Creating an Aerial Yoga Home Retreat

Creating an Aerial Yoga Home Retreat

Aerial Yoga Home Retreat: Benefits and Tips

Going to a yoga retreat can help you to refresh your mind, recharge your body and reflect on your life.

However, going for a yoga retreat is not always possible, due to various reasons.

The good news is, you can easily create an aerial yoga retreat at home.

While it may not be exactly like going for a month-long getaway to India, Bali, Italy or other popular yoga destinations, you can still enjoy the benefits from the comfort of your home.


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Benefits of an Aerial Yoga Home Retreat

You may sometimes need more reflective, quiet time than what your regular 45-minute aerial yoga provides.

Unfortunately, you may not have the money to travel to Asia or other popular yoga destinations or the time to dedicate to such a vacation. Let alone travel restrictions in many locations at the moment.


aerial yoga home retreat workoutsAnd this is where a home yoga retreat comes in. Creating an aerial yoga retreat at home comes with numerous benefits.

First, you will enjoy the immersive benefits that come with a yoga retreat, minus the hefty travel budget.

Furthermore, having a yoga swing retreat at home allows you to indulge in your practice anytime you want and for as long as you can over the course of a few days, or however long you have.

Second, you can create an itinerary that suits your schedule.

For example, if you only available during the weekends, then you can set your retreat to take place from Friday evening to Sunday evening.

If you were to go for a suspension yoga retreat outside the country, then you will have to set your itinerary around the program’s timelines. For instance, you can schedule out say 5 days once every 3 months and really dedicate to it without all the added pressures.

Third, an antigravity yoga home retreat gives you the chance to customize your yoga swing workouts the way you want.

For instance, you may opt to do short 30-minute sessions, followed by a 15-minute rest, or go for the full 2 hour aerial yoga sessions morning and afternoon each day.

Plus you choose the pace and the asanas you want. Try to add a few challenging poses in the routines, but be sure to start off easy.


Tips for Creating an Aerial Yoga Retreat at Home

Without a doubt, creating an aerial yoga retreat at home has numerous benefits.

You will have a chance to practice, rejuvenate, relax and reflect, without having to spend thousands of dollars or traveling outside your city or country.

Also, you will have a chance to choose activities that you want and setting a schedule that works best for you.

So, how do you create a suspension yoga retreat at home?

Here are some tips to guide you:


Create Your Space

A retreat should be quiet, peaceful, relaxing and rejuvenating. Therefore, when you are creating your aerial yoga home retreat, you will need to choose a room that can help you accomplish the above.

The room should be spacious enough so that you can comfortably install your aerial yoga swing. Also, its ceiling should be sturdy enough, to ensure it can support you when you are doing various yoga swing poses.

If possible, your spot should be close to a window, so that it can bring in natural light and fresh air.

aerial yoga home retreatAfter finding the right room, you will need to remove all the clutter and clean it thoroughly. Once it’s clean and spotless, you can then decorate it with crystals, candles, or other things that can help to create the perfect aerial yoga home retreat.

You can also diffuse essential oils, burn incense, add some pictures or play some relaxing music.

Also, you can add some blankets, pillows or other accessories that can help to transform it into a retreat-like space or help to make the space magical.

Clear Your Schedule

If you intend to indulge in your aerial yoga home retreat for the entire weekend, then you will need to clear your schedule. You don’t want anything to interrupt you, once you step inside your retreat.

So, if you have some tasks that need to be done over that weekend, then you need to finish all of them the day before. Therefore, make sure you do grocery shopping or pay all your pending bills in advance.

With this approach, your attention will be fully focused on your wellbeing. Also, it will feel as if you have gone away for a retreat, even when you are just at home.

Practice for Several Hours

When it comes to yoga, most people usually dedicate an hour or so to their practice. However, the time set aside for yoga practice is not always enough. And most people are forced to do this, due to other commitments.

aerial yoga home retreat inversionsBut now that you are creating a suspension yoga retreat at your home, you should dedicate more time to your yoga practice. Whether you are following a class on YouTube or you want to enjoy a customized practice, you should dedicate at least 5 or more hours during your retreat.

