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Originally Published On 10/26/2020


So you’ve decided to start an exercise routine, that’s great!

I guess you are here because you are looking for some fitness equipment that you can use to maximize your workouts. By now you must be going out of your mind… I mean where do you start with so many different types of equipment and workouts to choose from?

You have got free weights with bars and dumbbells, resistance bands, suspension straps, boxes, racks and benches, kettlebells, skipping ropes, wall balls, rowing and cycling machines, all-in-one home gyms, and more!

Yet, you feel like it is certainly time for you to start something new, something fresh, something that is very, very unique. Here enters the amazing fitness equipment we pioneer in, and all the awesome things you can do with it for your health and wellbeing.


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Home Gym Limitations

home gym - fitness equipmentAll of these pieces of fitness equipment serve a purpose, some cover many parts of the body and some are very specific to get maximum gains from a particular movement or exercise.

The trouble with much of this exercise equipment is that you generally need several different ones in order to do a complete workout for your body. It is sometimes a hassle especially if you do not own all of them since oftentimes they are to be bought as a set, or if your gym does not provide all of them.

Not only does all this different equipment take up lots of space, usually taking over the entire garage, but they are also either expensive on their own, or expensive when you have to purchase all of them in order to get a full workout routine going and reap the benefits.

If you are a beginner who is now getting quite overwhelmed by all the investments that you need to make just to achieve your fitness goals, worry less because we have just the right equipment and activity for you to try without being too harsh on your pocket and how you could maximize its use and reap outstanding benefits.

This equipment proves to be a great bang for your buck as it will also definitely serve you for a long time with proper care and maintenance.


Introducing The Yoga Swing

fitness equipment - yoga swingsWe love using most fitness equipment, and we are especially fond of our rowing machine and also going for jogs around the block and of course stretching and so on. Yet, there are days when you cannot do all of these in combination, especially when the weather does not permit it. If you have a strict routine and seriously want to stick to it, it is just practical to always have an indoor workout activity or at least undercover.

Furthermore, we now introduce the yoga swing to you today and sing its virtues as a practical, all-around fitness equipment solution! Some people might say a lot of things about the yoga swing: that it is not effective, just a waste of time and resources, a sham even, and a whole lot more but these are all just misconceptions and from, probably, inexperienced people.

In this blog, we will be in total honesty with you since everything truly has its pros and cons. There are certain limitations as to who can use the yoga swing but at the same time, there are also compromises that we can do especially if you are truly eager to embark on the activity.


Great All-Rounder

It is not just used for aerial yoga, although originally designed and perfectly suited for full aerial yoga sessions, it is also an extremely useful yoga prop to help with traditional yoga poses and alignment.

Aerial yoga and suspension training using the yoga swing or an aerial hammock is a great way to get a full body and mind workout without having to purchase so many different pieces of equipment for your home gym. This makes it accessible to many people. As long as you have somewhere to hang it up, you’re good to go!

Gravotonics Yoga Trapeze Features

Aside from exercising, you can also use it as a literal hammock for lounging, taking an afternoon nap, or just somewhere you can relax in at any point of the day!

The yoga swing is not just for a specific age bracket, but it is also for everyone! You can let your friends or family try it and discover if they also possibly have a penchant for the activity.


Aerial Yoga

What Sets The Yoga Swing Apart - Aerial YogaAerial Yoga is a relatively new style of practicing your traditional poses and can even spice things up a bit if you find yourself losing interest in the usual floor yoga out there or if you just find it too hard for you. Aerial yoga ranges from simply using the yoga swing for alignment purposes to full-on flying yoga!

The yoga swing provides a helping hand for you to execute poses that are commonly hard to do while you are on the floor. We cannot deny it, but a lot of us also have a hard time doing floor yoga especially if we are not yet that flexible and the gravity also pushes us back into the ground. With aerial yoga and the yoga swing itself, we are able to push through these odds and even defy gravity!

The mid-air suspension and the maneuverability of the yoga swing allow our body to move a lot freer and improve our balance and flexibility as we go. Whatever gets you going, you will be sure to find some classes or videos online to guide you in the style you prefer.

Here at Gravotonics, we also offer blogs, articles, and ebooks that will definitely guide you more in your aerial yoga journey. Head on to our website to avail yourself and learn more! In any case, aerial yoga is amazing and has so many benefits, that’s really what we are all about here at Gravotonics.

Serving you well not just in sales is one of our main missions and we strive to do our best to make this possible and accessible, especially for those who are truly curious about the practice. Our publications also include poses suggestions depending on what needs to be aided such as back pain, shoulder pain, leg cramps, and a whole lot more! You can read more about the benefits of aerial yoga in our other articles.


