Common Misconceptions About Yoga Swings

Common Misconceptions About Yoga Swings

Aerial yoga provides a new way of working out and exploring with your body.

It entails the use of yoga swings/yoga trapeze or aerial hammocks, where you can explore various yoga swing poses – in a whole new way.

But considering that aerial yoga is a relatively new form of workout, there has been some debate on who can use yoga swings or whether it’s suitable for certain individuals.

And if you are planning to install yoga swings in your home, you may have some questions on your mind, whether you can work out using them.


In this guide, we will go through some common misconceptions about yoga swings to help ease your mind.


You Have to Be Extremely Strong

Firstly, some people assume that you have to be extremely strong and fit to hang on aerial yoga swings or do yoga swing workouts.

The truth is, it’s not a requirement. One of the best things about yoga swings is that they can be used, regardless of fitness or strength.

Furthermore, the yoga hammock swing will be supporting your entire body weight, thus making the exercises less demanding.

Also, yoga swing workouts tend to be more physically accessible, compared to floor-based yoga, since you don’t have to lower yourself to the floor for most poses. Consequently, you will be reducing the amount of pressure exerted on your knees, spine and wrists.

aerial yoga - misconceptions about yoga swingsWhile you may need to strengthen some areas of your body to do some specific aero yoga workouts, there are lighter and gentler yoga poses for beginners. You just need to start with a foundational course or join some classes to help you cope with the more challenging ones.

And with time, your body will eventually adjust and you will find yourself hanging on the yoga swings like a pro.

So, if you’ve been putting off doing yoga hammock workouts because you feel your fitness levels are not up to speed, then it’s time to cast your doubts aside, install a yoga swing in your house and start doing some basic poses.


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You Need to Be Fully Coordinated

Other common misconceptions about yoga swings that come up are the thought you have to be extremely coordinated to use them. However, this is not a requirement.

As noted above, yoga swing workouts are for all fitness levels, even if you haven’t been working out in years.

However, it’s highly advisable to do a foundational course or join a beginner’s class before you start using the swings on your own. The foundational course will help to get you up to speed, give you the confidence that you need and help to improve your balance and coordination.

So, if you are passionate about working out using anti-gravity yoga swings, the lack of balance or coordination shouldn’t be an impediment. You just need to join a beginner’s class and learn some basics.

From there, you can proceed to install the yoga swing in your home and start practicing at your level and build up.


Yoga Swing Workouts are a Miracle Weight Loss Method

If you’ve been struggling with weight loss, you may have come across some blog articles that yoga swing workouts can help you to lose weight easily and fast. The reality is, yoga swing workouts are just like any other type of fitness routine.

And as you probably know, there are no shortcuts when it comes to losing weight. In short, they will not help you lose weight miraculously. While yoga swing poses can help to improve your overall health and fitness, they are not a fast weight loss method.

Instead of focusing too much on the number of calories that you can shed in a week through yoga swing workouts, you should instead use aerial yoga training as an all-round workout and also to help relieve the negativity and life’s pressures.

So, don’t let marketing messages or the mainstream media dictate how you should workout or how your body should look. Instead, use yoga hammocks to experience and explore a new world.


Yoga Swing Poses are not Workouts

Some people will tell you that aerial yoga is not a proper workout but just a leisure activity. The truth is, yoga swing poses are also methods of working out your body.

Apart from helping you relax and clear your mind, yoga swing poses can also help to increase your overall fitness level. They can also help to boost your balance, coordination and flexibility.

Also, there are numerous yoga swing poses for back pain, yoga swing poses for building core strength, yoga swing poses for upper body strength and yoga swing poses for easing tension in the joints.

As you can see, yoga swing poses are more than just hanging upside down on yoga hammocks. It’s an all-around method of working out, with immense benefits to all the areas of your body.

When you are new to using yoga swings, you may experience some anxiety or fear, since your body needs time to adjust to this new method of working out. But once you master the various poses, you will find them not only interesting but also highly efficient in toning your body, boosting your flexibility, and alleviating muscle stiffness.


Hanging on Yoga Swings is Easy

common misconceptions about yoga swings - pigeon poseYou’ve probably seen videos or photos of people using yoga swings and you’ve been left with the impression that hanging on yoga swings is a piece of cake. After all, hanging upside down on yoga hammocks or swinging on a yoga swing is simple and straightforward, right?

Well, you couldn’t be further from the truth. While hanging on yoga swings may appear easy, that is not always the case. Watching seasoned aerial yogists do the various yoga swing poses is not the same as doing it yourself.

At the end of your first aerial yoga session, you will feel as if someone has been pulling your body in different directions.

From calves to thighs, hands to forearms, almost every part of your body will be sore, including your abs. But this should not discourage you from continuing with the workouts. Like any exercise, as you spend more time on the swings, your body will eventually adjust and the soreness will subside.


Yoga Swing Training is for Girls Only

If you search “yoga swing poses” on Google, most of the images that appear are those of girls and women hanging on the hammocks.

You may be left with the impression that yoga swing training is a women’s thing only.

The truth is, yoga swing workouts are meant for every person. In fact, one of the most prominent authorities in the aerial yoga space is a man named Christopher Harrison. While most yoga studios may have more women than men, it doesn’t mean that this type of training is reserved for girls only.

So, don’t let the images that popup fool you that aerial yoga workouts are a reserve of women only. Install a yoga swing in your house, get the workout gear and start hanging upside down on the sling today.


Yoga Swings are not for Old People

Yoga swing workouts are designed for all age groups, including people in their 60s, 70s or even 80s.

In short, age should not be a concern if you are interested in this type of workout.

In fact, yoga hammock workouts are a great form of training and exercise for older people. When doing various aerial yoga poses, you will be working on your balance, stability, and flexibility.

You will also be working on your core.

Furthermore, some poses may involve weight-bearing exercises, which can help to build bone density, thereby preventing osteoporosis – which is quite a common ailment for senior citizens.

While your current physical fitness or certain health conditions may prevent you from doing some postures and movements, there are numerous options when it comes to yoga swing workouts. It is advised to get the okay from a health professional before you begin.


Yoga Swings are for Slim People Only

One of the most common misconceptions about yoga swings is that it is for slim people only and while most images may showcase photos of slim, fit women, aerial yoga has room for every person. There are no weight limits when it comes to yoga swing workouts.

When properly installed, most yoga swing setups are sturdy enough to support weights of around 600 pounds. So, when you are hanging on the hammocks, you don’t have to worry about anything, since your body is fully and well supported.

Therefore, if you are passionate about aerial yoga, nothing should stop you from doing the various workouts, regardless of your body size or weight.


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Yoga Swing Training is a Passing Fad

common misconceptions about yoga swings - aerial classes

Aerial yoga has generated quite a fair amount of buzz on social media platforms and mainstream media, over the last few years. And you may be left wondering whether this is just another fitness fad that will soon lose its popularity.

The reality is, aerial yoga has been growing in popularity for the past 20 years, so yoga swing training is not going away any time soon.

Without a doubt, it’s incredible benefits will outlive its hype.

Don’t hesitate to add aerial yoga to your workout routine, just because you think it’s a fad.


Misconceptions About Yoga Swings

We hope that we’ve answered some questions that you may be having and shed some light on the common misconceptions about yoga swings and yoga swing workouts.

Regardless of your age, gender, fitness level, or body size, yoga swing workouts are open to everyone.





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