Special Guest Interview: Sissy Gonzalez – MX

Special Guest Interview - Sissy Gonzalez



The Gravotonics Podcast | Ep 8: Special Guest Interview – Sissy Gonzalez @sissygonzalezyoga ❤️

Check out this awesome interview with pioneer yoga aereo teacher Sissy Gonzalez.

Sissy has a colorful history and has traveled all over the world studying many yoga and health practices and has been teaching yoga and yoga aereo from her studio in Mexico and delivering TT’s in exotic locations worldwide for over 14 years!

Watch now to hear about her amazing experiences in China, India, Lebanon, Mexico and her esteemed yoga lineage, her current trainings on offer, as well as a funny story about international travel!


Find Sissy Gonzalez!
IG: @sissygonzalezyoga @amalayogastudio
Web: www.amalayogastudio.com



Transcript: (Coming Soon!)


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