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How To Start Aerial Yoga

Increasing Interest in Aerial Yoga Workouts Getting started with aerial yoga may feel a little intimidating, unlike its floor-based cousin, aerial yoga workouts can seem a little more extreme. For many people, the idea of getting into a yoga trapeze is a whole world away from practicing on the mat and so people want to know how to start aerial yoga. But in reality, it's quite simple to get started with aerial yoga and provided that you have the right equipment and the right mindset, you'll likely find it a very beneficial addition to your yoga practice. Whether you want to move from the mat into the air or whether you are completely new to yoga and want to start with the anti-gravity version, this article will help you to understand how to start aerial yoga. (more…)
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The How And Why Of The Yoga Trapeze

Curious About The Yoga Trapeze? Our fast-paced modern lives often don't leave very much time to relax, work out or simply spend time alone, but it couldn't be more important to take time for yourself to do these things. There are a lot of ways that you can achieve relaxation and give your body the boost of energy it needs through a home yoga routine and one of the best ways to do this is by installing the yoga trapeze. Yes, traditional yoga on the mat provides many benefits but when you throw a yoga swing into the mix, you've got a versatile workout that is on a completely different level. (more…)
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5 Best Yoga Trapeze Poses To Improve Posture

Improve Your Posture With Aerial Yoga Nobody can deny the fact that yoga - both aerial and on the mat has an excellent range of health benefits and one of the great things about aerial yoga is that it is accessible to a wide range of people thanks to its anti-gravity nature and an excellent selection of yoga trapeze poses. For many people, getting on the mat isn't as easy as they'd like but taking part in a yoga trapeze workout can be much easier for those who find flexibility a problem. One of the many benefits of hopping into your aerial yoga swing is that your posture stands to be greatly improved. (more…)
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Safety Tips For Hanging A Yoga Trapeze

Installing A Yoga Swing Safely For many people, the idea of aerial yoga is new and exciting, especially after they have been practicing on the mat for such a long time, however, one of the most important things to remember when starting your at-home aerial yoga workout is that you will be taking advantage of vastly different equipment - for the most part, hanging a yoga trapeze or aerial hammock. These pieces of equipment are essential components to your anti-gravity yoga routine, without them, you wouldn't be able to practice, however, if they are not correctly installed, it could spell disaster. (more…)
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Aerial Yoga For Women – Pregnancy & Periods

Aerial Yoga for Women One of the most wonderful things about any type of yoga, including aerial yoga, is that it is a completely inclusive activity. Although we are beginning to see a shift in the athletic world, making various male-dominated sports more available to women, there is still a clear divide. This is why Aerial Yoga for women is fantastic! When it comes to an aerial yoga workout, anyone is welcome. However, as with anything that involves an intense physical hit, there are some conditions that may not be suitable for people thinking of jumping into the yoga swing - but is being pregnant or on your period one of them? (more…)
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