How Reliable Are Yoga Swing Reviews?

Yoga Swing Reviews

One of the things we have seen a lot of recently is yoga swing reviews and other such ‘Top 10 Yoga Swings for 2020’ lists and articles.

If the writer truly knows what they are talking about then this information can be invaluable.

But if, like many of these articles, they have been written by someone who couldn’t even claim themselves a novice, never mind an aerial yoga expert, the information you are getting won’t be nearly as reliable.


Just Google It?!

yoga swing reviews - just google it

It would seem that you can type anything into Google these days and get thousands, sometimes millions of results that can teach you anything you could imagine in minutes. However, the question remains – is this information reliable?

In many cases, yes, you can find trustworthy information on the internet that will tell you everything you need to know. In contrast, however, there are millions of websites out there that advertise their ‘expert knowledge’ and yet don’t actually know.


In this post, we are going to be looking at how reliable these yoga swing product reviews are and what you should look for to determine whether they are genuine.


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Why Are There So Many False Reviews Out There?

If you type any product into a search engine, you will be bombarded with titles such as ‘Top 5 yoga swings for overweight people’ or ‘The best yoga trapeze for beginners’ and many other variations of these types of articles.

In some instances, these articles will have been written by a dedicated yoga enthusiast who simply wants to showcase their knowledge and share their thoughts on various products.


However, on the flip side, more often than not, these articles will have been penned by an outsourced writer who has never even been in the same room as an aerial yoga swing, never mind having used all of the products that they are recommending.

Quite often, these product review lists will have been assigned to writers who have been told which products they must add in and write about. However, a large portion of yoga swing reviews will be based on what the writer finds on the Amazon listing – practically copy and pasting – information we would see about the products on our own if we decided to shop for a yoga swing on Amazon!

top yoga swing reviews

The content then ends up on what is known as a niche website, where the owner makes money from affiliate marketing.

Now this is a good concept and we are not rubbishing those who are in it to make easy money, affiliate websites are a viable way of doing this – but surely, you can see that the reviews and top 10 rankings etc simply aren’t going to be reliable.

That being said, there are a lot of these websites that do provide quality information, it’s just that the products haven’t actually been tried and tested.


So, What Is Affiliate Marketing?

In the most simple terms, affiliate marketing refers to the process of advertising other people’s products and getting a cut of the profit in the form of a referral fee if someone makes a purchase. Amazon run a hugely popular affiliate program.

Most of the yoga swing review webpages that you will come across will link to Amazon products. Now don’t take us wrong, we also are also apart of this program and offer fantastic products alongside our hand made yoga swings and aerial hammocks to help our readers get the most out of their aerial yoga practice.


The trouble is that a majority of the yoga swings on the market all come out of the same few factories in China, mass produced wholesale equipment get bought and re-branded by “popular” companies online.

We urge you to be careful and ask them exactly where their yoga swings and aerial hammocks are manufactured.


How Do I Know If The Yoga Swing Reviews Are Reliable?

aerial yoga swing reviewsIt can be a bit of a minefield trying to find good, reliable information on the web – but that isn’t to say it’s not possible.

It is important that we repeat that some affiliate websites do contain good information and yoga swing reviews!

For example, when the owner starts a website about something they are passionate about, they will likely post content based on their own experience or that of the community they’re involved.

Additionally, these website owners may hire other people to write for them and they may go to the trouble of sourcing people who have had experience with the products to make them more genuine.



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But how can you tell if the information you are reading is reliable? There are a few ways.

  • Amazon links are a key giveaway that what you are viewing is a niche website.
  • Of course, there may be genuine reviews that link to Amazon but when the page contains all links to Amazon and no other links to any other website, this is a good indicator that the person writing the content is relying on the information they have seen on the internet marketplace.
  • If you find a website with credible links to a website like Gravotonics, you can feel a little more confident that this person knows their stuff.
  • Since many of these websites do rely on Amazon information only, you will find that much of the content is very similar and is often a lot of marketing spin.
  • Each product review will focus on the same few aspects but will remain very generalized. There will be a lack of technical information that sets apart a review by someone who knows a lot about aerial yoga swings from someone who probably needed to research what a yoga swing was before they composed the review.
  • A lot of Amazon affiliate websites hire external writers to compose their product reviews. A genuine reviewer may try the products and give an honest review where a professional writer will be more focused on how the review sounds. This could point to the fact that they have not undergone testing by the reviewer.
  • When you click the link, take a look in the browser address bar – is there a username in among all that code? If so, the link has come from an affiliate and this could mean that the person is simply running a “content mill” as opposed to writing genuine yoga swing reviews. Of course, this can be difficult to tell as there are aerial yoga enthusiasts out there who run websites with affiliate links, so this point should be taken in context.
  • On the website, as part of the program, affiliate marketers are required to detail that they are running such a program and have to put a note somewhere on the webpage that declares this. The problem? Many hide this away in the depths of the website...


Be Careful Out There!

reliable yoga swing reviewsThe internet is filled with reviews on various products including yoga swings and whilst some of this is credible information, there is a good number that are written by people looking to make a quick buck.

It is important to keep in mind that there are some product reviews on yoga swing websites that are genuine despite the owner making money from them. But there are certain things to look out for.

If you want a reliable review, it is best to stick to information given by impartial parties that you know for certain have tried the products or seek out direct manufacturer websites like ours.




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