Benefits of Combining Yoga Swing Workouts with CrossFit

Benefits of Combining Yoga Swing Workouts with CrossFit

For most people, yoga swing workouts and CrossFit are complete opposites.

CrossFit entails high-intensity exercises, designed for strength building, endurance and to burn as many calories as possible – while Yoga swing workouts on the other hand, are more about strength conditioning, flexibility, and mindfulness.


But, due to their different training approaches, yoga swing workouts and CrossFit may be the perfect pairing. When combined, aerial yoga swing workouts with CrossFit can provide unique physical, psychological and emotional benefits.


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Whether you are a seasoned aerial yoga enthusiast looking to add more physicality to your workouts or you are a CrossFit athlete who wants to add variety to your routine – these two fitness activities can complement each other perfectly.

In this article, we will explore the benefits of combining yoga swing workouts with CrossFit.


Increased Mobility and Flexibility

Yoga Swing Workouts with CrossFit - FlexibilityMost people whose workout routines are centered on strength-based training tend to ignore flexibility. However, flexibility remains one of the most important elements when it comes to a well-rounded fitness routine.

If your workout routine entails lifting heavy weights, it’s highly advisable to work on improving the flexibility around your joints.

Without proper flexibility, you may end up suffering from injuries that could have been prevented.

This is where antigravity yoga swing workouts come in. Various yoga hammock poses can help to boost flexibility around your joints, as well as joint mobility and increase your range of motion.

Also, aerial yoga swing workouts will help to strengthen underutilized muscles while aiding in the release of the overused ones.

Hence, if you are a CrossFit athlete, you stand to benefit considerably when you implement aero yoga sling workouts into your routine. It will help to gradually boost your flexibility and increase your range of motion.

With time, you will notice that you can do better squats, dips and various other movements.

Besides improving your performance during CrossFit sessions, increased flexibility and a wide range of motion will help to minimize the risk of injuries, thus making your sessions more productive. Furthermore, improving your mobility and flexibility can also help to lower the risk of chronic conditions like arthritis.


Better Balance

Some CrossFit movements tend to be quite complex. And a good example is the arm kettlebell overhead walking lunge. If you’ve ever tried to do this movement, you may have probably noticed it’s quite demanding.

It not only demands a lot of strength but an equal amount of balance and coordination.

It entails hauling a considerable amount of weight via a smooth, walking motion. At the same time, you also have to keep your core tight, keep the kettlebell overhead and work on the breath. As you can see, all these movements will require a significant amount of control and balance.

Again, mixing yoga swing workouts with CrossFit will come in handy for any athlete, no matter your experience. Most antigravity hammock poses will require you to hold them for long periods, thus helping to develop strength, balance and stability.

As a result, your overall performance will improve considerably, especially when you are tackling those complex CrossFit workouts and movements.


Yoga Swing Workouts with CrossFit - Core Strength

Enhanced Core Strength

As mentioned earlier, CrossFit entails intense workout sessions, featuring a wide range of functional movements like climbing, lifting, and rowing, among others.

And as you may expect, all these strength and conditioning workouts require solid core strength.

Without a strong core, you will struggle to execute most of the CrossFit workouts successfully.

Fortunately, yoga swing poses can help with that. Yoga hammock workouts such as inversions, twists, and various other poses, demand a lot of stability and balance.

All these movements and poses will challenge your core strength. And, if you do them regularly, your core strength will increase and you will find it a lot easier to tackle various CrossFit workouts.

So, if you are a CrossFit athlete who’s finding it hard to accomplish various workouts due to a lack of adequate core strength, then you should consider adding aerial yoga to your workout routine. It will teach you how to engage your core and use it effectively.


Injury Prevention

Practicing antigravity workouts will help you to learn more about your body.

They will increase your awareness of how your body feels, especially when you are moving from one pose to the other. And the more aware you are about your body, the more likely you will be able to isolate any stiffness, tightness or any other issue that may need your attention.

