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Supercharge Your Workouts with The Suspended Plank

Everyone knows the Plank. It looks dead easy right, but oh no, once you start holding plank position for even 30 seconds you start to feel it! The full body benefits of the plank make it a go to low impact exercise and many body weight conditioning classes will have you doing several throughout the session. Body-weight exercises are certainly gaining more recognition for their simplicity and practicality, and planks are one form of body-weight exercise that stands above the rest. (more…)
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Is Aerial Yoga Safe?

"Is aerial yoga safe you ask..." I’m sure there are many of you out there that think aerial yoga looks scary and dangerous. Of course as with any kind of physical exercise it poses some risk of injury. So what are the risks associated with aerial yoga? Let’s go over some things and help to calm your doubts and worry! Aerial yoga is a safe form of exercise for practically everyone. (more…)
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What is Aerial Yoga?

As traditional yoga has branched out over the years into many contemporary forms, we find people are asking more and more, what is aerial yoga? Modern yoga is generally more fitness focused and the popularity has grown significantly in the west along with this progression. The benefits of yoga are well known to those that practice regularly. Even those that don’t are generally aware that it good for us in many ways. Aerial yoga is part of this movement of fitness based yoga styles bringing diversity and additional benefits to your practice. (more…)
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The Importance of Daily Stretching

Why is Daily Stretching Important? We always hear from fitness coaches or other health experts about daily stretching and encouraging people to stretch before exercise. You may think that it is not necessary unless you are performing elite level sports, however, we all need to stretch in order to preserve our mobility and independence. Even if you are not planning on exercising vigorously, it is still important to stretch daily in order to enjoy the health benefits. (more…)
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3 Yoga Swing Positions to Ease Lower Back Pain

All Too Common The lower back is an area that often gets painful for many of us at some point in our lives and we have 3 yoga swing positions to help. Your lower back supports the whole upper body, so taking care of it is kind of important. Whether we have to sit a lot during the day or whether we move a lot, bending and picking up heavy or awkward items - the lumbar region can get affected. Sitting less, moving more, stretching and strengthening the back goes a long way to preventing pains from developing. (more…)
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