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Originally Published on 6/6/2020


Which Yoga Swing?!

It can be a little daunting to choose the right yoga swing with so many options available in the market.

If you’re just starting out with Aerial Yoga and looking to buy an aerial yoga swing for your home, this quick guide is for you.


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Getting the right aerial yoga equipment can often prove something of a challenge, particularly online because you cannot really test it to see what the quality will be like. That is why it is so important to find yourself not just a crowd-favorite but also from a reputable manufacturer.

With the popularity of aerial yoga growing around the world, many other recreations and replicas have emerged that are significantly cheaper. They may sound tempting, but very eyebrow-raising.

However, it is easy to find imitations and “inspired” products and equipment in today’s world. You need to be sure you are getting the original and best aerial hammocks for peace of mind and the best bang for your buck.

The original Gravotonics Bali Yoga Swings and Aerial Hammocks are the number one in the market and we’ll like you to know more why:


Company Reputation & Guarantee

We recommend researching the credentials of your supplier, their experience and expertise when choosing a yoga swing or aerial hammock. Gravotonics offer a 10 Year Warranty on faulty work and/or materials.

However, we have never had one yoga swing returned due to fault in 20 years – this is something we are very proud of. We stand by our safety and quality record and will never compromise this!

Stay away from the “cheapo” ones and also don’t fall for the slick marketing of the expensive ones!

fitness firstWe’ve literally been supplying our aerial equipment to the biggest and best yoga studios and fitness gyms around the world, such as Fitness First and The Shala Yoga for two decades with unmatched quality.

We’ve also been featured in the most respected publications, and have a large online community!

Do not let the fate of your fitness journey hang on substandard foundations. Choose Gravotonics now!

Save the benefit of the doubt for something else but not your safety. Find the best quality at an affordable price for your budget and for the best of the experience.


Quality & Safety

The main thing to consider is the critical issues of quality and safety.

You don’t want to be pinching pennies when it comes to aerial equipment because you need to trust it when you are suspended above the ground, especially with inverted poses.

An aerial yoga device such as the yoga swing or aerial hammock requires quality construction and comfort considerations. For example, how much weight can a swing hold? The Gravotonics Yoga Swing and adjustment straps are super strong, easily holding 200kgs (440+ lbs) during your aerial yoga sessions.

Each item is finished to our highest standards and subject to a rigorous quality control inspection. There is literally no stone left unturned because it is our mission to provide you with the top most quality equipment.


Hand-Made vs. Mass Production

Bali-handmade-yoga-swingWhen referring to mass produced aerial hammocks, we generally see the inferior materials and manufacturing quality.

There are loose threads/ends and raw edges on many of the seams.

Our products are a clear example of quality – ALL the seams are triple stitched with the best quality threading. The fabric that we use are selectively hand picked so as to adhere to our promise of comfort, versatility, and usability.

Our products are handmade in our workshop in Bali, by loyal and passionate crafters, and produced ethically and conscientiously. We support fair trade ideals!

The practice of creating our yoga hammocks and swings originated in 2003 from Bali, Indonesia. From there, you can be certain that our procedures already, are withstanding the challenges of the times and are continuously improving.

The swing should withstand a high degree of wear and tear!


Yoga Hammock Materials

With the Yoga Swing, we’ve found the best material to use is the highest quality 100% nylon parachute fabric. The Aerial Hammocks suit either 100% nylon fabric or Taslon, really depending on your own feel and what maneuvers you will likely be performing.

The benefit of the parachute fabric is that it is extremely breathable and lighter in weight. At the same time, it is also not harsh on the skin especially since the practice involves grasping, gripping, and constant contact of the skin and the fabric.

Best thing is having a lightweight but at the same time durable yoga hammock and yoga swing literally elevates your practice! You also have the ability to use the yoga swing as a sling simply by removing the handles!

Many of our customers have had their swings for years and years which attests to the fact that the fabric we use is strong, lightweight and durable.


Fittings & Finishing Touches

Often with the swings you find, the plastic tubing and foam coverings on the grips are also rough and may result in injury when used. So be sure to choose one where the plastic tubing has been finished to remove the rough edges and the foam is rounded off for neatness and comfort.

Likewise, with the hooks. Would you want to be hanging dependent upon a cheap hook/ carabiner?

Of course not!

We use specially made high tensile 6mm stainless steel hooks for stability and safety. Now, performing inverted poses and executing suspended moves are made easier and safer all because of this product.


Practicality & Portability

Many yoga trapezes are “over made” and not very practical in their applications and uses. There are lots of extras that are unnecessary, such as bulky, padded foot holds which are not able to be used as hand holds making them impractical.

Yoga swings with all the attachments and extras makes it very large and therefore losing its portability. Our yoga swings are straightforward and will be everything you will need in the practice.

