Master Your Mat Yoga Poses With a Yoga Hammock

Warrior Pose - Yoga Swing Mat Yoga Poses

But wait, isn’t aerial yoga different from regular yoga?

Although many aerial yoga or “flying yoga” classes differ from traditional yoga, you can absolutely use your Yoga Hammock or Yoga Swing as an all-round prop throughout the various flow of mat yoga poses.

You simply perform the same poses you do on a yoga mat, except using the hammock suspended from the ceiling.

It is not necessarily always about performing the flying spider pose!

Best Yoga Prop

The purpose of the hammock is to help you improve flexibility and build strength, while allowing you to do more challenging poses without added pressure on your shoulders, spine or head.

In fact many dedicated Iyengar students and teachers alike, use and trust the Gravotonics yoga hammocks to assist with correct alignment.

If you already practice yoga, you may be surprised how well the yoga hammock fits in with your routine.

You will certainly notice the benefits!

With a little support from the hammock, you’ll develop strength, balance, and perhaps most importantly, stability that will enhance your traditional mat poses beyond belief.

Explore Deeper Flexibility

You can explore your range of flexibility more fully when using the yoga hammock, thus enhancing your traditional practice with mat yoga poses.

You will be able to learn how poses are supposed to feel as you go deeper into their fullest expression.

Students may push too hard, then need to release from the position suddenly, possibly injuring themselves without the use of a hammock for support.

This is why it works so well, because it helps you progress in your yoga practice, through unlocking yoga poses you are not able to do, due to tension in your body in a controlled way.

This will allow you to experience the energetic benefits, even before you have the strength to support your body weight in the asana.


Yoga Swing Back Bend Mat Yoga Poses

Challenge Yourself

With the assistance of the yoga hammock, you will find yourself taking on more challenging mat yoga poses.

For example, the Wheel Pose or even the splits, and over time you will develop the capacity to hold it on your own.

Develop Stamina

Aerial Yoga can help you progress in your yoga practice with the use of the yoga hammock.

So you want to improve say, your Warrior II?

The hammock works wonders, allowing you to go deeper and sustain each pose, so you can hold for longer with less strain – building stamina!

Warrior is a good example of this. Normally you would feel your quads burn to the point of no return!

However, with the aerial hammock, you can lean into the pose with the support under the thigh to the degree that allows you to feel the pose and reap the benefits – without prematurely fatiguing!


Improve Focus & Breathing

As you may know, yoga postures look ridged but they are actually quite a complex series of micro adjustments that require deep internal focus to sustain.

With the additional support from the hammock, you are able to sustain positions longer, so you can fine tune the alignment of your limbs and joints.

Correct alignment allows you to hold a posture for longer periods of time safely without undue strain and encourages fuller, deeper breaths.

Thus enhancing the mind calming aspects that yoga practice can cultivate.


Move Beyond Fear of Inversions

A highlight of using the hammock is it will fully support your body while performing inverted poses.

It is great for partial inversions, such as Downward facing dog, as well as full inversion poses, as with head stands and hand stands.

Inversions can be difficult for many people to master, but are much easier with the assistance of a hammock.


How does the yoga hammock help with inversion?

Instead of kicking up against a wall to get into an inverted position, the hammock wraps around your body and supports you.

You’ll be gently held as you develop the core strength necessary to maintain a stable, centered and grounded position.

This gives you the experience of how each pose should feel being upside-down, and will improve your balance even in traditional mat yoga poses – eventually you will embrace the sensation of being inverted as it becomes more natural.

Another advantage is that it’s okay to “fall off balance” without the fear of falling out of the pose and injuring yourself!


Yoga Swing Inversion Mat Yoga Poses

Master Any Asana

The hammock can be used throughout an entire class for all mat yoga poses, including a seated meditation, sun salutations, inversions and even finishing with a floating savasana, also known as the “cocoon.”

Yoga Asana is about developing strong core stability and flexibility while clearing any mental roadblocks that would disturb your inner peace.

With through persistent practice, you can master any yoga poses, and the hammock will make it easier than ever before!


So it is about time you tried using a yoga hammock or yoga swing.. You’ll improve your yoga practice leaps and bounds!




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