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Please see our Installation Guide for more information on yoga swing installation.

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Using Your Swing

MAINTENANCE: Machine wash separately in cold water. Line dry.

Spray and wipe with sanitizing spay often to avoid the spread of viruses and bacteria.

Visit here to learn more suggestions for yoga swing care.

Regularly check for damage to prevent breakage & injury. No Sharp Objects.

SAFETY: PLEASE BE CAREFUL! We take no responsibility for your use of this product.

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Product Details

Many customers ask what the difference is between our yoga swings and others found on the market.

Our swings are authentically hand made in Bali. The quality and safety in unmatched and is trusted by professional fitness centers and yoga studios the world over.

There are many yoga swing products and brands to choose from, however they are mass produced in China with inferior quality materials and do not have the heart and authentic feel that ours do.

There are several key differences between the Gravotonics Yoga Swing and other swings sold on the market.

To learn more about what sets us out in front, see our Yoga Swings information page for a complete overview.

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The aerial hammock refers to the basic hammock which forms the middle hammock section of the yoga swing but comes without any handles included.

This is preferred by some aerial yoga practitioners and is perfect for most applications…

However the yoga swing is the full featured product including the aerial hammock and a set of 2 handles (6 foam grips), which allows for greater versatility, diversity of poses and easier maneuverability.

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We send all retail orders via Express post/courier services direct from Danpasar, Bali.

Kantor Pos Indonesia: This will connect to your country’s own domestic postal service when the product arrives to your home country.

UPS Global – A leading courier service providing door to door deliveries.

For wholesale/light bulk orders we offer UPS/DHL/FEDEX courier or Airfreight/Seafreight options depending on your needs. Please get in touch with us and we can organize shipping quote on your behalf.

We provide tracking details for all deliveries.


PLEASE NOTE: Yoga swing frame is sent directly from our supplier locations (UK/EU/US) via different shipping providers and may be slight delays in dispatch and shipping times.

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You are fully protected by our 100% Money Back Guarantee.

If you find a manufacturing or parts fault upon receiving your item, we’ll gladly refund your money!

Simply notify us and include proof of fault within 60-days.

If you prefer for missing or damaged parts, we can also offer part refund and/or arrange to send out the replacement part at no cost to you.

For more information about refunds/returns – Please see our Quality Guarantee page.

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Yes. We offer a 10-Year Warranty on materials and workmanship for all retail orders.

We check our swings thoroughly before we send them out; however if something faults within 10 years, let us know immediately, and we will send a refund/replacement out right away.

Our guarantee for manufacturing defects does not include normal wear and tear, or parts damaged due to to abnormal or careless use.

Please Note: 5-Year limited warranty applies for wholesale/light bulk yoga studio orders.

For more warranty information – Please see our Quality Guarantee page.

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It depends on your country and the size of your order.

In most cases you will not have to pay any duties and taxes to receive your deliveries, and if so, for most small orders it is just a small fee. Europe is notorious for charging import fees. Please check with the relevant government agency in your location.

For larger orders (Light-Bulk) there will often be duties and taxes payable, and depending on the airfreight service you choose, however we will disclose this to you upon ordering.

If you are unsure, please contact us and we’ll be happy to confirm this for you.

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