Boost Your Confidence With Aerial Yoga

Boost Your Confidence With Aerial Yoga

Being fit is probably one of the things most people try to achieve in their lives. The confidence that comes when you exercise and are healthy, fit and toned is extremely potent and the feeling of achievement is powerful, flowing into all other aspects of life.

Some are into sports, some are the usual gym goers, some are content with their workouts done at home. Aside from these, there are other things that are important to achieve your goals, such as various forms of diet.

But of course, diet cannot do it alone! If you think that sports and hitting the gym are not for you, or you’re bored from doing workout routines off the internet and has you feeling a lack of confidence, then maybe it is time for you to try something new.

Aerial Yoga is a practice that has been around for years now, although only more recently has it become popular around the world.


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With the involvement of suspension and inversion, it is indeed a new definition of fitness for you, and you can certainly boost your confidence with aerial yoga!


What Are The Benefits of Doing Aerial Yoga?

Aerial Yoga is a practice that is inclusive and can accommodate everyone. Regardless of gender, age, size, or any other differences, aerial yoga is a flexible activity that suits your needs and capabilities.

We can list a lot of benefits one can get from Aerial Yoga and some include:

  • Improved balance and stability
  • Enhanced endurance and flexibility
  • Peace of mind
  • Improved focus
  • Clearer breathing
  • Better mood and disposition


Since we are talking fitness in this blog, our target would be more on toning your muscles and shaping them up to be more fit and defined.

Expect that a few of the yoga poses that we will do today might come as complicated. If you are concerned about it, please seek guidance or assistance.

Yet, if you are ready for your first boost of confidence with Aerial Yoga, and ready to be challenged and soon learn that you can handle it, then what are we waiting for?


Confidence With Aerial Yoga – Let’s Fly!

Let us start this flow strong with easy yet controlled poses that you might already be familiar with, using your yoga swing or aerial hammock. To keep things simple, we’ll refer to any of these devises as your sling throughout the instruction.


Aerial Downward Dog

aerial yoga practice - downward dogFor the aerial downward dog, adjust your sling’s height to be just about your hips. You can have it higher if you want a fuller stretch.

Standing with your sling in front, lean forward into your swing and position the fabric to cover your pelvis.

Once you are mounted, proceed leaning forward and then towards the ground, forming an inverted “V” and using your arms to support your body.

Make sure that your palms are flat on the ground and are pointed forward the same with your feet.

Some may find keeping their palms and feet flat on the ground hard but this is alright! You can tiptoe or use the tip of your fingers for now, but try to practice doing the aerial downward dog the right way.

This pose is a good startup for a toning routine. Stay in this pose for 30 seconds.


Aerial Lunges

Confidence with Aerial Yoga LungesIn this great pose for boosting confidence with aerial yoga, your aerial hammock must be about the height of your pelvis.

Again with your sling in front of you, insert your right leg into it and let the fabric support your raised leg just behind the knee, at the joint.

Place your hands at your waist and lunge forward. With every lunge, make sure that your hooked leg stays at a 90-degree angle and your standing leg stays straight.

The lunge that you will do does not need to be that deep, it depends on your preference and capability. To do the lunge, use your standing leg to push your upper body forward.

Repetition of this pose tones the legs.

Repeat for 10-15 times on each leg. Do not forget to breathe properly.


Half Boat Pose

The Half Boat Pose is good for the arms and legs, and best for the abs.

Stand with your yoga swing behind you, with the height of your sling touching your glutes.

Gather the fabric and use both of your hands to grasp them.

Hold on tight to your fabric as you tiptoe and mount yourself into the fabric. Let the sling stay just above your buttocks or directly at your sacrum (lower portion of the spine).

Confidence with Aerial Yoga Half Boat PoseLean back. Adjust your hold of the sling so that you will gain better balance. Lift your feet off the ground and stretch them out forming a “V.” Make sure to engage your abdomen as you raise your legs.

Use your arms to make sure that you do not swing back and forth as much as possible.

The key to making this pose work is to stay as stable as possible. This pose helps tone your abdomen and strengthen your arms as you hold your own weight up.

Stay in this pose for 30 seconds to 1 minute.


The Inverted Pose

Boost Your Confidence With Aerial Yoga InversionFor the Inverted Pose, you can adjust your sling to be higher so that your head would not be too close to the ground once you are inverted.

Mount yourself on your sling by simply sitting in it. Make sure that the fabric is fully covering your buttocks from the hips up to the upper part of the back of your legs.

Once you are secured, lean back slowly and use your arms for support. Let your legs off the ground and wrap them on the sling like that of a frog’s legs. When you feel comfortable, let go of your hold.

Let your arms rest above your head and just let your spine decompress and stretch.

Stay in this pose for 5-10 breaths.

To unmount, just slowly lift your upper body back up. Once you get a hold of the fabric again, unwrap your legs and regain a sitting position.


Reclining Angle Pose

Reclining Angle PoseFor this pose, we will need to assume the inverted pose first. Just follow what we did on the last pose. You can scroll back up if you want to check if you did the pose right.

In the Reclining Angle Pose, instead of wrapping your legs on the fabric, we are stretching them outwards.

Once you have assumed an inverted position, let your arms stretch out diagonally to your sides and let your palms touch the ground beneath you. Take note that you are not supposed to lift your body up, this is the role of the yoga swing.

