Spice Up Office Breaks with Swing Yoga

Spice Up Office Breaks with Swing Yoga

Oftentimes, we find ourselves unknowingly staring into space on a rather stagnant office afternoon. It might be okay, especially if you do not have any more pending work, but the thing is, you have always got a ton of it!

Now, what must you do? One of the first things that might probably come to your mind is getting yourself a cup of good coffee for a kick of caffeine. Although it is very effective, as we all know, you have already been drinking too much for the last few days!

But hey, we have an idea:



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Try spicing up your office breaks with Swing Yoga!

There is definitely nothing better than a company that caters well to its employees, particularly about their well-being outside of work. Now that we are working, getting rejuvenated has never been more important in order for us to stay fit and do our jobs efficiently.

If you are an employer and you are looking for a way to give your constituents some fun and fitness, if they want to, then we highly recommend getting them into aerial yoga!

Also, if you are an employee and would like to recommend the practice to your boss for everyone’s benefit, then we encourage you to raise the idea at your next productivity meeting.


Do office breaks really make a difference?

We think we can all agree that we all have the same answer to that.. YES!

According to Michigan State University, employees can get a lot of benefits by having breaks during the workday, and this can include light exercise:

  • Increases productivity
  • Improves mental health and well-being
  • Employees feel more valued by their organization if they promote taking breaks
  • Increases job satisfaction
  • Restores focus and attention, especially for long-term goals
  • Can prevent decision fatigue
  • Increases creativity
  • Promotes healthy habits
  • Movement breaks are helpful for emotional and physical health
  • “Rest” helps consolidate memories and improves learning


Yet, some employees still would rather work throughout their break hours if their load is quite heavy. Sadly, this practice may lead to higher stress levels and may burn you out more easily.

As an employee, it is also important to look after yourself despite the workload that you have. It sounds easy to say right now but we also agree that it is hard to do. There would truly be times when the deadlines are literally deadlines, paper work is piling up, and the best way to get through it all is sacrificing the supposed time dedicated to yourself.

Probably the best advice that we can give is to remember that you have a life outside of work. Yes, you love your job and it provides for all of your needs — but it should not be at the expense of your health!

If we were to incorporate office breaks with swing yoga, the results would be astounding.


As employers, it is important that you also encourage your workers to take some time for themselves, even if it is still within the vicinity of the workplace. Along with that comes the responsibility of providing it for them.

This might come in the form of a designated area to taking office breaks with swing yoga in you have the space to hang a few aerial hammocks in a private setting, or even just membership subscriptions to the local aerial yoga studio around the corner, incorporated into your staff salary packages.

A reasonable workload goes a long way. Not only have you helped them get a breather, but you’ve also ensured a more productive, stable, and healthy working environment for everyone! Isn’t that what we all aim for?


What is Aerial Yoga?

Aerial yoga is a practice that stemmed from when a former gymnast searched for a way back into fitness, starting with basic stretches, yoga asanas traditionally done on the floor, and with a ton of creativity, imagination, and a passion for fitness and maybe the arts as well, the practice was born.

Passed through generations and generations, we can all agree that yoga has a good pedigree and is a trusted exercise for all regardless of age, size, and gender.

Although some people may find the traditional yoga hard since with it, you should be able to hold your own weight up a majority of its poses and you have to be flexible as much as you can. Surely you will develop those over time, with religious practice, but if you are looking for a modification that is good for beginners, then you are in the right article.

Office Breaks with Swing YogaAs we said, aerial yoga caters to all — even working adults! In this practice, you do not really need to exert so much energy since the flows that are more appropriate for office settings are those that harness the energy and bring your focus back in line. Plus it can be a lot of fun, perfect to perk you up for the afternoon!


Your yoga swing or aerial hammock will provide the support that you need all throughout the workout sessions. With this, you will be able to stretch more fully, breathe more clearly, and work with more motivation, all done on your own or with your office-mates.


What can I get from doing Swing Yoga?

Aside from the benefits that we already know if we do traditional yoga, here are the things that you can achieve from doing its leveled-up and modified version, Swing Yoga:

Relieves back pain

Sitting for long hours at your desk takes a toll on your body, particularly your back. With the support of the yoga swing providing a gentle stretch to your body through simple poses, such as inversions for spinal traction, relieving tension in your back muscles is easy.

Better breathing

Office Breaks with Swing Yoga - Aerial Upward Shoulders PlankThere are certain poses in aerial yoga that targets opening the chest and improving one’s breathing. Working for continuous hours is exhausting, even when you think that you are just sitting and typing and writing.

Aerial versions of the cat-cow pose, warrior pose, and dove pose, to more complex ones like inverted plank pose and vampire pose, aim to open up your chest area gently allowing for clearer and easier respiration.

Pose to checkout: Aerial Upward Shoulders Plank!

Outlet for Stress

Well, we cannot deny the super stressful work days!

