What Is the Best Yoga Swing for 2023? A Quick Buyer’s Guide

Best Yoga Swing Buyers Guide 2023

With all the hype these days about aerial yoga, I’m sure you’re curious to know what the best yoga swing is for 2023! You may have started classes recently or simply want to start a home practice and looking at what the best options available for a yoga swing are right now..

Well, look no further! This article will give you an overview of what to look out for when choosing the equipment you can buy to incorporate into your swing yoga workouts!

Read on to get all the details so you’ll be hanging from the ceiling in an inverted pose in no time!



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Benefits of Aerial Yoga

benefits of aerial yoga 2023There are many benefits to choosing to explore aerial yoga over and above traditional mat based yoga that is practiced on the floor.

It provides a sense of freedom through mixing elements of aerial arts, aerobatics, Pilates, and yoga, allowing liberating motion and exercises without the restrictions of the floor.

You’re able to challenge your body, creating new postures that were previously not possible!

Using yoga swings and aerial hammocks will assist you in practically all of your regular poses, ensuring proper alignment, allowing you to go deeper with safety and comfort while you’re horizontal, vertical or fully-inverted.

Aerial yoga can also be a viable option for those with any mobility issues as it promotes movement that is completely free of limitations.. The anti-gravity effect that a yoga swing can provide, allows for a safe and supportive workout for those that need additional structure or support for their body.

If you suffer from back pain or issues with your spine, the yoga swing can help to provide support for your spine and help to stretch and decompress it – without any unnecessary stress on other parts of the body. This can improve posture and other related issues.

It can also contribute to positive health benefits such as improved digestion, and better circulation, stress relief lowering the cortisol levels in the body.


Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Best Yoga Swing

Ensuring that you buy the best yoga swing for you is integral to how effective your yoga poses and aerial yoga practice will be and is a definite must due to the hazards inherent with performing yoga suspended in mid air.

This is something you can’t scrimp on to save a few bucks. A sturdy yoga swing (and installation) can be the only thing separating you from a serious injury from falling.


To help you choose wisely, here are some of the things you should consider when buying a yoga swing:

Weight capacity: To be safe always choose a yoga swing which can accommodate at least double of your weight. Check the products weight capacity before purchasing it. Also note that the capacity is only as strong as your installation, so ensure that the fittings are strong steel.

Size of the swing/hammock: Check out the dimensions of the yoga swing to determine if it can comfortably accommodate your body size. Pick one whose length and width is closest to what you need. Many styles of aerial yoga have extremely long sling length. This is perfectly fine, but keep in mind that much of this same length can be achieved by simply using your extension straps.

Swing/hammock material: This is important as it will be the primary thing to keep you up and support your weight. Always choose one that’s made from high quality nylon (rip-stop) parachute fabric, as this material is sturdy, relatively soft and is extremely durable. Ensure that the stitching is well finished. If you want something with a little more give, particularly if you’re practicing aerial arts, then the Tricot nylon is a good option. Just ensure that the fabric does not have any tears in it and is knotted securely to avoid falls.

Portability and set up: If you travel a lot or like to do yoga in different parts of your house, pick a yoga swing that is light weight without unnecessary clips and do-dads as it needs to be easy to carry around with you and setup when you need it. Ensure it comes with daisy chains and a carry bag.

Price point: More expensive is not necessarily better quality. Many brands are mass produced in China. Definitely steer clear from the $20 options that litter Amazon and go for a mid to high end brand. But beware, even many of the higher end ones with slick marketing all come from the same factories!

We obviously recommend a handmade yoga swings from ethical and authentic companies, as they are made with care and attention.

Keep these things in mind and you’ll get the best yoga swing for your money and won’t regret your purchase!


The Gravotonics Yoga Swing!

Best Yoga Swing 2023The Gravotonics Yoga Swing is the original yoga swing, each one lovingly handmade in Bali since 2003. We are an ethical family owned business and our team is extremely skilled and dedicated. We have a focus on sustainability and donate a portion of our profits to help clean up the plastic pollution from the beaches and estuaries in Bali.

It’s perfect if you want to perform either aerial yoga, suspension training, or inversion therapy. The versatility of the design is ideal for anyone that wants the ability to perform a range of activities with the same equipment. It’s the best Yoga Swing and can be used every day for a variety of different exercises and challenges.

It is made from 100% breathable, rip-stop nylon parachute material which can withstand considerable pressure, and the fabric is resistant to general wear and tear so it can be used without worrying it will become ineffective from overuse.

The design benefits from triple stitching throughout, and the size of the main sling fabric comes in two sizes – which you can view the full details here: Specifications.

The yoga swing can also be designed in a range of colors to suit your preferences. You can choose from over 16 base colours and also combine any two colours together.

It features 2 handles with 3 padded grips each at different lengths. 6 grips in total allows for maximum maneuverability for practicing your yoga asana. They are fitted with strong 6mm stainless steel hooks, with a weight capacity of 440lbs.

Every package comes in a drawstring tote bag, with two daisy chains (adjustable straps), which allows you to take and set up your yoga swing easily anywhere, in the correct position and allows for quick height adjustment.


Gravotonics Aerial Yoga Hammock 

best yoga swing aerial hammock 2023The Aerial Yoga Hammock is ideal for aerial yoga, strengthening and stretching workouts, or inverting.

Another great benefit is that if you don’t fancy a workout you can also just use it to relax in. Perhaps get yourself a good book and a pot of herbal tea and that’s an afternoon well spent!

This yoga hammock provides maximum levels of support and comfort.

If you have any sensitive parts of your body or suffer from any mobility problems this could be a great option for you. This is because the design has no pressure points and helps with posture and pain relief. It can also help to decompress the spine.

It’s handcrafted in Bali and made from the same strong and durable nylon parachute material and fittings as the flagship Gravotonics Yoga Swing. The only difference between the two is that the yoga hammock does not come with the additional handles.


Buying a Yoga Swing: Where Can I Find Out More?

Yoga swings and aerial hammocks can be a great way of taking your love of yoga to the next level!

If your interested in yoga, suspension training, inversion therapy and pain management, and want safe equipment to practice in, we hope that this article has helped you decide on the best yoga swing and equipment options for you.

The great thing about the aerial hammock and the yoga swing is they are so easy to transport and take with you, no matter where you want to work out or meditate.

They can be placed into a small backpack for you to take it with you wherever you go. It can be a permanent fixture in your home as well as used to hang on a tree branch or exposed beam in a gym.

Ideal for a user who wants the flexibility of using the yoga swing in a number of locations but doesn’t want to compromise on quality!


Here are some extra resources for you to explore:

Each yoga swing and aerial hammock you purchase from us is accompanied by an aerial yoga swing (digital) manual with many yoga poses, so you can get going immediately!

We have a fantastic ebook that breaks down all the elements of a home aerial yoga studio and gives you our best advise and tips to set up your perfect sanctuary – Download: Ultimate Home Studio Setup Guide!

The Original Yoga Swing | Ethically-Made and Quality-Assured

Make sure that you pay particular care and attention to how to properly install and hang your yoga swing before testing it out yourself. If you have any questions or queries about any of our yoga swings or aerial fitness products, contact us directly! We would love to hear from you.

We wish you all the best with your aerial yoga practice in 2023!!!








get your free aerial yoga home studio setup guide



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