Let your body sink, allowing the weight to add to your stretch. Adjust your arms so that you will not be lifting your body up.

Now, unwrap your legs and stretch them out, again forming a wide “V.” Keep a straight face forward.

Do this pose for 5-10 breaths or up to 30 seconds.

This pose is good for the legs, arms, and abs.


Aerial Inverted Dancer Pose

Confidence with Aerial Yoga Inverted Dancer PoseFrom the last pose, we will be doing another variation of the inverted poses.

Rewrap your left leg onto the sling. Straighten your right leg backwards and use your hand to grasp your ankle or the top of your foot and pull it back towards the back of your head.

Make sure to keep your upper body and head straight, not leaning backward or forward.

Remember to engage your core as you pull your leg and to breathe. Stay in this pose for one minute and do not forget to do the same on the other side.

This pose provides a good stretch for the arms, legs, ankles, and basically a good portion of your body so it is definitely fine if you want to do another set of this one. This is actually a cult favorite at Gravotonics!


Plank Four-Limbed Staff Pose

Confidence with Aerial Yoga Plank Four-Limbed Staff PoseIn this pose, we will be using the handles provided with your Gravotonics Yoga Swing, particularly the second one.

The Plank Four-Limbed Staff Pose is like doing push-ups but with the help of a yoga swing and you are in a slanted position.

Hold onto the second-level handles of your sling. Lean your body forward and engage your core as you do so. Tiptoe to challenge yourself more.

Then, fold your arms as your body lowers down more and then straighten them back as you push your body up again, just like push-ups.

Similar to the Half-Boat Pose earlier, the key to making this pose work is to minimize the swinging or movement of your fabric. This practice allows you to hone your endurance and improve your stability.

Repetition of this pose targets the biceps and abdominal muscles. It also helps increase leg muscle endurance.


Side Lunge Pose

In this pose, we will still be using one of our yoga swing’s handles. Ready your third handles or the lowest ones.

Stand beside your swing. Insert your leg, the one near the sling, into one of the lowest handles. Make sure that you are in line with it as well.

Let your lifted leg stretch out by taking a few steps away sidewards using your standing leg. Make sure that the fabric is straight.

Then, lunge your standing leg sidewards. You can let your hands assume a praying position whenever you repeat. We already know that the squats and lunges are good for toning and enhancing the buttocks and the legs. Repeat this pose for 10-15 times, inhaling while lunging, exhaling when straightening back up.


Superman Pose

Confidence with Aerial Yoga Superman PoseIn this next pose, we usually advise for the sling height to be higher so that you will feel and be one with the pose more, but it is also entirely okay if you want it lowered down a little.

The Superman Pose is one of the famous poses in Aerial Yoga. It is a very liberating and freeing pose that instantly enhances one’s mood.

In this pose, we will be utilizing both your sling and the yoga swing handles together.

Stand with your equipment in front of you. Insert your arms through the sling and hold onto the first handles or the highest ones.

Then, let the fabric cover your pelvis. This is where the sling will support you later, mid-air.

Fold your body forward. Once you are certain you are well-mounted, lift one leg up from the ground and stretch it back out. Do the same for the other leg until both of them are lifted.

This pose requires core strength and stability.

Stretch your arms forward like superman when he is flying!

Stay in this pose for a minute or two or even up until you feel like it.


Upward Plank Pose

Confidence with Aerial Yoga Upright Plank PoseThis one is another standing pose that tests your body’s endurance. Don’t worry because this will be the last pose in this flow and you can then proceed with your own cool down routine.

Adjust your sling to the level of your chest. Stand in front of it then insert your upper body with the fabric resting on your upper back.

Then, lean backwards and let the yoga swing carry your weight.

Lift your arms to your sides and keep them straight. Use your biceps to do so and not your shoulders.

Also, keep your feet flat on the ground and straighten your legs as you lean back. You can also keep them slightly apart for better balance.

Remember to engage your core and breathe properly. Finish this routine strong!


Your Body’s Maintenance

Fitness is not just about achieving your body goals one time. Fitness is a journey and most definitely a commitment! Although workouts can be strenuous and draining if done regularly, there are still other options like Aerial Yoga that is a lot more mellow yet still burns in the right places.

To some, aerial yoga may seem like a “too easy” or “ineffective” practice because of the lack of that much repetitions or lifting unlike the other workouts that we know. But as you have tried, in aerial yoga, there is also lifting but it is using your own body weight.

There are also repetitions and they target what needs to be targeted all with the same single piece of equipment! Like we said earlier, aerial yoga is a very convenient and straightforward exercise.

So, if you feel like taking a break from your usual gym routine, try Aerial Yoga now! You never know, you might be a natural when it comes to flying and you’ll soon feel your confidence with aerial yoga soar!


The Gravotonics Promise

Our Yoga Swings are authentically made in Bali only with the finest and high quality materials and that is why we are the best that you can find in the market.

The Gravotonics Bali Yoga Swings and Aerial Hammocks can withstand pulling, stretching, lifting, and other movements involved in the beautiful practice of Aerial Yoga.

Inclusivity along with the promise of quality is our mission to our customers especially in helping them achieve their #FitnessGoals, whenever and wherever.

Having the best equipment from a fantatic, authentic and ethical company will also boost your confidence with aerial yoga as well.

Get fit and stay fit with a sprinkle of Zen here with us at Gravotonics!





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