Aerial Yoga Tips & Connecting With Your Inner-Child

Aerial Yoga Tips & Connecting With Your Inner-Child

In recent years, there has been a surge of interest in the practice of yoga and its myriad benefits on physical, mental, and emotional well-being. From enhancing flexibility to reducing stress, yoga has proven itself to be a holistic tool for improving overall health.

However, amidst the traditional forms of yoga, there lies a unique practice that is gaining traction – aerial yoga.

Let’s explore this more here, from bringing out your joyfulness, inclusivity of body shapes and sizes to aerial yoga tips for grounding and enhancing your practice.



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Evoke A Sense Of Playfulness and Liberation

Aerial Yoga, often described as Hatha yoga with an aerial hammock or yoga swing, offers practitioners a fresh perspective on traditional poses by incorporating the use of a suspended fabric sling. While clinical trials specifically on aerial yoga are still in the works, many enthusiasts and instructors believe that the benefits extend beyond those of traditional yoga.

One of the intriguing aspects of aerial yoga is its potential to awaken what psychologists refer to as the “free child” or “natural child.” According to transactional psychoanalysis, humans are born as free children, unbound by societal constraints and limitations. However, as we grow, we internalize rules and boundaries imposed by society, giving rise to what is known as the “adapted child.”

This adapted child often dominates our psyche, overshadowing the innate freedom and creativity of our free child. Yet, through the practice of aerial yoga, some have found a pathway to reconnecting with this inner essence of freedom.

The experience of practicing yoga with the aid of an aerial hammock can evoke a sense of playfulness, spontaneity, and liberation. The sensation of hanging upside down, the shifting perspectives, and the colorful fabric all contribute to a feeling of lightness and joy. Many practitioners have reported tapping into their creativity, energy, and overall sense of well-being through aerial yoga.


Aerial Yoga Tips for Back Pain ReliefAdded Benefits of Aerial Yoga

Moreover, aerial yoga offers a myriad of physical benefits, particularly for those struggling with back pain.

The aerial hammock provides support and traction, allowing for decompression of the spine and strengthening of surrounding muscles. Inversions, a staple of aerial yoga, not only offer a novel way to stretch and strengthen, but also provide relief for various back issues.

For individuals dealing with specific types of back problems, such as discomfort in the lumbar or thoracic spine, aerial yoga offers targeted solutions including inversions. By creating space in the spine, building core strength, and correcting postural imbalances, aerial yoga can be a valuable tool for rehabilitation and pain management.


Creating Inclusive and Safe Spaces in Aerial Yoga Practice

Aerial yoga, with its mesmerizing displays of strength and flexibility, has captured the imagination of fitness enthusiasts worldwide. Yet, behind the captivating images lies a pressing question that often goes unaddressed: What about body weight, modifications, and safety?

As both a swing yoga teacher trainer organization and aerial equipment manufacturer, we frequently encounter inquiries about weight limits in aerial yoga. It’s a crucial question, one that not only delves into the technicalities of equipment but also broaches a sensitive topic often skirted in our culture: body size.

Aerial Yoga Tips for Plus SizesIn aerial yoga circles, a common “weight limit” hovers around 200lbs and while studios generally try to adhere to this limit, it doesn’t mean that others may be excluded. So what does it mean for individuals exceeding the 200lb mark?

Contrary to the prevailing perception of aerial yoga as solely for the daring and slender, it is, in essence, yoga augmented by a prop designed to facilitate postures, challenge practitioners, and foster self-awareness.

Navigating aerial yoga with a larger body may necessitate modifications and heightened awareness of joint angles and pressure points. Still, it doesn’t preclude anyone from reaping its rewards. In our experience, comfort levels are more nuanced, influenced by factors such as body awareness, skin sensitivity, fascial tightness, and an individual’s ability to navigate discomfort.

For instance, padding plays a crucial role in redistributing pressure and enhancing comfort, irrespective of body size. A great example of aerial yoga tips for plus sizes is to experiment with sling placement and adopting a gradual approach to postures can significantly enhance one’s experience. Moreover, cultivating mindfulness in practice, softening into sensations, and embracing your strengths are pivotal for a fulfilling swing yoga journey.

A fundamental aspect often overlooked is the resilience of the equipment itself. Ensuring that all the rigging components, including ceiling anchors, are rated for at least 3,000lbs gives a robust safety margin, considering the forces exerted during aerial maneuvers. You also have to account for the aerial hammock or yoga swing as well, and this should be rated at a minimum of 440lbs.

However, not all commercially available hammocks meet these stringent safety standards, emphasizing the importance of discerning consumers. Gravotonics have been manufacturing to the highest safety standards for aerial equipment since our humble beginnings in 2003, since supplying aerial hammocks and yoga swings to some of the most well-known yoga shalas and fitness brands across the earth.

In essence, aerial yoga is not about conforming to a specific body ideal but celebrating the diversity of human form and experience. By following these important plus size aerial yoga tips such as safety, and adaptability while prioritizing inclusivity, practitioners and teachers alike can foster enriching and empowering environments where everyone feels welcomed and supported on their aerial yoga journey. Aerial yoga embraces the diversity of bodies, so explore modifications that serve you best, regardless of your weight or size.


Aerial Yoga Tips to Enhance Your Practice

  1. Relax Into It: Sync your breath with the movements of the sling, inhaling to feel its uplifting force and exhaling as connect with the present moment. Allow yourself to surrender while hanging in the sling, finding moments of relaxation that deepen your sense of grounding and extension.
  2. Engage Your Body: Consciously activate different muscle groups than you may be used to, especially in postures like warrior pose, to amplify the benefits received and increase your feeling of connection through the poses. Explore how aerial postures differ from their ground counterparts, noting how the aerial hammock both enhances and challenges each posture, and use the floor to regain balance.
  3. Spatial Awareness: Position yourself relative to the rig point to vary the sensation of the upward pull, enhancing alignment and connection in each pose. As much as we love them, one of the best aerial yoga tips is to avoid overdoing inversions and balance them with right-side-up postures to maintain equilibrium and prevent feeling overly “floaty.”
  4. Mindful Hammock Use: Utilize the aerial hammock in ways that complement yogic principles of alignment and breath, avoiding acrobatic maneuvers that detract from the grounding aspect of the practice. View the sling as a tool to enhance your understanding of yoga postures, aiming to translate the sensations and alignment principles to your floor practice for maximum benefit.
  5. Centering From Within: Ground yourself from your core, drawing energy inward to counteract the sling’s outward pull and fostering stability amidst its inherent instability. Conclude your practice by spending some time on the floor, connecting deeply with the earth and integrating the sensations from your experience.


Aerial Yoga Holds The Promise Of Renewal

Aerial yoga represents a fusion of physical fitness, mental well-being, and creative expression. Beyond its ability to enhance flexibility and strength, it offers a unique opportunity to reconnect with our inner-child and our innate sense of freedom and play.

We’ve observed the profound benefits aerial yoga offers beyond conventional norms, so whether you’re seeking relief from back pain or simply looking to invigorate your yoga practice and connect with your inner-child, aerial yoga holds the promise of transformation and renewal, no matter your size or shape.

So we hope you found these aerial yoga tips informative, and why not take a leap, hang upside down, and rediscover the joy of movement with aerial yoga?






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