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The Gravotonics Aerial Yoga Swings are the original and best aerial yoga trapeze for aerial yoga, suspension training and inversion therapy – hand made in Bali!

With versatility at the heart of it’s unique design, the yoga swing offers you the ability to stretch and strengthen.

You’ll feel at ease with our quick installation guide to get you SWINGING!


The Gravotonics Yoga Trapeze have and will always be hand-made in Bali by our skilled crafters.

Firstly, we use only the highest quality, breathable, 100% nylon parachute fabric, the yoga swing is machine washable, quick drying, color fast, tear/stretch resistant and does not rot or mildew.

Secondly, using strength tested 6mm stainless steel hooks, and triple stitching throughout – using only the best thread, along with high grade strapping for the adjustment straps, make this the safest aerial swing on the market!


At only 1.3kgs – it is extremely lightweight and portable!

The yoga swing can fit into a backpack so you can take the swing wherever you go and hang it from a tree branch, exposed beam or trapeze bar!


Available in a multitude of colors – You can choose either a single color or two colors!


Your Swing Package Includes:

  • 1 x Saddle/Hammock 1.5M wide x 2.5M long
  • 2 x Handles 1.4M long (each with 3 grips)
  • 2 x 1.5M long Adjustment Straps (daisy chains)
  • 1 x Carry Tote Bag (matching the swing color/s)
  • Easy Installation Guide


*To help you decide, scroll down to the color chart!



The Original Gravotonics Aerial Yoga Swing

Manufacturing the highest quality Yoga Trapeze on the market, each Gravotonics Aerial Yoga Swing is lovingly hand- crafted and checked over before being sent out. Don’t trust other knock off brands – we’ve never had a swing returned!


  • ORIGINAL: Studio Quality Aerial Yoga Trapeze – as used & trusted by professional yogis in yoga studios and gyms all around the world for 17 years!

  • SUPERIOR: Beautifully crafted using high strength fittings & triple stitched, durable 100% nylon parachute material – will never rot or mildew..

  • FEATURES: Two handles with six large foam padded grips at varying lengths & added adjustment straps for versatility and a spacious swing seat for comfort during practice..

  • PRACTICAL: Weighing just 1.3kgs it is extremely portable – with quick assembly & can be hung almost anywhere..

  • MULTI-PURPOSE: Designed for aerial yoga, it is also perfect as a prop for correct alignment during yoga asanas or as an inversion therapy sling or as part of your exercise and strength training routine.

  • SAFETY: We hold the Indonesian Design Certificate which ensures our swings are of the highest quality & safety standards, with a safe load capacity of 150kgs.

  • INSTRUCTIONS: Included is a helpful installation leaflet to get you all set up..

  • GUARANTEED: At Gravotonics we offer a 5-year guarantee on our individually hand crafted yoga swings!


Yoga Trapeze


Created for all ages and stages of life!

Aerial Yoga Swing Flying SpiderDesigned originally as a prop for correct alignment during yoga asanas, the Gravotonics aerial yoga swing has multiple uses. That is to say the swing is the perfect device for aerial yoga or as part of your fitness training routine.

With versatility in mind, there are two detachable handles on either side with three padded arm/leg grips on each (six in total) at varying heights, enabling you to achieve any angle, movement or stretch from vertical to horizontal – with every conceivable asana possible.

It also converts into a full size aerial hammock by simply removing the handles, which is perfect for basic aerial yoga without the “swing” component or even for use on camping trips and relaxing in the garden…



Aerial Yoga Swing Inversion Therapy

Inversion Therapy

Importantly, this aerial trapeze is a therapeutic piece of equipment that can be used to practice Inversion Therapy which is ideal for gentle, passive traction of the spine.

Therefore, using the swing to hang upside down can alleviate muscular tension and pain as well as promoting increased joint mobility, flexibility, energy levels and circulation.

In turn all this promotes good health and well being…


For more information please visit our Inversion Therapy information pages, which gives you an introduction, some instruction, safety tips and FAQ.



Lightweight and portable…

Aerial Yoga Swing Tote BagThe Gravotonics Aerial Yoga Swing is extremely lightweight and portable, and come in a matching drawstring tote bag, but can fit in to a backpack, so you can literally take them anywhere you go!

In addition, the adjustment Straps (daisy chains) included are strong and durable straps used to adjust the distance from the ceiling or beams and have 10 divisions 15cm apart to allow for maximum height adjustment versatility.

Our kit includes everything you need to attach to your overhead points or hang from exposed beams, tree branch or trapeze bar. NOT INCLUDED: Ceiling accessories must be purchased separately if required for permanent mounting into concrete or steel/timber joists etc


See below for our helpful color chart with real material samples so you can choose which color swings you would like!



Shipping & Handling:

We ship all retail orders within 2-3 days.

Standard shipping from Bali usually arrives anywhere in the world within 14 days.
Express post usually arrives anywhere in the world within 7 days.

For more information, please visit our shipping page.


Installation & Safety:

Please view our installation guide for directions.

Due to so many varying types of overhead environments, Gravotonics does not provide specific instructions on how to rig the swing from your ceiling. We strongly suggest that you consult with a professional.

Also, please check your adjustment straps regularly as they could become worn over time and break especially with regular use.

You are responsible for your own safety so please install properly and check everything.

Gravotonics take no responsibility for any injury resulting form poor installation.



We offer a 30-day money back guarantee and a 5-year limited warranty on all our products!

At Gravotonics we stand by our quality and will replace any hammock/swing for any faulty work or materials for 5-years. Return postage will not be covered by Gravotonics.

For further information, please visit our Quality Guarantee information pages.


COMING SOON!! For added comfort we are currently redesigning our “Cushion Inserts” (sold separately).




Free Resources:

Check out our Yoga Pose Gallery which is a free resource featuring poses and instructions for using the swing!

Also visit the Gravotonics YouTube channel for simple yoga routines or our Yoga Swing Training pages for information about any upcoming training courses we offer..

We are also happy to offer plenty of after purchase support!



Aerial Yoga Swing FAQ

What is a yoga swing?

A yoga swing is a versatile aerial swing, comprising of the hammock base and includes a set of handles on either side, each with 3 soft grips that allow you perform yoga postures suspended in mid air, and can also be used for various strengthening techniques.

What is the best yoga swing?

There are quite a few varieties of Yoga Swing on the market, each suiting different needs and preferences. Best thing to do is find one that has been hand-made from high quality parachute nylon and heavy duty fittings and avoid cheap, mass produced swings which may be a risk to your safety.

Are yoga swings safe?

Yes, a well made Yoga Swing is extremely safe to use as long as you have installed the ceiling brackets correctly. Check your daisy chains and fittings regularly for excess wear. Before you use a yoga swing make sure you have no contraindications.

How much is a yoga swing?

Decent Yoga Swings generally range from $49 through to the safer, higher quality swings at around $79. Some popular brands can cost as much as $135. You want to find one that is hand-made from the highest quality materials - that offer the best value.




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Weight 1.3 kg