Celebrities Into Aerial Yoga Around The World

Celebrities Into Aerial Yoga Around The World

Social media consumption has affected us in one way or another. With everything nearly being available online, it’s quite difficult to put our phones down and disconnect.

However, through proper regulation, social media, or digital media in general, can be a good form of entertainment and pastime for most of us.

If there’s one thing that we all are guilty of enjoying, it’s tuning into the lives of celebrities.

What are their past times? What do they do when they’re not working? Other hobbies they enjoy?


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These are the things that make them kind of just like us. When you see them posting on their social media platforms as they’re cooking a Sunday dinner for their families or going to pilates with their friends, you realize that they also do the things that we regularly do.

Having said that, we all know that celebrities love to take care of themselves as it comes with the job. Most of them would have an active lifestyle. A lot of celebrities are regular gym goers, or they’re into other activities such as jogging, cycling, or yoga.

There are also a few celebrities into aerial yoga and it seems to be a growing trend! Here we will share a few of the known celebs who have shown interest in the practice. Who knows, maybe this is your sign to give it a try, too!


Ashley Graham

ashley graham - celebrities into aerial yogaThis model and now a mom of three has remained popular because of her rocking bod and active lifestyle. In her Instagram, Ashley has always been open about her relationship with her body and how she takes care of it.

She has always remained confident in how she expresses herself and how this translates into a more positive outlook not only in one’s self but also in life.

If you take a trip down her Instagram, you’ll know that her workouts are not a joke. She is not afraid to show us the good, the bad, and the ugly.

The thing about her is, she’s great at what she does and she seems to always come back stronger.

Since she loves to challenge herself and try out other things, she also had her fair share of the Aerial Yoga experience. On her Instagram, she already shared a video of her twice, performing Aerial Yoga in a studio.

Graham wrote, “This is called the mermaid position 🧜🏽‍♀️ but I definitely didn’t feel like Ariel because my core was on FIRE!!! 🔥🔥🔥” accompanying the video of her hanging sideways with her silks.

In one of her posted videos, she was seen suspended upside down, while mentioning that her lower back is feeling great at the moment.

We are looking forward to more videos of your Aerial Yoga sessions, Ashley!


Chrissy Teigen

chrissy teigen - celebrities into aerial yogaChrissy Teigen is a model and known personality that has taken over social media because of her wit, beauty, and humor. She’s been posting a lot about her family with singer-songwriter, John Legend, and their two adorable children.

A quick visit to her Instagram now will surely leave you thinking about her cooking. Back in 2017, Teigen had the time of her life in Bali with her husband.

In her post, she wrote that she had received schooling about mind-body nutrition that she truly needed. Where else can you get the most authentic and clarifying yoga experience, other than Bali?

In a separate post, she showed us her Aerial Yoga Skills as she was doing an inverted pose while out in nature. She captioned the video with “To Amy: the most patient human in the world”.

For inverted poses like that, every beginner can agree that core engagement is vital. That’s why we are always thankful for patient instructors that guide us all the way through.


Kate Upton

kate upton - celebrities into aerial yogaAnother model and actress that has been the face of many magazine covers has shared a little sneak peek of her Aerial Yoga experience.

Kate Upton is known for advocating health and wellness ever since. Being in front of the camera for your work would push you to take care of yourself more in order for you to feel better.

As a mom, Upton has continuously strived to have an active and healthy lifestyle. She’s always seen doing at-home workouts and yoga on Instagram.

In this one post, she’s even seen trying out Aerial Yoga. She’s doing an inverted dancer pose, while her lower back sits on her Aerial Hammock.

With her good form and impeccable confidence, you’d think she’s been doing the practice for years.

Hope we can see an updated version of this very soon!


Sarah Hyland

sarah hyland - celebrities into aerial yogaOur favorite Modern Family star has also expressed her interest in Aerial Yoga. Outside of her job, Sarah Hyland is known for her very active lifestyle.

She has posted a lot of her workouts on her Instagram stories.

She’s into strength training, weight lifting, and even hiking. Just like the other celebs, she is also an advocate for mind and body wellness, that’s why it’s no surprise that she has already tried Aerial Yoga.

In one of her older Instagram posts, she was seen suspended in a Yoga Hammock with the caption “ Stepping out of my box and trying new fun things for myself!”

Indeed, doing Aerial Yoga is one of the routes you can take if you want to challenge yourself more and have fun in the process. It’s very beginner friendly, so you don’t have to worry about not being the best at the poses as it’s always a step-by-step process.

The important thing is you have the drive, motivation, and passion– you can already consider this as a step in the right direction!


Alia Bhatt

alia bhatt - celebrities into aerial yogaMoving outside Hollywood, we have a famous Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt who has surprised the world with her top-notch Aerial Yoga skills. The actress has been passionate about fitness and has been documenting her journey on Instagram.

