9 Best Yoga Swing Poses to Try at Home

9 Best Yoga Swing Poses to Try at Home
Originally Published On 1/7/2021

Yoga remains to be one of the best workouts for releasing stress and staying fit.

While ground yoga is great for the body and soul, aerial yoga comes with additional benefits. Not only does it enhances flexibility, strengthens muscles and burns calories, it also helps with spinal decompression among other benefits.

You don’t have to join a studio for aerial yoga classes to benefit. You can just invest in your own yoga swings or yoga hammocks, and enjoy these wonders all at the comforts of your own home.

In this guide, we’ve identified 9 of the best yoga swing poses that you can do at home, regardless of fitness level, so read on to learn how to do the best yoga swing poses, as well as the advantages that they bring most especially when done or practiced regularly.


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9 Best Yoga Swing Poses

Aerial yoga could be scary especially if it is your first time. Worry less because we are here to guide you and make your journey easier and much less terrifying. Let’s Go!

  1. Mountain Pose

best yoga swing poses - mountain pose - backbendThe mountain pose is one of the best yoga swing poses for beginners. It is normally done with the feet firmly positioned on the ground, to give you a solid platform to launch the move.

This yoga swing workout stretches the shoulders, arms, back as well as the whole front torso. Its execution is almost similar to the extended mountain pose with backbend.

When done on the yoga hammock, the stretch will be intense and effective, yet safe. You can also use the mountain pose as part of your warm-up. Whether you do it on yoga swings or yoga hammocks, the mountain pose comes with numerous benefits for both beginner and advanced yogists alike.

For instance, it stretches and strengthens the back and shoulder muscles, builds balance and stability, and helps to relax and calm the body. The mountain pose is a great pose for building confidence as well as finding the stability in your body. Many yogis have found this pose to be one of the foundations of their practice.

This pose has been proven to enhance a person’s confidence to themselves, particularly to the yoga activity regardless of the variation, but much more in aerial yoga.


  1. Warrior Pose

aerial yoga swing poses warrior oneAlso called the Virabhadra’s Pose, the warrior pose is likely the most popular of the best yoga swing poses that is taught in studios. However, it is important to note that this pose requires an incredible amount of coordination and balance to execute.

There are a few variations and ways to do the warrior yoga swing poses. It is a series of poses that, similar to the mountain pose, strengthening and very empowering.

First you will need to assume the mountain pose and then spread your feet at least 4 feet apart. From that position, you should then raise your arms so that they are positioned parallel to each other and perpendicular to the floor. The warrior poses form the backbone for all standing poses therefore, it is extremely important to master it, regardless of your level.

When properly executed, this yoga hammock workout will improve your circulatory system, improve your respiratory system, keep your entire body fit, and improve the joints.

Additional benefits of the warrior pose include flexing the knees, hips and ankles, toning the entire body and reducing the stiffness around the neck and shoulders, among other benefits.

As we said earlier, another boon of the warrior poses are empowerment. These poses aims to gather and focus your chakra into what you are aspiring for and make you gravitate towards you.


  1. Inverted Bow Pose

bow-pose-inverted-yoga swing posesThe Inverted bow pose is also known as the Dhanurasana aerial pose. To do this pose, you will first need to sit on your yoga hammock while ensuring that your body weight is evenly distributed.

Try not to worry too much about falling because your Gravotonics yoga swing is high quality and will keep you secured all throughout. Just remember to always follow the workout’s instruction, keep your weight evenly distributed, and move slowly and controlled through the poses.

Once your weight is uniformly distributed, you should then hold firmly onto the fabric and bend your back slowly.

You should then lower your back slowly and steadily until you attain a full backbend position. From there, release your grip and grab one ankle with the hand and then follow up with the other one.

It is much better to move slowly and controlled here as opposed to moving fast such as throwing your leg into your hands — no. That is unsafe and might even cause you to pull a muscle.

The inverted bow pose opens and stretches the chest and lungs, relieves tension in your shoulders and stimulates the nervous system. Also, it will improve balance and coordination, relieve neck pain, add strength to your legs and arms, tone the stomach, and stretch your sides. You will also feel your spine stretching and lengthening as you do this pose.

The inverted bow pose looks scary and intimidating but when done correctly, the benefits are worth it.


  1. Superman Pose

best yoga swing poses - spiderman poseAlso known as the flying spider or flying squirrel, the superman pose is one of the most enjoyable aerial yoga poses performed on the yoga swing. This pose requires the usage of handles that is why prepare your yoga swing if this is a part of your flow!

At first, it may appear challenging or difficult to execute. But after doing it, you will realize it’s not as hard as it appears. To achieve this pose, you should first ensure your midsection is wrapped in the hammock.

With that done, you should then arch your entire back, extend your hands and then grab the handles. When doing this pose, you should ensure that you begin and end the pose with diamond legs as opposed to double-crossed legs.

