8 Best Aerial Yoga Poses for Weight Loss

Aerial Yoga Poses for Weight Loss

Looking into aerial yoga poses for weight loss? A yoga swing workout can be an effective form of exercise, for people who want to lose weight.

Best Tips for Preventing Dizziness during Aerial Yoga

Preventing Dizziness during Aerial Yoga

You may sometimes experience dizziness during aerial yoga practice, and you are not alone. So, what causes it and how can you prevent it?

10 Expert Tips for Preventing Aerial Yoga Wrist Pain

preventing aerial yoga wrist pain

Aerial yoga wrist pain can come from such poses like the downward-facing dog, that place a significant amount of weight on your wrists.

Creating an Aerial Yoga Home Retreat

Creating an Aerial Yoga Home Retreat

You can easily create an aerial yoga home retreat, and while its not exactly like a month-long getaway to Bali, you can still enjoy the benefits.

Tips for Practicing Aerial Yoga Outdoors

practicing aerial yoga outdoors

Practicing aerial yoga outdoors is not only a freeing feeling, it also comes with a whole host of benefits over and above indoor aerial yoga practice.

Tips for Returning to Aerial Yoga after Injury

Returning to Aerial Yoga After Injury

Returning to aerial yoga after injury can be extremely challenging. Here are some tips to guide you back to your practice after being sidelined.

Aerial Yoga for Runners: Benefits, Tips and Poses

Aerial Yoga for Runners

Recently, aerial yoga for runners is becoming more popular to minimize the risk of running-related injuries and promote their mental stamina.

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