They say the less the better, and we also do as we have poured it all in the usability of our products. Many people want to use their yoga swing in the park or carry it with them to the studio or gym but these competitor products are far too large and weighty.

If you choose Gravotonics, it would only be as if you are carrying a piece of cloth around. Lightweight and durable — the best things you can find in aerial yoga hammocks and swings.

With many yoga swings, it’s quite difficult to adjust the height of the saddle or handles, therefore limiting the use of the swing and making it impractical for floor work, i.e. yoga or varying heights of inversion.

Ours are extremely easy to adjust at different points and we supply our own daisy chain straps for added versatility and functionality.


Colors, Colors, Colors!

Most of the yoga swing and yoga hammocks on the market only come in one color.

Also, the range of colors is limited. This is fine if you want, say, all blue, but what if you want, say, beautiful emerald green and purple? You can also choose 2 colors, so how about a nice and bright yellow and orange?

You can see here the colors we have available.

Our yoga swings come in a wide variety of colors and also allows you to create combinations. Maybe it is just because it suits your current mood, like today feels like a pink kind of day, or as a representation of your personality. Or maybe, it is or they are just your favorite colors. The possibilities are endless!

At Gravotonics, we are continuously working on improving and widening our inclusivity even to the littlest detail of colors. Since aerial yoga aims to help better one’s mood, and we all know how much color affects it, it is one of the things we keep in mind.


Easy Maintenance

It is far more practical to have a Machine Washable product like the Gravotonics Yoga Swing, particularly when it is a piece of exercise equipment which will get perspired on and dirty.

Also, if holding classes and having the swing in studios, you’ll want to be able to wash them quickly and easily, not have to hand wash them.

Our yoga hammocks and swings are easy to clean and dry and can withstand multiple times of washing and still retain their proper physical properties. Since our products are of superior quality, with proper care, it will definitely serve you a long time.


Get your Gravotonics Yoga Swing now!

Choose the Right Yoga Swing GravotonicsGetting yourself the best quality and affordable aerial hammocks and yoga swings has been made easier by technology.

Ordering can now be done at our website at www.gravotonics.com and just browse our catalog whether you like a yoga hammock or a yoga swing.

You can also find the differentiators and product descriptions if you are still unsure on which variation to get.

Of course, you can also find previous client reviews on our website and we assure you that all of those are transparent and authentic! What you see is what you get, and much more!

If you have other concerns and more questions about the product, you can connect with us at our website as well.

Swing With Us!

Here at Gravotonics, we also upload weekly blogs all about yoga, aerial yoga, facts, yoga poses for certain body parts and issues, and just all that you can know and discover about it!

Our blogs are free and very much informative. If you are looking for more reasons to finally invest yourself and your time in the practice, find our blogs on our website and get swinging with us soon!


Please Note: You may need to hire a professional to help you install your yoga swing depending on your ceiling type. We cannot guarantee your installation.


Q. What is a yoga swing?
A. A Yoga Swing is a versatile aerial yoga prop, consisting of a hammock base and includes a set of handles on either side, each with 3 soft grips that allow you perform yoga postures suspended in mid air, and can also be used for various strengthening techniques.

Q. What is the best yoga swing?
A. There are quite a few Yoga Swing on the market, each claiming to be the best. The thing to do is find one that has been hand-made from high quality parachute nylon and heavy duty fittings and avoid cheap, mass produced swings which may be a risk to your safety.

Q. Is the Yoga Swing worth it?
A. Yes absolutely! The Yoga Swing is one of the most versatile pieces of fitness equipment available. It was originally designed as an amazing yoga prop most suited for aerial yoga. However it is also used for suspension training workouts and even inversion therapy!

Q. Where can you hang a yoga swing?
A. A Yoga Swing can be set up quickly and easily by hanging daisy chains over a strong exposed beam or tree branch, or even in a doorway using a pull up bar. For a more permanent option, you can install sturdy brackets in your ceiling.

Q. How much weight can a yoga swing hold?
A. Most Yoga Swing hold well over 440 lbs, however a safe operating weight range is generally around 330 lbs. This is because you are moving, swinging and bouncing around which creates more strain on the materials and fittings.

Q. How do you attach a yoga swing to the ceiling?
A. To hang your Yoga Swing from your ceiling it is best to locate your ceiling joists and screw in o-rings or ceiling brackets 60cm to 80cm apart. If you have a concrete ceiling or are unsure, it’s best to have a professional do the installation.

Q. How high should a yoga swing be?
A. For most purposes the sling of your Yoga Swing should be at the height of your belt line. However you can adjust the height using daisy chains to suit different yoga poses or aerial fitness workouts.

Q. Is a yoga swing safe?
A. Of course! As long as it is installed properly and with the right metalware, it is ready to use. You must also take in consideration the ceiling or any other area where the swing would be installed. The equipment may be sturdy, but it is also essential to have the attachment points checked first.






get your free aerial yoga home studio setup guide



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