11 Best Morning Aerial Yoga Poses

Best Morning Aerial Yoga Poses

A great way to start your day is with some morning aerial yoga poses and stretches using a yoga swing.

Incorporating aero yoga into your morning routine comes with numerous benefits. First, it can help to enhance your flexibility, boost your strength and amp up your energy levels.

Second, some aerial yoga poses and stretches in the morning can help to lower anxiety and stress.

Third, it helps to prepare your mind and body for the day you have ahead. If you run a tight schedule, creating time for some morning aerial yoga poses in between the day can be a challenge.


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But with so many different antigravity yoga poses out there, choosing the best ones for your morning routine can prove to be overwhelming.

Fortunately, we’ve done the heavy lifting for you and identified the best yoga swing poses and stretches to start your day. Let’s take a look!


Floating Child Pose

This is one of the simplest yoga swing poses to add to your aerial yoga morning practice. According to aerial fitness specialists, this pose provides a powerful means of starting your yoga practice.

Also, it provides a gentle means of stretching the lower back, hips and back while helping you to reconnect with your breath. Furthermore, the floating child pose helps to alleviate anxiety and stress.

Apart from that, this pose will also help to ease tension in the shoulders, chest and back while promoting optimal blood circulation throughout the body. And as a result, you will start the day feeling relaxed, energized and refreshed, leading to better productivity.


Downward Facing Dog

Morning Aerial Yoga Poses - Downward DogThe downward-facing dog is, without a doubt, one of the most popular and effective aero yoga poses.

It’s actually one of the first poses taught in most aerial yoga studios. And you should consider including it in your morning practice.

The downward-facing dog pose helps to boost blood circulation, supply fresh oxygen to the brain. And considering it’s a weight-bearing exercise, this pose is also highly effective in strengthening the arms and shoulders while helping you to build powerful abdominal muscles.

Also, it will help to stretch your calves and glutes while easing tension at the back of the neck and the entire spine. It will also open up your chest and shoulders, thus helping to align and strengthen your spine for improved posture.


Cow Pose Aerial

The cow pose is one of the best asana to incorporate into your morning aerial yoga poses routine.

It provides an effective yet simple means of waking up your spine and back muscles in the morning.

While sleeping for long hours is highly beneficial, it can also leave your spine feeling tight and restricted. And this is where the cow pose aerial comes in.

It will help to stretch your entire back, thus preparing your entire body for the day ahead. Whether your work involves sitting in front of a computer all day or you have to lift heavy items, this pose will come in handy.


Warrior Poses

Morning Aerial Yoga Poses - Warrior PoseYour antigravity yoga morning practice is never complete without some warrior poses.

And there are 3 warrior poses to choose from. These are warrior I, warrior II and warrior III.

Adding any of these warrior poses to your morning aerial yoga session will help to wake up your mind and body.

Warrior poses will also help to energize you so that you can comfortably tackle even the most challenging of days.


Cobra Pose Aerial

Do you usually wake up feeling stressed out or anxious? Or you usually experience back pain and stiffness in the morning? If yes, then you don’t have to buy expensive medications or go for costly medical procedures.

The cobra pose using the yoga swing may provide a solution to your problems. This back-bending pose can be tremendously helpful in alleviating pain, discomfort and stiffness in the back and neck.

Also, spending a couple of minutes in this pose can go a long way towards providing relief against stress, depression and anxiety.

Furthermore, the cobra pose aerial will also help to improve your digestive system since it places a small amount of pressure around your abdomen and pelvis.

It can also help to elevate your mood! So, if you usually wake up in a bad mood, then this pose can help to make your mornings livelier.


Aerial Lunges

If your work involves prolonged sitting, then you should consider adding aerial lunges to your morning yoga practice. Aerial lunges will help to stretch various muscles in your body like hip flexors, legs, calves, and core, among others.

They will also help to improve your posture since prolonged sitting can eventually lead to a hunched back.

Another benefit of starting your morning with aerial lunges is that they will help to build stamina and stability, thus adequately preparing you for the long day ahead.


Supported Camel Pose

Morning Aerial Yoga Poses - Supported Camel PoseWhen properly performed on the yoga swings, this pose can work almost all the major muscles in the body.

For instance, it can help to tone and stimulates your thighs, chest and abdomen. It can also help to alleviate common problems associated with the respiratory, digestive, lymphatic, circulatory and skeletal systems.

Also, this pose is highly recommended for people who suffer from medical conditions like diabetes, bronchitis, asthma, voice disorders, colitis, and obesity-related complications.

The camel pose can also help to boost circulation in the body, thus promoting faster removal of toxins.

And besides the physical benefits, the supported camel pose also offers numerous mental benefits such as alleviating stress and anxiety.

While this pose may appear challenging, you will enjoy immense benefits once you master it and add it to your morning aerial yoga practice.


Chair Pose Aerial

If your normal workday involves prolonged standing, then you will need to have strong and flexible leg muscles. You will also need a strong core, to help you power through your workday with ease. And this is where the chair pose aerial comes in.

This intermediate aerial yoga pose will activate and stretch several muscles in your body such as upper back muscles, arms and shoulders as well as the muscles around your abdominals.

Also improves posture, thus helping to prevent the pain and discomfort that comes with prolonged standing.


Inverted Bow Pose

Morning Aerial Yoga Poses - Inverted Bow PoseIf you are looking for a means of boosting your energy levels in the morning and enhancing your metabolism for your day, then the inverted bow pose will be a perfect workout.

As you do this pose, you will be stretching your body’s entire front side, as well as strengthening your back.

This suspension yoga pose will also help to invigorate your body’s internal organs while stimulating the adrenal glands.

When properly executed, the inverted bow pose will also open up your chest, thus promoting better breathing.

It will also help you to maintain steady breathing patterns, leading to stress reduction and increased overall productivity.


Pigeon Pose

The pigeon pose is a classic yoga hammock pose, designed to alleviate lower back pain and open the hips. It also provides a gentle yet effective means of stretching various body muscles and increasing your overall flexibility.

Adding this suspension yoga pose to your aero yoga practice can also help to boost movement in the lower abdomen, thus promoting optimal digestion.

According to antigravity yoga specialists, the pigeon pose can also help to relieve stress, anxiety and sadness.

Furthermore, doing this pose as you focus on your breathing may help you to feel grounded and fully at peace with yourself.


Bridge Pose Aerial

Morning Aerial Yoga Poses - Bridge Pose AerialThe bridge pose is more of a backbend pose.

And the good news is, it’s accessible to all levels of yogis. It will stretch your chest, belly, shoulders and back, thus helping you to feel more flexible.

Adding this pose to your morning yoga practice will also help to rejuvenate tired legs, open the chest, strengthen your glutes, stretch the spine, alleviate stress and depression, calm the body and help to stimulate organs of the abdomen.

Holding this pose for several minutes will help to stimulate a sluggish thyroid, leading to faster weight loss. It provides a great means of ending your aerial yoga morning session.


Morning Aerial Yoga Poses

Whether you are an advanced yogi or a beginner, incorporating morning aerial yoga poses into your daily routine will help to get up and get moving.

And as you can see, you have numerous aero yoga poses to choose from for your morning routine.

You simply need to try out several of them and then choose the poses and stretches that you feel most comfortable with, and once you get into a routine and practice regularly, you will start to enjoy the amazing benefits of suspension yoga.





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