How to Stay Motivated for Your Swing Yoga Sessions

How to Stay Motivated for Your Swing Yoga Sessions

Deciding to work out is a challenge in and of itself – But bringing yourself to actually work out on a regular basis is another feat to overcome.

It’s not always easy. You do not always get up in the morning and feel good about working out. Sometimes, it’s a task that you just want to dismiss. Admittedly for some, It’s so much easier to skip your swing yoga sessions than to go into your 30-minute routine.

But then again, it’s just 30 minutes of your day. After that, you wouldn’t have to feel bad about missing your workout. Easier said than done, right?

If you are undergoing a lifestyle change and you find yourself making up excuses, there are certain things you can do to get back on track. It might seem like a simple shift in the mindset or a minimal routine adjustment, but it will surely help you get the motivation you need.


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Let’s say you’re already signed up for an Aerial Yoga class, and you’re on your fifth session, but suddenly, you lost all drive to continue with it. What do you do now?

If you’re looking for answers, this article is for you. We’ll give you some tips on how you can get motivated and enjoy your Swing Yoga sessions!


Change Your Perspective

Swing Yoga SessionsOne of the first things that you need to look into when reevaluating your lifestyle choices is changing your perspective. If you’re a beginner, it’s important to have this cleared up from the get-go.

Working out is indeed a lifestyle shift. Trying out new things such as Aerial Yoga is advisable and encouraged but you do have to think of what you want to achieve from this.

Do you want to improve your flexibility? Enhance your body coordination? Boost your mood? Alleviate your back pain and muscle tension? Encourage movement?

These are just a few of the benefits of a swing yoga practice. Though these might seem minimal, this will help you align yourself with your goals and keep you on track.

Now if you have already been doing swing yoga sessions for quite some time, maybe it’s time for you to think about your previous goals and see where you’re at now.

Having done all of that previous practice, what improved within yourself and what have you achieved? Are there things that you can tick off your beginner list?

Keep in mind that small progress is still progress. Not being good at certain swing yoga poses won’t mean that you’ve failed, but just a reason for you to work harder. Maybe you’re just having a little downtime and you need to rethink some of your workout goals.


Identify What You Want and Enjoy

Exploring Aerial Yoga is definitely a fun way to spice up any workout routine, but it is not always a walk in the park. Your body would still have to go through some adjustment, especially if this is totally new territory for you.

If you’re feeling a bit down and you’re starting to question your choices, you can always step back and identify what you want and what you truly enjoy in a workout.

For example, you know that you love swing yoga sessions with partially suspended poses such as the Table Top Pose, Anti-Gravity Warrior Pose, and Superman Pose. However, you find a hard time following sessions that involve inverted poses as Inverted Pigeon and Star Poses.

Having this figured out will allow you to work on improving yourself on this. Perhaps you can ask for help from your fellow students or have a one-on-one session with your instructor. It’s always good to have feedback from those around you so you also know that you’re doing the right thing.

Mastering poses can be quite tricky and challenging, so a push from yourself and others can contribute a lot to your Aerial Yoga journey.


Enroll in Different Aerial Yoga Classes

Another thing that you can look into is trying out different classes. If you feel like you have mastered your Aerial Yoga beginner classes, you can try enrolling in an intermediate class. In this way you can start advancing your swing yoga workouts and expanding your knowledge in the practice.

If you want, you can also try different variations of yoga such as Aerial Pilates and Yoga Kurunta. A new environment might just be what you’re looking for.

Aerial Pilates could have similar routines and flows, but it would just differ in the approach. If you’re familiar with Pilates or perhaps you’ve tried this, you know that it’s a slow and thorough practice that basically targets specific aspects such as core strength and flexibility. With the incorporation of Yoga Swings, you’d have a full-blown practice with very similar results.

Kurunta Swing Yoga SessionsFor Yoga Kurunta or more known as Rope Wall Yoga, you’d have the support of the ropes and the wall. As the name suggests, this practice would have ropes attached to the wall instead of the ceiling. Though this is an old practice, it is now gaining popularity because of its benefits and how beginner-friendly it is.

This would be a good choice if you want to improve your inverted poses as you’d feel more secure with the wall to support you throughout the session. Some yoga practitioners have used Yoga Kurunta as a way to practice their handstands and headstands.

Try it for yourself!


Consider Other Yoga Instructors

As a student, you should also try considering other instructors to help you improve your Aerial Yoga journey.

Try to evaluate if the teaching style in your current class complements how you like to learn. Do not forget that we all learn differently. An effective teaching method for others might not be the same for you.

It does not matter if your class is the most recommended by your friends or colleagues, if you feel like it does not contribute to your learning and progress, feel free to check with other instructors. You can also raise this with your current instructor so they know if certain adjustments should be made.

