Heavy-Duty Aerial Yoga Ceiling Mounts

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The Aerial Yoga Ceiling Mounts provides you with a permanent fixture allowing for safe home use of Yoga Swings and Yoga Hammocks and will give you peace of mind with your aerial training and inversion therapy.

This aerial yoga ceiling mounts kit only takes a couple of minutes to install and includes 2 Stainless Steel Rhombus pads, 8 Stainless screws and 2 spring snap hooks.

All parts are thick and sturdy, made of the best quality stainless steel, supporting 1000 lbs when properly attached (500lbs each).

You can install the Aerial Yoga Ceiling Mounts on a ceiling, veranda, garden, gazebo, living room, exposed beams or any other structure in your home… Durable WEATHER RESISTANT finishes so you can use outdoors as well.



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We are pleased to offer these heavy-duty Aerial Yoga Ceiling Mounts to hang and secure your aerial yoga swings at home. We recommend all ceiling mounting be carried out by a professional!!!


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