Special Guest Interview: Kungnang Boontem – TH

Special Guest Interview - Kungnang B.


The Gravotonics Podcast | Ep 17: Special Guest Interview – Kungnang Boontem @kung_tnsu ❤️

Check out our awesome interview with lovely Kungnang at Iceberg Sportsclub in Chonburi, Thailand!

Kungnang has a love for sports and was previously playing hockey for almost a decade and even represented the Thailand national team.


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She then decided to get her degree in Sports Science, and had the opportunity to intern at Iceberg as an aerial yoga instructor and fell in love with yoga. She has now been teaching for 1.5 years and I have had the pleasure of joining in a class instructed by Kungnang and it was thoroughly enjoyable..

So watch the interview now to hear more about her story and if you’re in Chonburi, be sure to get in touch to try a class!


Find Kungnang!
IG: @kung_tnsu
Web: https://web.facebook.com/icbsportsclub



Transcript: (Coming Soon!)





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