7 Beginner-Friendly Yoga Poses in 2023

7 Beginner-Friendly Yoga Poses in 2023

Getting into yoga, or being active in general, has been a common escape for many of us during the pandemic.

Aside from the famous Dalgona coffee tutorial videos up to restocking videos, exercising was never out of the trend. A lot of fitness journeys started when the whole world was literally on lockdown, and there was nowhere to go but so much time to spare.

Almost everyone you’re following on social media has started their own at-home workouts and indoor exercises. You’ve probably seen most of them build their gyms at home, too!

Setting up a gym at home can be very expensive and will take up so much space if there isn’t really an area allotted to it in the first place. Sure, it is worth the investment once you get into it, but we recommend trying an exercise that is low-cost but still beneficial.


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Yoga does not only help you improve your flexibility and posture, but it also contributes to a more positive outlook and healthier mental state. As we’re slowly easing back to a more normal life, here are some of the best yoga poses in 2023 you can incorporate into your routine (if you haven’t yet!)


Getting Into Yoga

Yoga Poses in 2023What better way than to start the year right by trying something new! Although we are already halfway through the first month of the year, it’s never too late to get into yoga poses in 2023.

If you have tried a few exercises but eventually backed out, this is your sign to revisit this.

When you’re dealing with a lot of uncertainty and anxiety, it’s just natural for you to find an outlet in which you can healthily deal with these stresses. One of the ways in which people cope with stress is through yoga. This meditative practice has been aiding people through their daily lives since ancient times.

Many beginners think that yoga is a complicated practice because of the different poses. A lot might be worried about not being flexible or fit enough to get into yoga. However, yoga is much more simple than you think! You might be doing yoga poses without even knowing it.

You don’t have to go immediately to those handstands or crane poses. You can start with a simple warrior pose and proceed with more complex poses once you’ve gotten the hang of it.

If you think you’re better off learning on your own, there are a lot of articles, blogs, and vlogs out there that can help you understand the practice better — and this one might be the one!

If you enjoy having company and being in a class set-up, you can also enroll in yoga classes that fit your schedule, lifestyle, and interests better. You won’t ever have a hard time finding the ones that suit you best due to the popularity of yoga.

Keep in mind that there are also other types of yoga that you can check out. If you’re looking for more challenging routines, you can try doing aerial yoga. Aerial yoga uses tools such as aerial hammocks and yoga swings as support while doing the poses.

Essentially, it’s no different than traditional yoga. You’re just going to be suspended in the air while doing your usual poses. And just like traditional yoga, it’s beginner-friendly too!


7 Beginner Yoga Poses in 2023

There are a lot of different yoga poses in 2023 that you can familiarize yourself with, but here are the most common ones that you’ll probably see in almost every yoga class.

Mountain Pose (Tadasana)

Yoga Poses in 2023 - Mountain Pose (Tadasana)This yoga pose is a great starting point for every yoga practice, especially for beginners, as this allows you to be more mindful of your body and posture. This will immediately help you improve the natural alignment of your body while also easing out tightness in your shoulders and back.

Additionally, it engages all the muscles in your body and helps relieve constipation.

  • To do this pose, you must stand up tall, feet slightly apart. Make sure your toes are also firmly placed on the ground.
  • Do not lean forward or backward. It is essential that your body is aligned properly.
  • Squeeze your hips and engage your core.
  • Lift your chest and let your arms rest on your side.
  • There are many variations of this pose, so depending on your instructor, you might be asked to lift your heels and balance. You may also lift your arms in the process. It is important that you do it at your own pace.
  • Take long, slow breaths. Make sure to hold the pose for 5-6 breaths.


Downward-Facing Dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana)

Yoga Poses in 2023 - Downward-Facing Dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana)Like the mountain pose, the downward-facing dog is also among the popular yoga poses. This pose stretches your legs fully as well as your back.

Many beginners are familiar with this pose as it is a staple in most yoga sessions.

However, it is also easy to do this incorrectly.

  • To properly do this, get on all fours. Ensure that your wrists are below your shoulders and your knees are under your hips.
  • Your fingers must be spread evenly on your mat. This is important as it sets your body for the actual pose while making sure that you’re still supported all throughout.
  • Then, straighten your legs as you lift your bum towards the ceiling. Your heels should remain pressed on the ground.
  • Make sure that you’re head is placed between your arms.
  • Your backs should also stay flat, if possible.
  • Hold it for 30 seconds, or 5-10 breaths.

If you’re a beginner and you feel like you’re not yet flexible enough to facilitate the position, you can always make adjustments, such as bending your knees a little. After all, the main goal of the pose is to be able to stretch and strengthen your entire body. This can aid in lengthening your spine as well.


Warrior I (Virabhadrasana I)

Yoga Poses in 2023 - Warrior I (Virabhadrasana I)This pose is also vital in any yoga practice as it helps improve the core and lower body strength.