Furthermore, when pushing, you should push down rather than pushing forward, so that you can feel more comfortable and stable, and to even maximize the stretch that this pose gives.

The superman pose can be extremely calming and relaxing, especially if you manage to find a comfortable position. It allows your mind to fully focus on your breathing.

It is also one of the usual yoga poses that are so much better done mid-air and we really ought for you to try it now or as soon as you can!


  1. Aerial Lunges

best yoga swing poses - aerial lungeLunges are renowned for their effectiveness in building overall body strength, as well as toning the body, especially the legs, butt, and core.

They will also improve your range of motion and enhance athletic performance. And when you perform lunges on aerial swings, there will be much more benefits for you to enjoy.

Doing lunges with the yoga hammocks is not only a fun way of working out but it will also help you to build stability and stamina. And the good news is, aerial lunges are not hard to execute, making them one of the best aerial yoga poses for beginners.

Although, still, if you are intimidated by the swing or being suspended mid-air, it is very much okay to practice this pose in moderation and lesser repetitions. Yet, we assure you that your yoga swing will truly be a helping hand in executing this pose and others more.

Doing aerial lunges is almost the same as doing ordinary lunges. You will lunge forward with your right leg while keeping the left leg grounded or vice versa. From that position, you should then bend your leg steadily while placing the knee between the sling.

You should then hold the swing firmly with both hands, lunge forward and then go back to the starting position. You can do this exercise as many times as you want especially if you are looking to punch in some sweats in your routine or if it is a leg day.


  1. Reclining Angle Pose

If you are looking for a yoga swing workout that will strengthen and stretch your core and spine, then you should try the reclining angle pose. While it is one of the easiest yoga swing exercises, it is also highly effective and definitely worth a try.

And the good news is, it is ideal for all fitness levels, whether you are a beginner, an intermediate or advanced.

The reclining angle pose will strengthen and engage the lower body, strengthen the thighs and legs, improve control and balance and enhance sensory-motor awareness.

For the reclining angle pose, first assume the half boat pose and then spread your legs as wide as you can. Once you attain this position, lean back while allowing your arms to float parallel on the floor.

When doing this pose, make sure you engage the lower abdominals as much as possible. Let your yoga swing support you as you do this pose to achieve a much more satisfying stretch.


  1. Air Crunches

Air crunches entail placing your feet in an elevated position and then working your core muscles. Unlike the traditional crunches where you elevate your feet using household furniture or other similar items, you will instead lift yourself up using yoga swings, this way you can control how low or high to raise your feet.

When doing air crunches, your body should be facing forward when you are suspended on the yoga hammock. You should then position your hands behind your head, breathe in and then crunch toward your knees.

Once you attain your desired position, breathe out slowly and then go back to your starting position. Ensure your feet are fully wrapped around the hammock when you are crunching upwards.

There is no need to do fast repetitions because it would be useless and will just waste your energy: the more controlled and slower you are with the movement, the more benefit you will derive from this pose.


  1. Supported Chair Pose

aerial yoga supported chair poseThe supported chair pose is exactly as the name suggests. It is one of the best aerial yoga poses for beginners and for building arm and core strength.

To do this yoga swing pose, you will need to position your feet firmly on the floor, grab the swings and then lean back on the fabric, so that it’s supporting your upper back.

Ensure the sling is just below your shoulder blades. From that position, you should then lean back until you’ve created a 90-degree angle between your legs and the torso. You should then release the hammock and allow it to support your back.

Give yourself at least a minute to relax and then repeat the move for at 5 times per set.

The supported chair pose will open your back, thus leading to better mobility, better posture as well as better breathing. It is also an extremely relaxing and comfortable pose and you will definitely have fun doing it.

This pose is also better when you incorporate breathing pattern practices that are beneficial to your brain! Since you are sitting, your body is in one of its normal position making it easier to do something else so why not level it up with breathing or even chanting?!


  1. Star Inversion

star-pose-inverted-yoga swing posesMost people, especially beginners, are hesitant or nervous when it comes to the inverted star pose. However, there is nothing to worry about, since you will not be too high off the ground!

Furthermore, the yoga swing will be securely supporting your body, giving you a steady base to do this pose.

In this pose, your waist will be supported by the yoga hammock while your legs and arms are spread open.

The star inversion or the inverted star pose can help to relieve pressure in your spine, alleviate back pain and help to calm your mind.


Final thoughts on these poses to try at home

As you can see, you have numerous yoga swing poses that you can do at home. There isn’t really much to think about especially because your Gravotonics equipment is safe and definitely lives up to your expectations.

If you are a beginner, you can easily achieve any of the above poses, with regular practice and patience.

Once you add these 9 best yoga swing poses to your weekly fitness routine, you will start noticing changes like improvement in your mood, better flexibility, improved balance and coordination, increased strength as well as better overall health.

We really hope to see you on the swing soon!





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