Elevate Your Yoga Practice with Swing Yoga

Elevate Your Yoga Practice with Swing Yoga

We’ll dive into the captivating world of Swing Yoga, exploring its benefits, discussing its growing popularity, and offering three essential tips!

Yoga Swings Rigging Guide

yoga swings rigging guide

Want to install yoga swings safely at home? It isn’t as hard as it seems and we’ll shed some light on the issue in this yoga swings rigging guide!

Using Aerial Yoga and Massage for Body Therapy

Using Aerial Yoga and Massage for Body Therapy

Aerial yoga and massage therapy can help to increase overall health, boost flexibility and relive back pain, and it is perfect for practitioners!

Special Guest Interview: Marc Cross – UK

Special Guest Interview - Marc Cross

Check out our amazing interview with expert Marc Cross from Hang Out Yoga and hear about all his escapades in London!

Aerial Yoga: A Complete Aerial Yoga Guide

aerial yoga guide

Read this Aerial Yoga guide to discover its benefits, the equipment needed such as the yoga swing, and how to do it like a pro.

Project Flex: Stretching & Flexibility with Swing Yoga

Stretching & Flexibility with Swing Yoga

We’ll talk about all the benefits you can get from stretching and enhancing your flexibility with swing yoga and how it can cater to your needs.

Special Guest Interview: Sissy Gonzalez – MX

Special Guest Interview - Sissy Gonzalez

Check out this awesome interview with pioneer yoga aereo teacher Sissy Gonzalez, and hear about her amazing experiences around the world!

Fitness Equipment – What Sets The Yoga Swing Apart?

fitness equipment suspension training

The yoga swing is easily one of the greatest pieces of fitness equipment ever invented for aerial yoga and suspension training!

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