Foxelli XL Hammock Daisy Chains

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Whether you are hooking up your aerial yoga swing or aerial hammock, now you can with confidence knowing that these Foxelli Hammock Daisy Chains have the highest safety rating and will stand up to the demanding usage of even the busiest of aerial yoga studios.

Make sure you can hook up your hammock in 1 minute flat with our easy to set up straps that can anchor around almost anything.

Each Foxelli Hammock Daisy Chains features 10 feet of looped (42 hook loops) no stretch, non-fraying, triple stitched polyester webbing and you can invert with confidence knowing your body is kept safe by this heavy-duty hammock strapping that has a breaking weight capacity totaling 2,000+ lbs.



Hammock Daisy Chains

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We are please to offer these looped heavy-duty 2 x 10 feet Hammock Daisy Chains / straps that has a breaking weight capacity of 1,000+ lbs each (2,000 lbs total).


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