How To Start Aerial Yoga

How to Start Aerial Yoga

Increasing Interest in Aerial Yoga Workouts

Getting started with aerial yoga may feel a little intimidating, unlike its floor-based cousin, aerial yoga workouts can seem a little more extreme.

For many people, the idea of getting into a yoga swing is a whole world away from practicing on the mat and so people want to know how to start aerial yoga.

But in reality, it’s quite simple to get started with aerial yoga and provided that you have the right equipment and the right mindset, you’ll likely find it a very beneficial addition to your yoga practice.

Whether you want to move from the mat into the air or whether you are completely new to yoga and want to start with the anti-gravity version, this article will help you to understand how to start aerial yoga.


What Is Aerial Yoga?

Aerial yoga is a form of yoga that is practiced in a yoga hammock rather than on the ground like the traditional variety. Many of the same poses are performed with the support of the yoga hammock.


Is Aerial Yoga Better Than Regular Yoga?

How you like to practice will determine which type of yoga is better for you.. In the main, however, aerial yoga offers many benefits that cannot be gained from traditional yoga – not that we are implying that mat-based yoga is inferior, it certainly is not.

Personal preference plays a huge role in the style you choose.


Why Do People Want To Start Aerial Yoga?

How to Start Aerial Yoga Inversions

One of the main reasons that people look to start an aerial yoga practice is because of the many benefits that this type of workout has.

Unlike other forms of yoga, the spine can be decompressed during your time in the yoga swing and this is amazing for so many reasons.

Others might turn to the practice as a way of achieving yoga poses that they are not usually able to manage, whereas some people do not like the concept of on-the-mat yoga but the anti-gravity method seems extremely appealing.

Furthermore, aerial yoga is a great way to stay in shape whilst having fun – the reason you want to start doesn’t matter, as long as you’ve come prepared.


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How To Start Aerial Yoga – What Will You Need?

One of the first things that people ask when beginning their aerial yoga journey is what type of equipment will be needed.

Of course, there are hundreds of aerial yoga courses and classes that simply require you to turn up, dressed appropriately and all of the equipment is provided for you.

However, many people are looking to start the practice in their own homes and in this instance, getting the correct equipment is essential. Doing so will ensure a safe and enjoyable practice.

Most importantly you will need a basic yoga hammock, or you can do one step further and get a yoga swing – although, you may hear this equipment being referred to as a yoga swing, but they are one of the same.

But the point is, choosing the right aerial fitness equipment is important.


A Few Rigging OptionsKT Aerial Stand

There are two types of yoga swing set up, a yoga swing attached to a freestanding frame, and one which is fitted to an overhead support such as a ceiling or tree branch.

A freestanding setup is ideal is if you do not have the space to install a more permanent option, however, whilst there are many good yoga swing frames on the market, they won’t offer as much stability as a fixed swing.

Regardless of which you opt for, there are two further choices – a two-point or a single point attachment yoga swing set up.

The key difference between the two is that a single point swing is able to spin because of its one contact point with the overhead support. Usually this is done with a “Spring Suspension System” which is perfect for a yoga swing frame.

Yoga Trapeze Suspension SystemIn contrast, the double point attachment will not have this feature but is certainly the cheaper option, and just as easy to mount, except will take a little added time, and may limit your choices of where you hang your swing.

For beginners, a two-point swing usually works better since it is a lot more stable when attempting the poses.

Once you have gained some confidence and have better balance and control whilst in the swing, you could consider switching it up and trying out a single point set up.


Simple As That

Once you have installed your yoga swing, there is nothing else you will need to get started.

That being said, many people like to place a mat under the swing for better grip, stability and a bit of cushioning when the feet are in contact with the floor, but this is optional.

One of the great things about aerial yoga is that, aside from the sling, no special equipment is required and since these yoga swings are so easy to install, you can get to practicing very quickly.


Aerial Yoga Clothing

In addition to the equipment that you will need to get started with aerial yoga, you should also consider the type of clothing you will wear.

Whilst there is only one real rule, which is to avoid clothing with sharp zips and bits, there are no limits to what what you can or cannot wear.

It is advisable to opt for tighter fitting clothing as this gives you less chance of your garments becoming tangled in the yoga hammock.

But your comfort is the main thing to think about.

Some people prefer to purchase special yoga clothing such as leggings and workout shirts, but again, this is totally optional – heck, some people practice in the nude!


Are There Other Things To Consider Before Starting Aerial Yoga?

One of the main things that put people off when thinking about starting aerial yoga is that there is a common misconception that aerial yoga requires a certain amount of physical strength or that only highly trained athletes will be able to manage it.

While it is true that you will need to have decent physical ability to perform the more complex poses in your yoga swing, you certainly do not need to be an Olympian to get started with the practice.


For complete beginners, there are plenty of aerial yoga classes that offer basic skills and allow you to work your way through a program designed to introduce people to this fun and beneficial workout.

It is worth looking to a beginners class even if you plan to install a yoga swing in your home.

Whilst having an at-home yoga swing is great for being able to practice whenever the urge calls, being under the instruction of an instructor can ensure that you are performing the poses correctly.

Not only will this make the practice easier for you but it will also make it safer.

Contorting your body into certain positions does carry a risk of injury if it is not done properly and the best way to learn is under the guidance of a fully-fledged yoga instructor.

Even once you are past the beginner stages, it is very worthwhile to continue attending a class, even if it is only once a month as this will keep you up to date on any new techniques or advice, and at the very least watching online videos will keep your practice fresh and exciting.

How to Start Aerial Yoga Classes


Don’t Let Fear Get The Better Of You

Being hoisted into the air in your yoga swing can be a little scary and this is totally natural but when you are learning how to start aerial yoga, it is important that you let go of any fear and try to enjoy the practice.

It’s meant to be calming, after all.

Provided that you are either under the instruction of a trained professional, or are somewhat used to it and are being careful – it’s highly unlikely that you will fall out of the swing and cause yourself a serious injury.

One of the great things about any type of yoga is that it is hugely beneficial to the mind, but if you allow your mind to get the better of you, this can spoil the experience.


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So now you know how to start aerial yoga, head into your first class with an open mind and you may surprise yourself at just how capable you are.


Anyone Can Start Aerial Yoga!

More and more people are looking to get started with aerial yoga and the trend doesn’t look set to slow down any time soon. And it’s not surprising when we think about the benefits that come along with aerial yoga and how easy it is to get started.

There is some belief that starting this practice is a complicated process and requires mounds of equipment, good knowledge and the body of a God, or Goddess. But this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Aerial yoga is accessible to everyone and with the wide range of yoga swings on the market, installing one at home is all you need to get your feet off the ground – literally! Other than this, no additional equipment is required.


In terms of fitness, aerial yoga does not discriminate so whether you are an adept yogi who can twist into a variety of shapes without a problem, or you are someone with much lower levels of fitness, there will be an aerial yoga class suited to you.

Whilst many people worry that they won’t be able to get to grips with it, they are often surprised at how easy it is.

So, if you want to start aerial yoga, it’s as easy as choosing a yoga swing, finding a class and getting stuck in – we know you’ll have a blast!





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