  • Coming from the downward-facing dog pose, place your right foot forward, and if you can manage, drop your left heel on the floor.
  • Slowly keep your left leg stretched behind you. Make sure that you have a wide stance to allow your body to stretch and open up.
  • Bend your knee above your right ankle so your shin can form a vertical line.
  • As you come up, curl your tailbone from underneath and roll up through your back body.
  • Lean your shoulders back and raise your arms up to the ceiling.
  • Your chest should remain open up as you stretch your arms overhead.
  • Do not forget to breathe deep and slow. Do this for 30 seconds.
  • Switch to the left leg after. Repeat the same process.

Warrior I does not only stretch the upper body, but it also strengthens your hips, thighs, and shin. Always check the alignment of your hips. You may cause extra pressure on your lower back if you’re tipping your hips too forward or backward.

Though this may seem easy for others, practice is still very important. Keep in mind that it could take a couple more sessions to master and execute this pose flawlessly.


Warrior II (Virabhadrasana II)

Yoga Poses in 2023 - Warrior II (Virabhadrasana II)So beautiful, this is my personal favorite of the yoga poses in 2023! It boosts my confidence and overall mood!

  • For the Warrior II pose, make sure that your legs are one leg length apart.
  • Instead of the hips facing forward, they should face the side of the mat.
  • Your left knee is bent, and your thigh is parallel to the floor.
  • Likewise, your arms should be extended to the side, parallel to the ground.
  • Your head is turned towards the front, and your gaze is in the same direction as your right arm.
  • Do this for 30 seconds.
  • Switch to the left side for 30 seconds as well.

Like in Warrior I, this pose also aims to stretch the lower body, particularly your hips and thighs. This also helps in improving your balance and your coordination. Since it contributes greatly to extending out your lower and upper body, it can also relieve any sort of pressure on your neck and back.

Make sure you’re engaging your body slowly to avoid any problems or accidents. Your body also needs time to adjust first, especially if you’re doing it for the first time. There’s no need to rush in yoga. Transitioning into different poses fast won’t matter as much. What would matter most is if you’re doing it correctly.


Triangle (Trikonasana)

Yoga Poses in 2023 - Triangle (Trikonasana)Another yoga pose that helps alleviate back pain is the Triangle or Trikonasana.

  • Start by opening your legs. Turn your right foot to the right side. Extend and straighten your right leg while maintaining a good gap between your left leg. Make sure that your left foot is firmly placed on the ground.
  • Tilt your body forward and keep your hips squeezed in, as you raise both your arms to shoulder level. Make sure it forms a straight line.
  • Slowly move your torso to the side while still facing forward. Lean your shoulders back and open your chest.
  • Rest your right hand on your shin as you extend your other arm towards the ceiling. You can rest your right hand on your foot or the floor if you’re more comfortable.
  • You can turn your head forward or in the same direction as the raised arm. Take deep breaths. Hold for half a minute.
  • Switch to the other side.

Lengthening the spine is an essential part of this pose, but you also have to be comfortable in doing so. You don’t have to reach your foot or the floor during your first try. You can start with your shin and slowly work your way down. Again, consistency is key. Do not forget to warm up and do your initial stretching!


Tree (Vrikshasana)

Yoga Poses in 2023 - Tree (Vrikshasana)Another familiar pose for beginners is The Tree pose, or Vrikshasana which is well-known for improving balance and building leg strength.

  • To get into this position, stand tall with your feet together.
  • Bring your right knee up and rest your right foot on your left inner thigh. For beginners, you may rest your right foot on your left shin instead. You can place it on your inner thigh once you’ve become more comfortable and have worked on your balance.
  • It is important to note that you should not rest it on your knee joint– either above or below.
  • Then, raise your arms up with your palms together. Stretch your back and lift your arms well.
  • Hold for a couple of breaths before repeating on the other side.

Many professionals incorporate this in their classes as it is a great starting point for beginners. This not only develops your balance but also teaches you to be mindful of your breathing. Additionally, this keeps your core engaged and tones your abdominal muscles.

Child’s Pose (Balasana)

Yoga Poses in 2023 - Child’s Pose (Balasana)This pose is a resting yoga pose that is usually performed if you need breaks or during cool down. It can be very helpful for those feeling tired and just need a moment or two to recharge.

  • You can start by sitting on your knees with your head facing the mat. Your knees should be spread as your belly should rest between your thighs and your forehead, completely touching the mat.
  • Your arms can stay on your side, palms up, or you can stretch them forward, palms facing the ground.
  • Relax and hold the pose for as long as you can. Be mindful of your breathing and take your time to find a good rhythm.

The goal of this pose is to have your body relax, especially after consecutive difficult poses. This releases all the tension forming in your back, shoulders, and neck. It is considered one of the best resting poses as it immensely helps collect your body and mind.


Final Thoughts

There are still many other yoga poses in 2023 that you can take the time to learn. The practice of yoga is also evolving and your decision right now to go with it will definitely take you in a good place.

You should also try to step outside your comfort zone and familiarize yourself with more challenging poses, however, ensure that you take it one step at a time.

Before getting started, it is advisable to do your research and know more about the practice.

Do not hesitate to go to professionals and ask for advice or tips. As a beginner, this will really help you in preparing your mind and body for the sessions.

You should also venture into harder and more complex poses once you’ve gotten the hang of things. As you get deeper into the practice, you will find yourself improving physically and mentally.






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