Gravotonics Aerial Yoga Swing Training Courses

Interest in the Yoga Swing is increasing at an incredibly fast rate all over the world and Gravotonics invite you to participate in one of our Yoga Swing Training Workshops.

Call it what you will.. Aerial Yoga, Inversion Yoga, Anti-Gravity Yoga, Swing Yoga or Yoga Trapeze – it is suitable for experienced Yogis and complete novices alike!

Come and learn how to practice your yoga asanas using the yoga swing!

Beginner Yoga Swing Training or Yoga Swing Teacher Training

Come and learn how to use the most fun, innovative, versatile and hottest piece of equipment on the market today.

Or if you are wanting to teach others, our teacher trainings are intensive yet fun courses where you will learn how to use and teach group and private classes in a safe, professional, enjoyable and effective manner.

Upon successful completion, you will be able to use and teach this apparatus for various applications and the training is appropriate for Yoga Teachers & Practitioners, Health & Medical Professionals, Fitness Instructors, Personal Trainers & Sports Professionals, Massage Therapists & Body Workers, Rehabilitation & Physical Therapy Professionals.

You can choose to attend a course in whichever application you prefer or better still, a combination of all one of our Combo Training courses.

Take your yoga practice to a new level!

The Gravotonics Aerial Yoga Swing will take your practice to a new level and enable you to maintain and move more deeply into a Yoga Asana, hold postures for a longer duration without strain, relieve discomfort, strengthen, develop stamina, correct breathing and alertness and most importantly, assist in alignment in Yoga Asanas.

TRX & Red Cord are new on the scene, but we at Gravotonics offer the original product with the most professional and experienced teachers in the world who have been teaching and using the swing for many, many years. In actual fact, some of our Teachers have participated in other Training courses currently being offered and have found them to be lacking in content and conducted by inexperienced instructors. Why bother?

Forget the rest, come and join THE BEST…..

Gravotonics Yoga
Gravotonics Yoga
Gravotonics Yoga

Aerial Yoga Swing Training Workshops


We conduct two separate 16 hour training workshops, an “Introductory” and a “Teacher Training” – each run over 2 days.. Or you can enroll in both together for a full 32 hour training run over 4 days and complete the intro and teacher training all at once!

The extra 16 hrs within the teacher training is required to enable participants to conduct Swing classes in the future and students will be assessed and a Certificate issued following successful completion.

You must have completed the Introductory Workshop to be eligible to participate in the Teacher Training.

*Please Note: Further consolidation and practice of techniques taught in the teacher training is highly recommended prior to instructing others.

Gravotonics Yoga
Gravotonics Yoga

Please contact us for specific information about any upcoming trainings listed below and we will send you out an information pack which will include the dates/itinerary, prices and how to book and so on!


We have some things in the works.. Info to come 2020!




Gravotonics Yoga

Course Outline:

These Workshops incorporate the technical aspects of using the Gravotonics Yoga Swing

Classical poses are taught. Poses are static. The use of the Yoga Swing provides support for perception, direction, alignment to improve and deepen practice developing further strength and flexibility including:

  • Inversions and arm balances
  • Approach to sequencing
  • Isolation for alignment in standing poses
  • Inversions and arm balances
  • Seated, inverted and standing poses
  • Safety and modifications
  • Partner work
  • Working 1:1
  • Language and facilitation
  • Relaxation – forward bends
  • Installation
  • Setting up a class room for group classes
  • Incorporating the swing into existing practice

Intro to therapeutics:

  • Restorative and Therapeutic yoga using the swing
  • Modifications for injuries


Your Teacher


Karen Finck

Karen is from Australia and has been practicing yoga since 1989 and began teaching in 1997. She is a Level Certified Teacher, a Member of the Australian Yoga Teachers Association and Iyengar Yoga Teachers Association.

Karen has studied with one of Australia’s most senior and well respected Iyengar Yoga teachers, Peter Scott; and has also studied different lineages of yoga, as well as Thai Massage and Physiotherapy over the years.

Karen incorporated the Swing to develop perception, knowledge and alignment of body, mind and spirit in to her personal Yoga practice almost 15 years ago, and was offered the opportunity to work in conjunction with Gravotonics to develop this knowledge into a teaching role.

Through use of the Yoga Swing in the classical poses as set by Patanjali, Karen demonstrates how students can unlock areas of their practice, realign, strengthen and open to a new deeper experience within Asanas using the Swing.

This practice is a serious art and not simply a “flying yoga” gimmick!

Karen has taught Yoga Swing Training Workshops in many countries around the world! She is passionate about the gifts yoga can bring to improve the quality of one’s life and how the Swing used as a prop can enhance the execution of Asanas.