You may also start checking out other classes or teachers that you think would complement your current style, so you can attend different classes during the week. You can go to community boards and within your workout group to ask more specific questions that will help you evaluate your decision.

This does not only happen in this set-up as even in the corporate or educational setting it is still very important to have a mentor whom you have chemistry with.

It’s not to say that any of you is lacking in specific areas, it could be just that you have different approaches that would work better for others. In the end, what’s important is you are being transparent and honest not only with yourself but also with the people around you.


Upgrade Your Gear and Equipment

Now, this is a tip that a lot of people consider because there is a good percentage of people who enjoy working out if they have a new set of gym clothes or brand-new equipment, or upgraded gear.

Going to your swing yoga sessions with your new pair of trainers or brand-new active wear can definitely contribute to your drive.

So if you’re feeling lazy or just not in the mood to attend your aerial swing class, maybe a quick trip to the mall will change your day. Maybe you just need a freshen up to feel great.

Check out your favorite outlets and snag a few pairs of clothes and wear them to your next session. A little bit of shopping could go a long way.

Just remember that choose an outfit that would be comfortable for you when you’re wrapping yourself with the Yoga Swing or Aerial Hammock. Look for fewer zippers or extra detailing that could get caught up on the sling. Get those skin-hugging activewear so you’ll be able to freely move and get deeper into the poses.

Stay Motivated for Your Swing Yoga Sessions

In the spirit of shopping, you might also want to check out getting equipment for your at-home Swing Yoga sessions. Perhaps, you just need a change of space and your home might be an ideal place for your practice.

You can check out the Gravotonics Aerial Yoga Hammock and Gravotonics Bali Yoga Swing for better and high-quality equipment.

Setting up your at-home space is not that complicated as long as you have an ample amount of space, a good foundation, and the best equipment. If you’re looking for a more temporary setup, you can always try a Portable Yoga Swing Stand that you can pack and unpack anytime.

You won’t have to worry about putting it up on your ceiling or walls since it’s already set up for you.

A good home workout space could take a lot of pressure off you since you won’t need to worry about traffic, transportation, or other factors that could affect your motivation. Since it’s just in your home, you can easily access and squeeze your swing yoga sessions in your free time.


Invite Your Friends to a Class

Motivation Swing Yoga SessionsIf you are the type of person who loves company, you should introduce Aerial Yoga to your friends and family as well. It would be easier for you to enjoy the class especially if you have a familiar face with you.

It is understandable that for most people these classes can be pretty overwhelming, mostly if you’re new to it, so a good companion can totally improve your overall experience.

Additionally, a workout buddy can help you with the poses that you’re struggling with, and vice versa. It’s a good way to build connection, confidence, and boost morale.

Aside from your Aerial Yoga instructor, it is also helpful to have another set of eyes that look out for you throughout the session.

Admittedly, there could be some pressure when talking to your instructor so having a buddy that checks in with you from time to time can alleviate that apprehension.

Another thing you can do is build friendships within your sessions and classes. You already have similarities, being in the same class, so just try to deepen your relationship with them. When you have friends with you or just people with whom you share the same interests, it’s easier to look forward to your classes.

Maybe you can also plan an after-aerial-yoga-class dinner? Now that’s definitely something to look forward to!


Know Your Limitations

The final and most important tip that you should learn is to know your limitations. One of the goals of Aerial Yoga is to increase mind and body awareness. This is important because you need to listen to your body always.

Maybe you’re losing motivation because you’ve been working nonstop and your body is just tired of moving. When you’re overworked you are not just physically tired but also mentally demotivated.

Sometimes, you do not need ways to push yourself further, but you just need to learn when to take a break. Aerial Yoga generally promotes a meditative and low-pressure environment. So, when you’re feeling a bit agitated and under pressure, perhaps you need to look at the other aspects of your life.

Are you overworked? Are you feeling a bit burnt out? Do you need a mental health break? These are just some of the few things that you should always consider.

You can still go to a class and enjoy your session but make sure to use this time to bring focus to yourself and your emotions. Remember that the most vital element is yourself. If you’re feeling unhappy, it will trickle down to other aspects of your life.

So, always take the time to check in with yourself and know when to put yourself first.


Rekindle Motivation for Your Swing Yoga Sessions

Stay Motivated Swing Yoga SessionsThere are a lot of factors as to why we lose motivation, especially when it comes to exercising. What’s important is that we know how to reevaluate our lives and work on certain areas that need more pushing.

Ultimately, it is up to us how we’re going to help ourselves get back on track.

We should always know when to go beyond our limitations, when to have fun, and when to take a quick pause.

Just remember, when you least feel up to it, a good yoga swing session will immediately boost your mood and enhance your confidence!





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