5 Best Yoga Swing Poses To Improve Posture


Improve Your Posture With Aerial Yoga

Nobody can deny the fact that yoga – both aerial and on the mat has an excellent range of health benefits and one of the great things about aerial yoga is that it is accessible to a wide range of people thanks to its anti-gravity nature and an excellent selection of the best yoga swing poses.

For many people, getting on the mat isn’t as easy as they’d like but taking part in a yoga swing workout can be much easier for those who find flexibility a problem.

One of the benefits of hopping into your aerial yoga swing is your posture stands to be greatly improved.

There are many reasons for this and you’ll be pleased to know that there is a wide range of poses that can drastically improve your posture.


In this article, we will be looking at 5 of the best yoga swing poses to improve your posture as well as exploring why having a good posture is important for your overall well-being.


How Does A Yoga Swing Help To Improve Your Posture?

So, it’s no secret that using your aerial yoga swing on a regular basis will improve various aspects of your health, including your posture.

But when we look at exactly how aerial yoga can help with this, we are much more easily able to understand just what an amazing benefit this is.

As you work out in your yoga swing, you are being given one of the best opportunities you will ever get to decompress the spine.

For many of us, sitting at a desk all day is unavoidable and since there is so much focus on staying at work and getting as much done as possible which can put unimaginable pressure on your spine and this is something of a nightmare for your posture.

yoga swing poses for poor posture


However, thanks to the many inversions that you will be able to do during your at-home yoga workout, this pressure is drastically reduced.

As your spine is decompressed, the joints within it are much more freely able to align, this is what improves the posture and provides relief from being cramped up in an office chair or on the sofa for large parts of the day.

If you work from home and have a yoga swing installed, why not schedule a mini session into your lunch break?



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Why Is A Good Posture Important?

Many people ask why is good posture important?

Having a bad posture can put unnecessary pressure on your muscles and joints and this can lead to a wealth of other problems, some of which can be very serious.

As you continue through your life with bad posture, this can cause the joints to wear a lot more quickly than they otherwise would.

This might lead to conditions such as arthritis which can be painful and in extreme cases can severely affect your quality of life.

Furthermore, you may be surprised to learn that having a bad posture can contribute to poor digestive health.

When you are not in the correct position, this can put a lot of stress on the organs in the abdominal cavity which is what impacts your digestion and you may suffer from heartburn or constipation among other things.

But many conditions like these require a simple spinal realignment – and making the most of these best yoga swing poses is sure to improve this function and that is where your aerial yoga swing becomes your new best friend!


yoga swing poses improve your posture


You will notice that, as your posture improves, your muscles will begin to feel a lot less fatigued and this is because, much like the joints, they are getting a break from carrying such a heavy, unnecessary load.

You will begin to feel lighter and more in control and this can improve your overall feeling of wellness. In turn, you will likely feel much happier and experience better mood.

Your spine is one of the most important parts of your body, not only is it the highway for messages to and from the brain, as it serves in keeping you upright and moving, therefore, it is vital that we pay attention to its health.

Keeping your posture in check promotes much improved spinal health and this is especially important if you are someone who spends a lot of time sitting down.

Not only will this improve the health of your spine and its ability to fully support your back but if you suffer from back pain, you will notice that as your posture improves, so too will the level of pain – until one day, it is gone altogether!



The 5 Best Yoga Swing Poses To Improve Posture

There are so many different poses that you can try out in your yoga swing, some are a little more advanced but there are many that are ideal yoga swing poses for beginners.

So no matter what your level, there will be a yoga swing pose that will be of benefit where your posture is concerned, and we think that these are 5 of the best!


Star Inversion

best-yoga-swing-poses-inverted-star-poseThis pose involves you getting into a star shape, much like you would on the mat but in an inverted position.

Your hands will be placed on the ground below you whilst your hips are supported by the swing and your legs are spread out on either side of your body.

There are many advantages to this asana including stress relief and relief from anxiety as well as improving your circulation and helping to relieve symptoms associated with the menstrual cycle.

However, one of the most notable benefits of this pose is that the inversion of gravity drastically decompresses the spine and allows for much more natural alignment.



Suspended Plank

Plank is a notoriously challenging pose when it is done without the aid of a yoga swing but it can be much easier when your feet are supported in the hammock and your hands are placed on the ground.

One of the great advantages of doing this pose is that it is excellent for toning and strengthening a variety of muscles all over the body, particularly the abs, glutes, spinal erectors and upper back muscles which are all crucial for a strong core.

Along with the benefits of a strong core comes the reason we are here – improved back posture.

Adding this pose into your daily aerial yoga routine for a couple of minutes can benefit your posture and in turn, provide you with relief from lower back and neck pain.


Suspended Plank Yoga Swing


Inverted Pigeon


At first glance, this pose may look similar to the star inversion we have already discussed, but this time, as you hang upside down your legs are not spread apart but are close to your body with your feet touching at the soles.

This is a brilliant pose for many reasons including a deep hip stretch which is also great if you spend a lot of time sitting down.

However, this pose is mainly beneficial where your posture is concerned since this hip opener helps loosens up your spine, hamstrings, glutes and hip flexors.

For extra stretch through the hip flexors and quads, you can alternate with arching one leg back behind at a time and gripping onto your ankle from underneath.

Opening and stretching these places in your body makes it easier to correct imbalances in your posture and the anti-gravity effects from the use of the yoga swing will help to align the spine.

In addition, it is an extremely relaxing pose and is ideal for adding into your restorative routine.


Arrow Pose

yoga-swing-poses-inverted-arrow-poseIf you are looking for an inversion that is simple and easy to get to grips with then this is likely going to be your best option.

Not only is this an incredibly relaxing pose but it can also be great for improving your posture. This is, once again thanks to the anti-gravity nature of the pose which allows some serious spinal decompression to take place.

To perform the pose you will support your legs with the hammock and simply hang upside down in one straight line.



Chair PoseUtkatasana

In order to do this pose in your yoga swing, you should place the hammock under the arms to support you as you bend the knees.

This is an excellent go-to pose for people who are a little more advanced in terms of strength and stamina and is sure to improve your posture. The pose allows for great decompression and will also provide very good relief from back pain.


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Time To Look After Our Bodies!

Having the option to hop into an aerial yoga swing is truly amazing and when we think about the hectic lives that we lead, it becomes even more clear that we need to take the time to look after our bodies – your yoga swing can be a great companion for this.

Out of the many benefits that an aerial yoga routine can bring, improving your posture is up there with the most important and the key reason that a yoga swing can help so well with this is mainly down to the anti-gravity effect on the spine.

Using a yoga swing for an all round suspension training workout to strengthen your back and other core muscles, along with your stretches will ensure your body is supporting itself correctly.

Gravotonics Yoga Swing


Having a good posture can promote a general feeling of wellness since it can improve your digestion, relieve pain and prevent conditions such as arthritis. Therefore, including poses in your aerial yoga routine that are designed to target your posture is essential.

These five best yoga swing poses are great for many reasons and you will certainly notice a marked postural improvement once you start performing them regularly.









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