Aerial Yoga Swing Stand Buying Guide

Aerial Yoga Swing Stand Buying Guide

Whether you are planning to set up an aerial yoga studio or you want to start practicing aerial yoga workouts at home, you will need a place where you can hang your yoga swing or yoga hammock. And the ideal place to hang the yoga swings will be the ceiling.

The problem is that, some property owners will not allow you to install a yoga swing on the ceiling, citing damage. Also, if the ceiling is weak, suspending the aerial equipment is not advisable.

Fortunately, there’s a solution to this challenge – and it comes in the form of an aerial yoga swing stand.

In this guide, we will walk you through everything you need to know about yoga swing stands. We will take a closer look at the available types, considerations when buying, setting up a yoga swing stand, as well as maintenance tips.


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So, if you are looking to purchase a yoga swing stand, you’ve come to the right place.


About Aerial Yoga Swing Stands

As noted earlier, if you want to practice yoga swing workouts at home, you will need an anchor point for suspending your yoga hammock or yoga swing. But, if the ceiling is weak or the building’s property owner doesn’t permit such installations, then you will need to find an alternative.

And this is where aerial yoga frames come in..


So, what exactly is an aerial yoga swing stand?

Aerial Yoga Swing StandAlso known as a yoga swing frame or yoga trapeze stand, an aerial yoga stand is a piece of equipment, which you can use to hang your aerial yoga hammock, yoga swing/yoga trapeze from in your house or a yoga studio.

And thanks to the portable nature of these stands, you can move them around, meaning you can also enjoy a yoga swing workout in your backyard, in a public park near you or just any other place.

Aerial yoga frames are usually made of high-quality stainless steel, galvanized steel or high-quality aluminum. Hence, they are sturdy enough, to support a wide range of aerial fitness activities such as antigravity yoga, aerial Pilates and aerial aerobics.

Assembling aerial yoga stands is an easy process. You simply need to attach the various metal tubes, using brackets, bolts, screws and various other attachment mechanisms. Also, disassembling them is equally a straightforward process.

Besides, every yoga frame stand will come with installation instructions, which will guide you through.


You can use these aerial yoga frames indoors or outdoors. If the weather is fine, then you can take your aerial yoga workout outdoors. However, this piece of equipment shouldn’t be left outdoors for long.

Prolonged exposure to the elements can lead to premature wear and potential rust. So, if you intend to be using it outdoors, then you should always dismantle it after the end of your workout session, and then store it indoors.

Aerial yoga swing stands can support a weight of approximately 300 pounds. Therefore, they will be more than adequate for most people. Furthermore, when they are properly erected, they won’t move or wobble around, meaning you can enjoy your aerial yoga swing workouts safely.


So, in case you want to set up an aerial yoga studio or you want to be practicing aerial yoga workouts at home but rigging your yoga hammocks or yoga swings from the ceiling is not possible, aerial yoga frames present a great alternative.


Considerations When Buying Aerial Yoga Swing Stands

Aerial Yoga Swing Stand ConsiderationsWhen it comes to purchasing aerial yoga swing stands, you have plenty of options available on the market.

You will come across different brands, types, models, designs and set-ups, available at different price points.

Hence, selecting the right one can prove to be an overwhelming process, especially if it’s your first time.

So, how do you ensure that you buy the best yoga swing stand for your needs? Well, here are some key factors to consider when buying aerial yoga swing stands.

So, if you are in the market for one but don’t know where to start, the points we’ve discussed here should help to guide you through.




One of the most important factors to consider when buying an aerial yoga frame is the materials used. As you may expect, the frame will be supporting a considerable amount of weight.

So, it needs to be sturdy enough, to ensure it can comfortably and safely support the user’s weight, whether they are simply hanging on the swing or undertaking various drops or maneuvers.

But as mentioned earlier, aerial yoga swing stands are usually made of two materials – steel or aluminum. Both of these materials are strong enough to support heavy loads.

The question is, between steel and aluminum, which material should you go choose when buying an aerial yoga swing stand?

As you may expect, aerial yoga frames made of steel are heavier. However, they are sturdier. Those made of aluminum are lighter in weight, but easy to move around. Those made of aluminum will also be pricier.

If you intend to be moving your aerial yoga stand a lot, then you should go for an aerial yoga frame made of aluminum. While it may be pricier, moving it around is easier, compared to those made of steel.

On the other hand, if you don’t intend to be moving your aerial yoga setup frequently, then a steel frame will be the better choice.


Weight Capacity

Another important factor to consider when buying a yoga swing stand is its weight capacity. Different stands come with different weight capacities.

If you are planning to purchase the equipment for an aerial yoga home setup, then an ordinary yoga swing frame should get the job done.

But if you are planning to set up an aerial yoga studio, you need to choose a frame that can support higher than average loads.



Some yoga swing stands come with multiple attachment points. And, you can use these different attachment points for mounting yoga hammocks, yoga swings and other aerial fitness accessories such as aerial silks or an aerial hoop.

If possible, you should purchase a swing that can allow multiple points. This way, you don’t have to buy different types of stands for different activities.

The majority of the yoga swing stands that you will find on the market, come outfitted with a crossbar and adjustable legs.

Although a fixed size yoga swing stand will be perfect for most circumstances, check this before purchasing if you feel that you will need to adjust it in terms of width and height, to accommodate your various aerial yoga swing poses and workouts.



Portability is yet another key factor to look out for when you are buying an aerial yoga frame. And this will come in handy, especially if you travel a lot or you intend to be using your aerial yoga swing outdoors.

