Special Guest Interview: Kungnang Boontem – TH

Special Guest Interview - Kungnang B.

Check out our awesome interview with lovely Kungnang at Iceberg Sportsclub in Chonburi, Thailand!

9 Best Yoga Swing Poses to Try at Home

9 Best Yoga Swing Poses to Try at Home

In this guide, we have identified 9 of the best yoga swing poses that you can do at home, regardless of your fitness level and you’ll have a blast!

Aerial Yoga: A Complete Aerial Yoga Guide

aerial yoga guide

Read this Aerial Yoga guide to discover its benefits, the equipment needed such as the yoga swing, and how to do it like a pro.

Special Guest Interview: Sissy Gonzalez – MX

Special Guest Interview - Sissy Gonzalez

Check out this awesome interview with pioneer yoga aereo teacher Sissy Gonzalez, and hear about her amazing experiences around the world!

How To Stay Active With Aerial Yoga On A Busy Schedule

stay active with aerial yoga

Many people decide to get active with aerial yoga to find a way of getting away from the stresses of modern life. But staying active is hard!

Aiding Sleep through Aerial Yoga Nidra (plus easy poses!)

Aiding Sleep through Aerial Yoga Nidra

We’ll be discussing the importance of sleep, and how aiding sleep through Aerial Yoga Nidra could help in inducing deep relaxing sleep!

Special Guest Interview: Keity Garcia – N.Z.

Special Guest Interview - Keity Garcia

Check out this fantastic interview with wonderful yoga teacher Keity Garcia to hear about the exciting adventures along her yoga journey!

Project Better Days: Aerial Yoga for Your Mental Health

Project Better Days Aerial Yoga for Your Mental Health

In this blog, we will be talking about aerial yoga for your mental health. Taking care of yourself with aerial yoga and daily meditation can help you.

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