Aerial Yoga For Women – Pregnancy & Periods

Aerial Yoga for Women

A wonderful thing about aerial yoga for women is it’s the perfect all-round activity.. But is being pregnant or on your period a cause for concern?

What To Expect From Your First Aerial Yoga Class

Aerial Yoga Beginners

Going to your first aerial yoga class can be somewhat intimidating, but there is nothing to be afraid of, especially if you follow our tips..

Beyond Flying Yoga Gimmicks

Beyond Flying Yoga Gimmicks

Flying Yoga isn’t just a trendy gimmick! Sure there are many opportunities for fun with this thrilling yoga variation, but its firmly based on tradition.

What Is Restorative Aerial Yoga?

Restorative Aerial Yoga

Restorative aerial yoga is a gentle practice with excellent benefits such as calming the nervous system, body-mind rejuvenation and injury rehab

Common Misconceptions About Swing Yoga

Common Misconceptions About Swing Yoga

Let us help debunk the some misconceptions about swing yoga, especially if you are in the midst of researching the practice of aerial yoga.

The KT Aerial Yoga Stand

KT Aerial Yoga Stand

The KT Aerial Yoga Stand really shines when searching for the best yoga stand for your aerial yoga workouts and inversions indoors or outdoors.

Spice Up Office Breaks with Swing Yoga

Spice Up Office Breaks with Swing Yoga

Instead of getting yourself another cup of coffee for a kick of caffeine, we have an idea: Try spicing up your office breaks with Swing Yoga!

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