For portability, you have two main factors to consider. First will be the weight of the A-frame. And secondly, its compactness – whether it disconnects or folds easily.

If it can fit in the trunk of your car when folded, then you should go for that option, especially if you intend to be moving around with your aerial yoga frame.

In terms of weight, yoga swing stands made of aluminum will be the better choice, compared to those made of stainless steel since they are lighter.

But, if you don’t intend to be moving your set-up frequently, meaning your set-up will be stationary most of the time, then portability shouldn’t be a deciding factor. In such a case, you have the option of choosing any aerial yoga swing frame that you prefer.



When fully mounted, your aerial yoga frame will be consuming a considerable amount of space, whether it’s in your home or your yoga studio. So, if you are planning to be using it indoors, you need to ensure that the type you purchase can fit in the space that you have.

Therefore, before you hit the market, you should first measure your ceiling height and available floor space. Armed with these dimensions, you should then select a piece of equipment that can fit accordingly.

You don’t want to purchase an aerial yoga frame, only to realize that it can’t fit in the space that you have.



Most aerial yoga accessories come with workmanship and materials warranties. And this should also be the case with your yoga swing stand. A warranty is a commitment by the manufacturer that if your aerial yoga swing stand develops a defect related to workmanship or materials, they will repair or replace it.

As you may probably know, aerial yoga stands don’t come cheap. Also, repairing them can be equally expensive. But, if it has a warranty, the manufacturer will replace or repair it at no cost.

Also, the presence of a warranty is an indication that the equipment you are purchasing is of high quality. Low-quality yoga swing stands may not come with a warranty. And, you should stay away from such stands at all costs, regardless of how affordable they may appear.


Cost of Aerial Yoga Stands

As mentioned earlier, aerial yoga stands don’t come cheap. The prices for these stands start from around $200 going up plus shipping costs.

While you can get one at a cheaper cost, there’s a high chance that its quality is not up to standard.

On average, an aerial yoga stand that costs around $300 – $400 USD will be best.


Where to Buy

There are a few companies out there which sell aerial hammock stands and yoga swing stands. Regardless of whether you are purchasing a single stand or several stands for setting up an aerial yoga studio, you should make sure you buy the equipment from a reputable brand.

If possible, you should go for brands that mainly specialize in aerial yoga equipment and accessories. When you purchase from such a brand, you will get expert support, in case you encounter any issue, since that’s their area of specialization.

Also, you should check the brand’s customer reviews. If most of the reviews about a particular brand are positive, then it’s highly likely you are dealing with a reputable brand. On the other hand, if there are more complaints than positive reviews, such a brand’s reputation is in doubt. Consequently, it will be advisable to buy from the former one.


yoga stand hanging a yoga swing


Gravotonics recommends the fantastic steel KT portable yoga swing stand available on Amazon and made/sold by KT.

These “foldaway” steel frames are quite lightweight and can be set up in minutes anywhere with an even surface, either indoors or outdoors.

These weight tested strong aerial yoga swing stands are perfect for your home yoga studio.



How to Set Up Your Aerial Yoga Stand?

It is fairly straightforward to get an aerial swing stand set-up correctly. The exact steps will depend on the type of yoga stand that you buy.

Here is a rough guide you can follow to get set up quickly:

  • We recommend setting up in a spacious and tidy environment!
  • The first step is to place the bridge/crossbar of your aerial yoga stand, which is the top section that you attach the rigging to, on the floor where you want to place the stand
  • You’ll have multiple poles that together make the legs of your stand. Place these on the floor next to the corresponding hole
  • Your yoga swing stand should come with screws and Allen-keys to secure the legs, unless the frame has a click button design
  • You first need to connect the crossbar to the first set of legs
  • Tighten the screws, but not as hard as you possibly can
  • You then need to connect all of the extension poles together to get the desired height
  • Once the construction is complete, you need to make sure that the yoga swing frame is set-up correctly and is safe and steady.
  • For extra sturdiness, we suggest you use sandbags that can be placed at the bottom of the structure
  • Now it’s up and time to attach your yoga swing or aerial hammock to the crossbar


Aerial Yoga Swing Stand Maintenance Tips

Aerial yoga swing stands are built to last for many years. But, just like any other piece of fitness equipment, how long your aerial yoga swing stand will last will depend on how well you look after it.

With that said, here are some maintenance tips that can help your anti-gravity yoga stand to last longer.

Inspect Your Stand Regularly

You also need to be inspecting your aerial yoga frame regularly. Ideally, you should inspect it before any workout session. Regular inspection will help you to identify any issues the stand may have.

And whether it’s a missing or worn-out part, the issue will be rectified as soon as possible.

Failure to deal with the issue promptly can lead to costlier repairs down the road. Also, fixing issues on time will help to prevent injuries, which may happen if the equipment fails.

Store Your Aerial Yoga Away from the Elements

You may sometimes decide to take your aerial yoga workout at home to your backyard. But once you’ve finished your workout session, you should disassemble your yoga swing stand and return it outdoors.

Leaving your yoga swing stand outside will expose it to the elements such as moisture, leading to corrosion. And this corrosion may lead to costly repairs while shortening the life of your equipment.


Wrapping It Up

Buying a yoga swing stand doesn’t have to be an overwhelming or complicated process.

And, we hope that the information we’ve shared in this guide will help you to purchase the best aerial yoga swing stand that your budget can allow.

Be sure to check out the portable yoga swing stand Gravotonics has on offer today!





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