Yoga Swing Installation Guide


This yoga swing installation guide is provided for information purposes only.

Gravotonics is not responsible for the installation of your swing or any potential injury which may arise from faulty installation.

Please seek the help of a professional if you are unsure of any of these steps. Thank you.

The yoga swing installation is relatively straightforward…


To Hang from Existing Exposed Beams:

You will need:
  • A tape measure

  • Daisy Chains

  • An additional set of strong adjustment straps if required

  • A ladder or chair

  • O Rings or brackets (optional)

  • Suitable drill + drill bits

Firstly, select a safe spot where there is at least 1 meter of space in all directions. This is the minimal amount but more space is ideal.

Fig 1
Fig 2

Hang your Yoga Swing Indoors

In the living room or bedroom is a great place or even in a doorway using a locking doorway pull-up bar.

Hang your Yoga Swing Outdoors

Outside or under the porch or roof is an ideal location for the Swing. A tree branch also makes a great beam.

The beam must be sturdy and strong enough to support your weight (not weakened by termites or knots etc).

Test the strength of the beam if necessary. You will need at least a 4×4 or 2×6 (2×4 is not strong enough).

If needed have a professional reinforce the entire length of the beam.. Safety first!

Now that you have found a strong beam you will need two points of suspension, shoulder width apart.

HOOKS and/or STRAPS SHOULD BE INSERTED and/or HUNG 60cm to 80cm (24” to 32” inches) APART.

If wrapping the straps over a beam thread one end of the straps through the loop on the other end. Pull tight.. (see Fig 1 and Fig 2 above)

(Be sure to place a cloth over the beam where the daisy chain drapes over, because the strapping may become worn, causing failure without this cloth.)

Optionally you can install two ceiling plates or eye bolts (O-Ring Hooks) and attach the straps by threading though or using carabiners – (See figure 1 below…)

If you are using a ceiling plate make sure it is placed in the center of the beam so all four screws go cleanly into the beam.


To Install in through the Ceiling:

You will need:

  • A tape measure

  • A ladder or chair

  • A Stud Finder is ideal

  • Suitable drill + drill bits

  • Brackets and fittings

It’s best to use “O” Rings to insert in to the wooden ceiling beams through the plaster board. (An 8mm thick or ¼” thick steel “O” Ring of 8cm or 3” long with a wood screw tip ). These are available at local building supply stores.

Use a stud finder to locate a beam in your ceiling. If you do not have one, you may need either attic access or even expose the beam.

The same applies, installing the hooks or brackets 60cm to 80cm (24” to 32” inches) apart.

O rings

Check this video out for tips..


To Install into a Concrete Ceiling:

For a concrete ceiling or beams you will need to insert the “O” rings (as per Fig 2 below) using a masonry drill. These are also available at your local building supply store.

Here are two videos that can help explain drilling and securing O rings into concrete. [Video 1][Video 2]

O rings

The Ceiling Height

If you have a standard height ceiling, you can just attach directly to the ceiling mounts, however it is advised no matter what height your ceiling, to always use the daisy chain adjustment straps, as it affords the greatest level of height adjustability.

With the daisy chains you would pass the chain through the ceiling plate and then back through the largest loop of the chain and pull it tight.

Your swing arrives hooked and ready to go. Attach your swing to your trapeze, daisy chains, or rope and start swinging!

For a good starting height on a basic swing attach the hooks to your daisy chains or rope around 7 ft off the ground. As you use your swing you will learn what a good height is for you.


Fully Adjustable

There are numerous adjustable positions/heights where you may clip the Swing handles.

Fig 3a
Fig 3b

The saddle and handle hooks DO NOT have to be in the same section of the straps. They can be adjusted to different heights according to the exercise/pose you are practicing.

You may enjoy experimenting yourself.

Also, the hooks do not have to be in the same section on each strap on either side. One can be higher or lower than the other as long as they are at the right height for what you are undertaking.

The lowest position is nice for floor work – stretching the lumbar area or doing inverted shoulder stands.



For inversions, its best to trial to get the right height that suits.

The Swing saddle hanging free should be just above the crease of butt level or 15cm or 4″ below the crest of your hip.

When doing a full inversion your head should be free of the floor. Adjust hooks either up or down in the straps to the correct height.

Try one test inversion to ensure there is at least 10cm space between your head and floor.

Fig 4a

Please Note: Every home and set-up is different. So please be safe and consult a professional. Check your adjustment straps regularly as they can become worn over time, and with continued use, could cause them to break.

Yoga Swing Installation FAQ

How do you hang a yoga swing?

Yoga swings are quite versatile and can be hung using daisy chains over a tree branch, a yoga stand, in a doorway using a pull up bar or from the ceiling using proper hooks/ brackets. Please follow our installation guide for more details.

How do you secure a yoga swing to the ceiling?

It really depends on the ceiling. If it is through plaster board into timber beams, then a simple O-Ring type screw hook or multi-point bracket will usually do. However for concrete ceilings, you need to use proper hammer drill with a masonry drill bit as well as expansion screws. Please see our installation guide for more information and always consult a professional.

How far apart should hooks be for yoga trapeze?

General rule of thumb is to have the “O” rings inserted in to your ceiling beam 60cm to 80cm apart (shoulder width). Please check the installation instructions on our website for further reference.

How do you hang a yoga trapeze from a tree?

The two daisy chain straps, which are included with the swing are simply hung over the tree branch at about shoulder width apart and at the length you need. Then hook the swing fittings through the appropriate loops on each daisy chain.

How do you hang yoga trapeze in a doorway?

The easiest way is to tie a sturdy knot in one end of both daisy chains, then hang them over the door shoulder width apart and close the door so that the knotted ends can not pull through. Then hook the swing on to the daisy chain loops at the height you want. However, the best way is to buy a doorway mount/ pull up bar and install into the door frame. Then attach your swing in the usual fashion.