And you don’t have to do demanding poses or workouts all the time. Instead, you can mix it up with restorative aerial yoga poses.

To make your retreat even more productive, you can start with demanding poses in the morning and then proceed to reflective sessions during the afternoon or evening.

Try to schedule two sessions per day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon or evening. You can then break down the morning and evening sessions into shorter exercises, lasting for 60 minutes or so.

Ensure you have short breaks in between, to give your body time to recover.


A home yoga swing retreat gives you the perfect opportunity and reason to disconnect from all your gadgets. While it may at first appear hard, you will be surprised how good you will feel when you do a digital detox.

When you disconnect from your TV, phone, tablet, computer or other electronics, you will finally create the time to focus on yourself. Also, you will have the perfect opportunity of reconnecting with your mind, body, and spirit.

But before you disconnect, make sure you inform your family, friends, or work colleagues that you will not be available during the entire duration of your retreat. And if you can’t manage to completely disconnect, then you can schedule an hour or so to attend to urgent calls or emails.

Disconnecting from your electronics will help you to feel more relaxed and mindful. Also, it will give your mind a much-needed break while giving you a chance to think and reflect on your life.

Prepare Healthy and Delicious Meals

aerial yoga home retreat brekky bowlAn aerial yoga home retreat is the perfect opportunity to nourish your mind, body and soul. So, you need to take this time to prepare healthy, and delicious meals.

For instance, maybe you’ve been planning to try exotic cuisines but you never got a chance to do that.

Or may you’ve planning to prepare fresh cold-pressed juices daily, or smoothies and brekky bowls or a healing dish using a unique recipe you found online.

Well, you should take this opportunity to do that. Use this chance to prepare something new or incorporate meals that are extremely healthy.

A home aerial yoga retreat will also be a great opportunity to eat more yogi-friendly foods, eating raw or try out a new sattvic diet. The point is to enjoy a new experience and break the monotony of eating the same foods every other day.


Set aside time for meditation, during your home yoga retreat.

aerial yoga home retreat meditationWhether you immerse yourself into a full meditation session or you simply want to remain still and quiet for a few minutes, meditation should be part of your antigravity yoga home retreat.

Meditation will help you to feel more grounded, calm and relaxed, thus improving your overall emotional health.

Also, meditation will help you to clear your mind, reflect on where you are and become more aware of your thoughts and emotions.

Furthermore, it will help to relax the tensions that have been building up in your body over the years while bringing inner peace.

With frequent meditation, you will find it easier to focus on tasks for a longer duration and your overall efficiency will improve.

Create Time for Journaling

Journaling provides you with an effective method of exploring yourself, reflecting on what you want to achieve in life and review your goals and objectives. Journaling can also be healing. And it doesn’t have to be complicated.

For example, you can just note down your thoughts, feelings, emotions and experiences. You can also take this time to note everything down that you are grateful for and note down all the great things going on in your life.

Eventually, you will become more positive and optimistic and your perspective on life can change significantly.

Pamper Yourself

Just because you will be immersing yourself in your aerial yoga practice doesn’t mean that you should forget about yourself. Instead, you should take this time to pamper yourself and enjoy the resulting bliss.

Whether you opt for a massage, a hot bath, a spa session or body wash using essential oils for aerial yoga, you deserve to feel good. So, find time to head out to a spa, get a massage, a facial or just do anything that will leave you feeling nice.


Your Very Own Retreat

aerial yoga home retreat yoga matAs you can see, you don’t always have to travel to far-flung places for a yoga retreat. You can always create one at home, which feels like some sort of a mini-vacation. The retreat can be for one day, a whole weekend or even for an entire week.

And at the end of your retreat, you will feel refreshed, rejuvenated, renewed and restored.

So, if you cannot manage to go to a yoga retreat, either because your schedule is tight or you are not in a position to afford one, then you just need to create one at your own home and enjoy some me-time.





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