5 Easy Yoga Swing Poses for Beginners

5 Easy Yoga Swing Poses for Beginners


Originally published on 03/08/2020

Yoga has always been known for its meditative and transformative experience. Many people venture into yoga because of the several benefits it offers.

We might be more familiar with traditional yoga practice, which is done on the ground. But if you’re looking for a different kind of experience with a bit of challenge, you can try doing yoga swing poses for beginners!


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Are You a Yogi or Fitness Fanatic?

Do you identify as a fitness or yoga newbie and want to explore aerial yoga with some yoga swing poses to get you started? Whichever your rhythm, the following aerial yoga swing workout for beginners should definitely be added to your routine.

This hybrid workout, also known as anti-gravity yoga, is the modern take on yoga. It originated back in ancient times, but it has grown in popularity over recent years. It gained more recognition when it was introduced as a practice that incorporates aerial arts, acrobatics, and traditional yoga.

There are a lot of benefits you can get from doing aerial yoga. It has been proven to improve not only your physical health but also your mental state.

Doing this will:

  • Strengthen postural alignment fibers and muscles
  • Increase blood fluidity and body agility
  • Spinal decompression
  • Develop upper body strength

Besides, there is also that added bonus of improving your social media presence, particularly on Instagram. You can easily wow your followers with your zen poses while suspended in the air. How fun is that?


Aerial Yoga Equipment

Beginners Yoga Swing PosesAerial fitness involves all of your traditional yoga poses mixed in with yoga swings, aerial hammocks, silk ropes, and occasionally, aerial rings. The most common choice for beginners would be aerial hammocks.

If you’re going to enroll in an aerial yoga class, you won’t need to bring your own equipment. However, if you’re planning to start a home studio, you must be familiar with the different devices required for such practice.

It is ideal to have your yoga swings, or aerial hammock hung on your ceiling to achieve the best support for your body. But, if you live in an apartment where installation like that is not allowed, or your place is just not ideal for that setup, there are aerial frames that you may purchase.

Aerial frames are portable yoga swing stands that you can hang your fabrics on. It’s a good starting point if you’re just a beginner since you’ll be able to move it around in your space and just set it up during your actual sessions.

Make sure that you also try to get a good quality yoga stand as it is a vital piece in your workouts. Besides that, you should also get the best yoga hammocks and yoga swings to practice on.

The best ones are handmade, 100% nylon Yoga Swing. Not only will this help you execute your poses better you are also ensured that it won’t break easily and will be able to support your weight.


Things to Remember..

Now, you might think you’ll need a background in circus training, but the reality is that anyone can do these yoga swing poses. Just make sure that you have a bit of a background on aerial yoga before fully getting started.

You can consult with a personal trainer first or have someone do this with you so you’ll have a guide throughout the session.

Remember that safety should always be a priority. We don’t want you getting hurt or obtaining injuries from doing this practice. If you have other conditions, kindly check with your doctor first if it would be advisable to continue with your session.

Once “you’re all cleared for take off,” you can now start your first aerial yoga swing workout!


Five Yoga Swing Poses

To get you started, here are five great yoga swing workouts for beginners!


1. Aerial Supported Lunges

5 Easy Yoga Swing Poses for Beginners Aerial LungeLunges help increase muscle volume to build up strength, especially on your core, butt, and legs. This pose also aids in fixing your posture and improving your alignment.

Doing lunges with the yoga swing is not only 5x times cooler, but it also helps you build up stamina and stability.

  • Do exactly as you would do regular lunges: lunge forward with one leg but carefully place your back leg inside the yoga swing. You may either place just the top of your foot or leg. If you’re just starting, have someone assist you into this position.
  • Your other leg should stay still, your foot completely flat on the ground.
  • Once you’ve found your balance, slowly get into the lunge position while extending your back leg.
  • Spread your arms on the side as you do this pose.
  • Do each leg for 30 seconds. Do not forget to take slow deep breaths in between.

This will work your quads, glutes, and hip flexors. There are many variations of this pose so try to find one that works best for you. Try to invite a workout buddy that can spot you, especially if you don’t have a trainer.


2. Aerial Plank

5 Easy Yoga Swing Poses for Beginners Aerial PlankOne of the most popular poses not only in aerial yoga but also in traditional yoga would be the planks. It is best for engaging your core and improving your overall upper body strength.

You might be wondering how exactly you’d integrate the aerial yoga swing. Here’s how:

  • In a regular plank, you place both forearms and feet on the ground, balancing your body. This helps with balance, stamina, patience, and core toning.
  • Carefully place one leg in your silk. If you can’t do it alone, ask for a friend to assist you with this.
  • Move your body away from the sling and slowly work your way down towards the mat.
  • Place your hands firmly on the mat. Your hands should be directly under your shoulders. Your fingers should also be spread out.
  • Once you’re ready, bring your other foot in the swing.
  • Hold this position from 20 to 40 seconds per set, squeezing in your abs. As you get better with this, you’d want to increase the time you hold the pose.

