’s more of a win-win situation. The reminder will not only notify you about your scheduled workout but will also help you to prepare adequately for the day ahead.


Partner With a Friend

Maintain a Regular Yoga Swing Routine - Partner with a FriendIf you are finding it increasingly hard to stick to your aerial yoga swing routine, you should consider partnering with a friend or a colleague.

You can then be hosting the workout sessions either at your place or at your friend’s home. By partnering with a friend, your sessions will become livelier. Besides, it will help to hold each other accountable.

You can also join social media groups or online platforms, where other like-minded individuals hang out.

You can then be updated with other yogis about the progress you are making. This approach provides a fun way of keeping track of your routine.

Besides, you will also meet like-minded people, who can help to keep you motivated.


Join an Online Yoga Class

If you are new to aerial yoga, finding the inspiration and motivation needed to maintain a daily routine can be tough, without the support of a yoga instructor. But, it doesn’t mean you have to join a yoga studio.

You simply need to join an online yoga classes and continue to use your yoga swing at home!

The sessions can either be live or recorded, depending on your preferences. Such classes will help to enhance your knowledge of aerial yoga.

Also, they will help to keep you motivated and stick to your aerial yoga workout routine.

In case you don’t have the money to sign up for an online yoga class or course, you can also check out YouTube videos which you can then use these videos to see how to execute various variations or poses.


Stay on Top of Your Excuses

Without a doubt, you will always find an excuse to miss your workout sessions.

For instance, you may try to convince yourself that it’s too cold, people are coming over, you have a deadline to meet or your body is feeling sore.

And, if you keep skipping your workouts due to these excuses, your routine will suffer considerably. To prevent excuses from interfering with your routine, you should consider noting them down. By noting them down, you will always remain on top of them, meaning they will not interrupt your routine.


Enhance Your Knowledge

Aerial yoga goes beyond physical exercises. It’s a well-rounded activity, which helps to promote a healthy mind and body, through spiritual and mental practices, beyond physical exercises.

And, the more you learn about how aerial yoga can benefit your life, the more you will remain committed to your yoga swing routine.

So, make sure you create time every week to deepen your knowledge. You can do so either by watching videos, listening to podcasts, or reading articles, among other methods.


Establishing A Good Yoga Swing Routine

Staying committed to your yoga swing workout routine comes with numerous benefits.

And if you follow the tips and strategies we’ve provided in this article, you will find it easier to remain committed to your routine and enjoy the great benefits that come with this practice.





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