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Self-Isolation: 5 Simple Exercises for Your Home Workout!

These are quite scary and uncertain times we are living in and our heart goes out to those directly affected by the coronavirus. If you are one of the many gym-goers looking for ways to keep fit without leaving the house due to covid-19, here are five exercises for your home workouts during self-isolation.. (more…)
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5 Yoga Swing Poses for Beginners

Do you identify as a fitness or yoga newbie and want to explore aerial yoga with some yoga swing poses to get you started? Whichever your rhythm, the following aerial yoga swing workout for beginners should definitely be added to your routine. This hybrid workout, also known as anti-gravity yoga, is the modern take on yoga. It has been proven to not only improve your health but also the impression on your Instagram followers. Doing this will: Strengthen postural alignment fibers and muscles Increase blood fluidity and body agility Spinal decompression Develop upper body (more…)
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Aerial Yoga: 7 Little-Known Benefits

The Latest Fitness Trend! Yoga has been around for thousands of years, although it may surprise you to learn about Aerial Yoga also known as anti-gravity yoga, which is a more recent phenomena. You may have discovered this latest fitness trend on Instagram by coming across stunning photos of yogis doing your favorite yoga asanas in mid-air #aerialyoga - hanging from a colourful aerial hammock or yoga swing and wondered what the benefits are from aerial yoga... (more…)
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