KT Portable Aerial Yoga Swing Stand

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This stand has been specially designed to hang your Yoga Swing inside your house, gym, Yoga studio or outside in your garden.

Use your swing whenever and wherever you like with this light weight, portable, stable and easy to assemble Support Stand.

If you are looking for a good Indoor Outdoor Portable Aerial Yoga Stand to hang the yoga hammocks, and can use it as a good Pull Up Bar or Back Stretcher suitable for users who are from 4.59 ft to 5.90 ft (140cm to 180cm) and less than 308.6 lbs (140 kgs), let’s choose this product. Not just advertising – it’s the truth!



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We are pleased to offer the KT Yoga Swing Stand for indoor and outdoor use. Distinctive design and outstanding quality. A perfect product for smart shoppers who like MULTIPURPOSE, PORTABLE, FOLDABLE, HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE, and STURDY yoga swing/yoga trapeze stand frame.


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