Aerial Hammock Vs. The Yoga Swing

Aerial Hammock Vs. The Yoga Swing

A Comparison To Help You Decide

We’re always being asked, “what the difference is between the aerial hammock and the yoga swing?” and “can I just use the aerial hammock to do aerial yoga?” and even, “should I get the yoga swing, is it worth it?”

So we thought we’d just address this here for you in case you were wondering these same things!

So if you have been considering getting some aerial yoga equipment, but are not sure what to go with, read on for our comparison between the aerial hammock and yoga swing.


The Similarities

Let’s first talk about the similarities between the two types, because there are many.. Then we can draw some distinctions that make them different.

Both aerial hammocks and yoga swings can be found in a few different varieties of fabric, size and usually come in an array of colour options.


The Fabric

100% polyester Tricot or Teslon nylon fabric hammocks are most common, being a high thread count 100% Nylon fabric, and incredibly soft, durable with a little stretch.


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The strongest and best suited fabric for aerial yoga whether you choose the simple hammock or the yoga swing, is high quality 100% nylon parachute material, which is what we hand make ours products from.

The parachute nylon hammock’s are lightweight and roll up to a very small parcel, however the yoga swings with the added handles are not much heavier, or all that much bulkier, and so they are just as portable.

Size & Color Choice

At Gravotonics, we offer one size swing hammock and two sizes of aerial hammock.. The regular size is the same as what comes standard with the yoga swing, and then a large size for those who may appreciate the added length and coverage.

Many manufacturers only offer one color per aerial hammock or yoga swing, whereas you can pick any two colour combination from 16 colors when you order our amazing aerial yoga products.


Either option are perfect for indoor or outdoor use, and depending on the quality will generally support several hundred pounds. Most often you will find a package which comes ready to install with steel hooks and/or carabiners and daisy chains.

The Benefits

We’ve spoken extensively about the benefits of aerial yoga in other articles, so I won’t go into any detail here, only to say that the aerial hammock and yoga swing both help you in boosting your core muscles – back and shoulder strength especially, along with improving your flexibility.


Aerial Hammock Vs. The Yoga Swing!

aerial hammock

Aerial Hammock

The basic aerial hammock is used for anti-gravity yoga all around the world, and is a great tool to explore various aerial moves and to form the foundation of your aerial yoga practice.

There are also the meditative part to doing this for a prolonged period, along with alleviating back pain and muscle tension.

It is simply the material secured to your aerial rig, without any bells and whistles. In most cases it will do the job beautifully and this is why it is most commonly used in aerial yoga classes.

Easy to maintain and use, you’ll be able to perform many aerial yoga poses safely and with grace.



Yoga Swingyoga trapeze handles

However the yoga swing takes your aerial yoga practice AND resistance exercise routines to the next level!

Featuring 2 handles with 3 comfortable padded foam grips on either side, the trapeze is extremely versatile, adjustable and comfortable, enabling you to achieve any asana imaginable!

With a yoga swing anything is possible – from vertical to horizontal with every conceivable angle in between. The handles make it easy to support your weight and maneuver into different positions during your practice.

Everything you can do in an aerial hammock, you can do better in the yoga swing and it is even more fun!



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The Choice Is Yours!

So there you go, they are both similar, however the trapeze adds much more versatility, range of movement and ease of use than a standard aerial hammock.

The choice is really up to you and what you want to accomplish from your at home aerial yoga workouts.


If you have not incorporated either the aerial hammock or the yoga swing into your daily routine yet, what are you waiting for?!

Visit our shop to choose your favorite colours today!



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