So, a brief, aerial yoga session before you head out for your CrossFit session, will help you to identify any muscles, tendons or joints that may be having issues. Consequently, you may decide to postpone your CrossFit session, until those areas that have issues have fully recovered.

As a result, the brief yoga hammock workout session will have prevented you from aggravating your injuries, which may have led to a lengthy layoff.

Furthermore, doing a brief aerial yoga session before you start your CrossFit routine will help to supply blood to your muscles and also help to loosen them up. Hence, by the time you start doing the demanding CrossFit workouts, you will have already prepared your body. Again, this will help to reduce the chances of an injury.

Just be sure not to over-stretch as this can lead to reduced performance in your CrossFit session.

Simply incorporating yoga into your CrossFit routine can go a long way in reducing the risk of serious injuries.


Improved Breathing

Pranayama breathing techniques practiced during antigravity yoga swing sessions usually teach the mind how to tap into its relaxation response instead of the stress response. Consequently, these breathing techniques will help to slow down the body and mind, while helping to alleviate anxiety.

Besides, improved breathing will also help to supply more oxygen to your muscles. And, as a CrossFit athlete, if you are struggling to get through your workout of the day, the breathing techniques that you will learn during aerial fitness will help you to push through.

Hence, the improved breathing techniques that you will master during your aerial yoga swing sessions will not only help to calm and relax your mind, but can also boost your respiratory capacity.


Enhanced Metabolic Rate

Most of the poses that are practiced during your swing fitness workouts can help to boost your metabolism.

As a result, your body will be forced to burn calories faster, while increasing the absorption of vitamins and minerals into the body.

Consequently, your body will be functioning optimally at all times and your CrossFit performance will also benefit. Also, if you are using CrossFit to lose weight, combining yoga swing workouts with CrossFit can help to speed up the process.


Better Concentration

Practicing yoga swing poses can help to enhance your concentration. Whether you are doing breathing poses or stretching poses, all these poses require a high degree of concentration.

And, if you do it regularly, your concentration levels will increase, which can be a huge boost for your CrossFit workout sessions. With increased concentration, your overall performance will be better, especially during exercises such as weightlifting.

As earlier mentioned, yoga swing exercises can also increase your awareness about how your body is functioning, including the minor details of all the moves that you execute. And with the increased concentration, you will be in a better position to fine-tune your movements.


Increased Relaxation

Yoga Swing Workouts with CrossFit - RelaxationAfter an intense CrossFit session, your energy will be flowing to the maximum and your adrenaline is pumping throughout your body. Hence, you will need to find a means of slowing things down after that intense session.

Fortunately, a relaxing yoga swing routine can help you to unwind and relax. Also, a relaxing aerial yoga swing session can help to alleviate muscle tightness and soreness, thus boosting your recovery.

So, if you usually struggle to wind down after an aggressive CrossFit session, then it’s time to incorporate a yoga hammock session into your routine.


Better Posture

Aerial exercises such as yoga swing workouts have also been shown to improve posture in various ways. And an improved posture will benefit your CrossFit workouts in various ways.

For instance, various CrossFit workouts like strongman, gymnastics, calisthenics, plyometrics, high-intensity interval training and power-lifting all require you to maintain the right posture, for proper execution. Doing these workouts without adopting the right posture can lead to injuries.

By incorporating antigravity yoga swing workouts with CrossFit, you will find yourself executing these moves and exercises better. Besides, the chances of suffering from posture-related injuries will be minimal.


Increased Motivation

Living a yogic lifestyle requires plenty of self-discipline. Hence, apart from the physical benefits of your CrossFit routine, aerial yoga will also boost your motivation, which you can apply to various aspects of your life.

It will help you to set your goals and pursue them with discipline.


Wrapping It Up

Without a doubt, combining aerial yoga swing workouts with CrossFit routines comes with numerous benefits.

You will be more flexible, stronger, and your concentration levels will increase. Also, combining these two fitness activities will lead to improved posture, increased relaxation and faster recovery from your workouts.

Possibly best of all, it will also help to prevent over-use injuries.





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