Everybody must have gone through several stressful work days in their lives. As we said earlier, it is important to have an outlet from the stresses of your work, but if you can not really leave the premises, hopefully you can propose it to your employer.

Taking office breaks with swing yoga can help to relive stress and as an employer, its in your best interest to provide a solution, because doing so not only increases productivity in the workplace but fosters an environment that is, at least kind to everyone.

Fitness Fun!

Aerial yoga is guaranteed a fun activity! And not just that, introducing aerial yoga to the workplace could encourage your people to get into fitness without having to sacrifice a lot of their time going someplace else.

An aerial yoga studio in the office? Health breaks? Dedicated time for exercising? Sounds good to us!


A curative and nourishing workplace for everyone.

Spice Up Office Breaks with Swing Yoga - ExerciseWe have said this before and we will say it again: Investing in exercise is a big step towards improving your overall health and increasing your productivity.

Moving even for a little while every day just to ensure that you are not being too stagnant helps your body grow and cope better with your everyday life. Exercising helps you build your resiliency, making it possible for you to go through strenuous work days with minimal repercussions.

At Gravotonics we not only that we provide you with the highest-quality equipment, but also promote curating, nourishing and fostering mindfulness for everyone. We uphold the promise of aerial yoga that caters to all, so in this practice we make sure that no one is left behind through our inclusive products, vision and advocacies.

In a workplace, there is maybe an unspoken rule for most to just keep things to themselves and do your job and your job alone. But how will we be able to make a change if we won’t even try a little?

The simple gesture of exercising and spending some quiet and peaceful time with your officemates could be the bridge for you to build better relationships and work dynamics!


The Gravotonics Pledge

If you visit our website, you can head on to our journal publications to know more about how can aerial yoga be of help to you, your family and friends, your community, and like we said, even your workplace!

Spice Up Office Breaks with Swing Yoga - Gravotonics Yoga SwingsWe deem it most important that our workers are well and are getting the proper recognition that they need that is why we pride ourselves on our products that are ethically made by Bali artisans!

You are not only getting authentic goods but experiencing authentic talent as well.

Our products are made to last you a very long time, a very long time of being fit all at your own body’s reach.

All you have to do is trust us, follow your instructor and schedule religiously, and do your best.

This practice has been going on for years and years now and there are already thousands — if not millions — testimonies of how aerial yoga be a catalyst to their various fitness journeys!

Be a part of the aerial yoga community now! Connect with us!


What are you waiting for?!

Once the “bell rings”, stand up and take your eyes off the screen and papers that you’ve been staring at for the entire day!

Slip into some light workout clothes and take off those shoes or heels that you have been dreaming of taking off since you came into the office. Do some initial stretching, and warm-ups, and go start flying!

As a good employer, this might be your chance to foster a connection with your people! Learn how to move, breathe, and be in sync with them through aerial yoga sessions.


Office Breaks with Swing Yoga FAQs

When is the best time to do aerial yoga?

Considering that you are in the office and are working from 7 am to 5 pm, the best hours that we recommend are either at 7 am before starting your work for a kick start of good energy, after lunch to ready yourself to fight off the sleepy afternoons, or as the day is winding down before punching out of work.

This is my first time. What can I do to make it easier?

The best thing you can do is a thorough warmup session. Make sure that your body is ready and well aware that it is about to do an exercise. This is especially if you have been sitting for hours. In any exercise, it is essential to do a warmup first before anything else so that you will reduce the chances of shock to your body or injuries.

Should we get an Aerial Hammock or Yoga Swing?

It totally depends! We recommend yoga swings for beginners since it has three levels of handles that will be of additional support, while a basic aerial hammock would also be great if you are only aiming for simple poses.

The Yoga Swing can actually be converted into a hammock that you can use for lounging, reading reports, or a quick nap if permitted! Just simply unfasten the handles and there you have it! Also, you can forego your aerial yoga session and do a quick TRX style resistance training workout, just by using the handles!

Where should we set up?

In our opinion, the best aerial yoga setup is in an area that is well-lit, maybe near a window, and well-ventilated.

You should also consider the space where you will be moving as well as the spacing of the yoga swings from each other. If it is possible, give a big gap with each so that the people who will use it will be much more comfortable executing poses. These factors contribute a lot to the outcomes of your practice. Find an area that just screams ~zen~

Can we wear our work clothes to practice?

Yes, but we do not really recommend it. Work clothes could be restricting especially with inversion poses, standing poses, and other complex poses that you will surely encounter. So, we really do advise that you keep a set of clothes that are well-fitting, light, and easy to move with when you practice aerial yoga.

Should we get an instructor?

If you have the means, then definitely! You could arrange a professional to come by the office once a week or so for a scheduled time to guide your team and help you adjust to your own individual capabilities. They will surely help you make your yoga swing a new-found friend.





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