Aerial Swing Yoga

International Teacher Training

BALI 18 - 23 MAY 2025

Join Us For An Unforgettable Aerial Experience!

  • Swing Yoga pioneer with over 15 years experience teaching around the world!
  • Yogaereo AYTT-40 IYF accredited international training and laboratory.
  • Immerse in tropical paradise for 6-days at Serenity Eco-Guesthouse, Canggu!
  • Become a Certified Yogaereo Instructor for Yoga Asana, Fitness or Rehabilitation..



She is a former INBAL dancer and an international magician, she trained on her tours of Asia as an Ashtanga yoga teacher at Mala Yoga in Hong Kong, studying traditional medicine in China for 10 years.

She studied in San Francisco with Yin Yoga founder Paul Grilley and brought the discipline to Mexico where she founded Yin Yoga Mexico.

Sissy developed the YOGAEREO rehabilitation system and has taught in Israel, Indonesia, Luxembourg, France, Belgium, Paraguay, Canada, USA. and Japan.

She holds a master’s degree in Osteopathy, specialized in fascia in Germany and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in geriatric Physiotherapy along with being an active member of the Fascia Research Society.

Sissy directs Amala Yoga Studio in Mexico providing Yin Yoga, Aerial Swing Yoga and Barre classes, and continues instructing the most comprehensive Yogaereo Teacher Trainings around the world.


It is a therapeutic activity created by Sissy González, which in addition to strengthening and toning the muscles of the abdomen, legs and buttocks, contributes to the rehabilitation of the spine, the lumbar and cervical system of the practitioner, utilizing the yoga swing.

It is highly recommended for people with sciatica, discal hernia and multiple sclerosis. In addition, like traditional yoga, it improves the individual’s mood, self-esteem and safety, as the yoga swing supports the practitioner.

The brain gets better oxygenation, the traction of the sling helps to release the stress-generated vertebral pressure and the inversion drains the lymph, releasing your body of toxins.

Included in this IYF accredited teacher training is in-depth anatomy exploration and hands on experience with using the yoga swing, for Yoga Asana, Fitness and/or Rehabilitation Therapy.

Come away with a certificate to proudly showcase, and the confidence to teach Aerial Swing Yoga!

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