From this position, you can try elevating by adding other actions such as piking, where you lift your butt over your head, and then you slowly go back to the plank position.

You may repeat this several times to work on your glutes.

Aerial planks are really known for engaging your core and improving arm strength. Also, in its other variations, it also tones your glutes.

This also helps develop your balance, loosen lower back pain, strengthen your wrists and shoulders, and improve your confidence.


3. Aerial Side Plank Crunches

5 Easy Yoga Swing Poses for Beginners Side Plank CrunchSimilar to the plank, crunches include elevating your feet and working on your core muscles. The traditional method would include either workout or household furniture to place your feet.

However, in aerial yoga, we elevate with the swings! This allows you to control how high or low your feet will be raised.

  • Get into the plank position with your silk. If you’re a beginner, carefully place one leg in your silk and slowly turn your body around while using the yoga hammock as support.
  • After you’ve found your balance, carefully go down your mat. Ensure that your hands are directly under your shoulders and are placed firmly on the mat.
  • Lift your other leg and place it in the silk.
  • Once you’re settled, slowly bring your knees forward, towards your elbow.
  • Go back to the plank position and repeat the same step with your opposite elbow.
  • Do this for 30 seconds.

If you’re more experienced, you may increase the duration of the pose, or you may add other variations to increase the complexity. In the end, this will help a lot in working on your legs, inner core, and stability.


4. Aerial Downward Dog Pose

5 Easy Yoga Swing Poses for Beginners Aerial Downward DogAnother popular pose among the yoga community is the downward dog position. This helps stretch out your entire body,  decompressing the spine while still working on your upper and lower body strength.

  • For the downward dog form, you will want to start with separating your legs to a comfortable and steady distance.
  • Place your hands onto your fabric and gently pull it to your hip crease. You may adjust the height of your fabric depending on comfort level.
  • Next, you will slowly bend your stomach forward without moving or bending your legs. You may stand on your tiptoes if that will work better for you.
  • Slowly bring your hands towards your mat. Work on your balance first. With aerial yoga, you will touch the swing with your stomach as you bend forward and connect with the ground.
  • Gently walk your feet backward. Make sure you have good support from your hands and your stomach, which rests on the swing.
  • Extend and straighten your body while keeping your hands grounded. Take deep and slow breaths.
  • You may completely lift your feet off the mat or have them stay on the ground- totally up to you.

The downward dog pose is a vital pose in yoga practices as it aids a lot in strengthening the upper body and elongating the spine. This will help greatly with your pressure, durability and middle and lower back.

This pose is also highly associated with health benefits for your chest and your heart as it improves blood and air circulation as well.


5. Aerial Chair Pose

5 Easy Yoga Swing Poses for Beginners Chair PoseThe fifth pose is called the supported chair pose, which is exactly what the name says. This is also well known among yoga practitioners for its benefits, such as back alignment and improving posture.

  • To do this position, you must place both feet on the ground and work on separating the yoga hammock with your hands.
  • Swing the fabric around your back. Try to put it on like a backpack.
  • Make sure that your feet maintain a good distance from each other. Firmly place them on the ground.
  • After finding your most comfortable position, you will begin to lean back, leaving your feet on the ground and your back connected to the yoga hammock. The sling should sit comfortably on your back, not too high nor too low.
  • You will reach back and stretch as much as possible and slowly let go of the sling, allowing the fabric to support you.
  • You will give yourself a few seconds to a minute, relax and do it again three to five times per set.

This movement will open your back, allowing better mobility, breathing, and posture. As you get deeper into the pose, you’ll definitely feel your spine open up. You will also notice a good breathing pace, especially once you’ve adjusted to the position.

Not to say you will be extremely comfortable and relaxed doing it – but you’ll love the results.


Dominating Yoga

Aerial Yoga Swing Poses - CacoonThere you have it! These five aerial yoga swing poses for beginners will have you looking like a pro once you start sharing them with your friends. They can be easily achieved with great practice and patience, using a 100% handmade yoga swing or aerial hammock.

Just make sure you are mentally and physically prepared to get a better grasp of the practice. Do your research and consult professionals to ensure that you won’t risk your health and safety for this.

Aerial yoga is a beautiful practice. It holistically improves your overall being. Many pieces of research have already shown the several benefits of this yoga practice.

With consistency, you’ll not only reach your body goals, but you’d also get a better perspective on life.

After including these in your weekly workout routine, you will start to notice the changes in your body. These changes include improvement in your mood, overall balance, increased flexibility, regained strength, and generally better mental and physical health.

Your entire body will thank you once you start with aerial yoga swing poses. Plus, it’s always an excellent bonding experience to introduce into the friend group.

Once you are ready to elevate your game, you can try more advanced yoga swing poses!

Just make sure to do it at your own pace, and do not forget to enjoy.

Looking forward to hearing about your experience!





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