Bodyweight Training

Body-weight exercises are a simple, effective way to improve balance, flexibility, and strength without any specific equipment. When thinking of strength training you would immediately assume that it requires heavy weights and pumping iron until you feel the burn!

But the truth is that just by using the weight of your own body and leveraging the power of gravity, you can build muscle, burn fat, and get a fantastic workout that hits the spot easier than you imagine.

There are many benefits of bodyweight training and resistance training, and they are often safer and have less impact on the body, which is great, particularly for those with mobility issues. Remember, you do not really need to be in so much pain just to get the gain — that is why there is such a saying as, “Work smarter, not harder.”

In aerial yoga, we strive not to make things a lot more complicated than it already is. This activity is supposed to be relatively easy because it is guided and has levels of difficulty that you can choose from.


Strength & Cardio

What Sets The Yoga Swing Apart - Strength and CardioOf course, if you really want to bulk up, then getting a rack, a barbell, and some free weights is a great idea or if you are heavily focused on cardio and prefer not to run or cycle outdoors, or swim at the local pool, then an exercise bike, treadmill or rower is a fantastic addition.

Yet, if you also want an activity that has less impact but is still effective for cardio and strength building, aerial yoga also does it for you! With that, we can truly say that the yoga swing really does cover all bases, especially for a moderate all-around workout. You can do an up-tempo workout to get the heart rate up for more of a cardio focus.

There are yoga modifications that really sets the mood alive but of course, proceed with caution and make sure that your equipment is installed properly since some movements or flow could be on a faster pacing. Also, do not forget to use safety measures such as a safety mat so if ever you get out of balance, you will land safely or mainly for you to have a sense of security and be confident throughout your session.

Or using gravity as your resistance, you can do slow, deeper workouts simply with your own body weight, where adjusting the level of difficulty is as easy as moving your hands or feet – just by varying the angles that you use the yoga swing to increase the resistance.

It is relatively easy to regress and digresses using the yoga swing when practicing aerial yoga. Just make sure that you are doing the poses correctly and if not, you can always do your sessions with guidance from a professional yogi so that we are certain you are doing it right.


Suspension Training

Now you might think why not just get simple suspension training straps such as the TRX system?

At first glance, this would make much more sense but hear us out first! However, the straps are very one dimensional and you miss out on the multitude of additional exercises you can do with the yoga swing. Everything you can do with the suspension straps, you can do, and much more with the yoga swing!

Not only do you have 6 padded handles at 3 different lengths, making resistance training a breeze, but you can also use them together with the hammock or sling to maneuver into almost any position or yoga pose imaginable. As we have been saying early on, the yoga swing truly does make a plethora of asanas a whole lot easier and doable compared to other methods and equipment.

It is lightweight, portable, and can be raised or lowered at different heights from the floor quickly to give you the most amount of versatility. It can also be disassembled with ease, so you can use the hammock or sling on its own, or detach the handles if you only want to use the hammock and even the other way around!

So essentially it is perfect for strengthening and stretching through general stretching, body-weight training workouts, aerial yoga, Pilates exercises, and also pain relief! Certain modifications and flows focus on muscle recovery so if that is what you are looking for, then you have chosen the right equipment.


Inversion Therapy

How to Start Aerial Yoga InversionsYes, that is right! The yoga swing can be used as a gentle traction device for relieving back pain through Inversion Therapy.

Inversion is where you are supported by the yoga swing to hang upside down, allowing your spine to elongate and relax, which takes the pressure off the disks and “de-compress” – which brings much relief in a short time.

If done often and regularly, this process can even help correct posture and relieve long, standing back issues. We have a few full articles on inverting, you can check out this overview here.

It is also important to take note that it is still vital to consult with your physician first especially if you have a pre-existing condition that could be affected in adversely by aerial yoga before proceeding.


Other Body Therapies

Not only can you use the swing for inversions to relieve pain, but you can also use the sling if you are a massage therapist, physiotherapist, or rehabilitation specialist to assist clients in a safe and effective manner.

Whether it be as a way to support them through movement therapy, to gain extra leverage during deep tissue work, or a tool for facilitated stretching to help your clients open up locked areas of the body.

The Yoga Swing is truly a great device for use in all kinds of bodywork and pain relief methods.


Greatest Fitness Equipment!

So there you have it, while most exercise equipment is very one-dimensional or simply too bulky and/or expensive – the aerial yoga swing is easily one of the greatest pieces of fitness equipment ever invented!

You can use it for intense workouts, slow and restorative routines and even physical therapy, for strength, flexibility and endurance – it truly is that versatile.

Get your yoga swing today!





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