Industrial Design & Safety Certification

Kerrie Lee Mandics (Neal) as the Owner/Director of Gravotonics has been granted the Industrial Design Certificate for Indonesia valid from the 23 March 2011. This signifies that Gravotonics is the ONLY legal manufacturer of Swings (Sports Fittings) in this country. Any other swings being sold or produced are done so illegally and these manufacturers face legal charges for copying this product.

The issuing of the Indonesian Industrial Design to Gravotonics assures you that our product is of the highest standard in quality, safety and design.

This Industrial Design Certificate is a huge breakthrough for the sole production of this product in Indonesia. Gravotonics is the original manufacturer, commencing production in 2003, and continues to produce the highest quality product and maintain the highest possible standards, yet retaining the hands on approach.

In order to have been granted this Industrial Design our product had to be a:

  • Novelty

    To be granted an Industrial Design, the company must be the only manufacturer of the product, and this product must be the first of its kind in the country.

  • Utility:

    A valid Industrial Design cannot be obtained for something that does not work, or that has no useful function. If the product doesn’t work it will fail the utility test.

  • Ingenuity:

    To be issued with the Industrial Design the product must be a development or an improvement of technology that would not have been obvious beforehand to a person of ordinary skill in the technology involved.

Industrial Design Certificate

Industrial Design Certificate

Industrial Design Certificate