She’s seen doing weight training, pilates, and more recently Aerial Yoga. Her teacher, Anshuka Parwani, founder of Anshuka Yoga, has posted on their Instagram a snapshot of the actress doing an inverted dancer pose.

Aside from this, Bhatt has posted several pictures and videos on her Instagram to show us her journey.

Seeing her promote fitness and champion a healthy and active lifestyle just shows that you can do anything as long as you put your heart into it.


Sara Ali Khan

sara ali khan - celebrities into aerial yogaJoining us in B-town, is another well-known actress, Sara Ali Khan. This young actress has shared in her Instagram post, a family trip they had in the Maldives where she tried Aerial Yoga.

She is seen doing a superman pose as she swings back and forth above her mat. Aside from yoga, you can also see posts of her engaging in other activities such as HIIT training and trekking.

From the looks of it, you can see that she truly loves moving her body and maintaining her active lifestyle.

We have yet to see her give Aerial Yoga another go, but it’s nice to see her get started. Aerial Yoga is really for everyone. If you start your journey earlier in life, you’ll have more time to work on your craft and in turn, work on yourself.


Blackpink’s Jennie and Jisoo

Blackpinks - Jennie and Jisoo - celebrities into aerial yogaFrom Hollywood to Bollywood, and now Korea. Two of Korea’s stars have expressed their love for Yoga and Pilates as a way to destress and work out.

Blackpink’s Jennie has always been a fan of pilates. She has posted several of her workouts on her Instagram which just shows how much she loves the practice.

In an official post, she’s seen suspended in the hammock, with her flawless silhouette and form.

A few days later, her friend and bandmate, Jisoo, was also seen in the same Aerial Yoga studio. The girls have shared in several interviews that the way they try to maintain their bodies is thru activities such as Pilates and Yoga. Aside from their extensive dance practices, they also keep their physique and health intact.

Aerial Pilates and Aerial Yoga would have more similarities than differences. Both of these practices will require a whole body movement as these work your core and upper body strength, as well as your flexibility. For dancers and performers like them, Aerial Yoga can be a great way to initiate non-strenuous movements and promote mind-body connection.

Not only is it a great workout, but also a great time to meditate and be one with yourself.



BTS - celebrities into aerial yogaAnother famous group that has shown interest in Aerial Yoga would be the top boyband, BTS. Very recently, these Kpop superstars released a two-part episode in their own variety show, Run BTS, where they try Aerial Yoga for the first time. You can see how amazed they are with how the whole practice works and how it really works out your entire body.

Throughout the whole episode, BTS has been guided by their instructor Lee Sungyoung. They started with a warm-up with the hammock to help prepare their bodies for the actual session. Even as known performers who undergo intense practice and training, you can see that they still had a hard time with the stretches being performed in their sessions.

Their instructor always reminded them to not push their bodies too much and suggested variations. This is important to note, especially for beginners, since you might be too excited to move on to another pose that you are physically not prepared for. You need to work on this slowly while still knowing the limitations of your body.

They then proceeded to do the Tinkerbell Pose, Aerial Splits, Mermaid Pose, and even the Aerial Sphinx Pose.

In the end, they each did famous yoga poses that they posted on their Instagrams. With their bonding, you can see how much they enjoyed their first yoga session despite being beginners.

This goes to show that Aerial Yoga is not just an individual activity, but can also be a group activity.



TXT - celebrities into aerial yogaThese up-and-coming KPOP stars, who are under the same label as their sunbaenims BTS, were also seen trying out Aerial Yoga. Guided by the same instructor, in their show To Do X TXT, the younglings had their first Aerial Yoga session.

Similar to BTS, they also had their learning curves, but as the episode progressed, you can see them adjusting well to the flow.

These boys were able to perform some of the poses with minimal supervision, which was really satisfying to watch. They worked on famous poses such as the Aerial Chair Pose, Aerial Sphinx Pose, and The Butterfly Pose.

They ended the episode with each of the members doing a quick flow which was fun and interesting to watch.


Celebrities Into Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga is for everyone. Whether you are a known celebrity or just a regular beginner, there is always room for you in an Aerial Yoga class.

It doesn’t matter if you have a background in professional dancing or you’re starting with zero knowledge of the practice. As long as you are motivated and passionate enough to start your journey, you can be successful at it in the long run.

Seeing these celebrities try Aerial Yoga and actually have fun doing it, can be a good motivation for their fans to start the practice as well. Though it may seem daunting and scary for beginners, you can see that it’s a safe practice and it’s just you getting out of your comfort zone.


celebrity aerial yoga

If you want a one-on-one guide, you may look for professional instructors who offer classes near you. For convenience, you may just set up your at-home Aerial Yoga studio with your own equipment.

Just make sure that you take the necessary precautions and consulted with your doctor if ever you have other conditions that might hinder you from having a safe and comfortable practice.

Additionally, always know when to pause and have a break. There is no competition in Aerial Yoga. Everyone is here to relax and have fun. Do not put too much pressure on yourself (and your body). Just enjoy your flight!





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