Swing Yoga For The Mind: Calming and Collecting

Swing Yoga for the Mind Calming and Collecting

Are you tired after a long day and want to take your mind off things? Or maybe you are indeed tired but still somehow full of energy and need to blow off steam so you can get to sleep?

Are you looking for a quick and inexpensive break from the hustle and bustle of the world? You might already know the answer and yes, it is exercising. But! It’s not just exercising that you will discover here, we’ll be discussing Yoga.

Oh wait, it’s just Yoga? Alas! It’s not “just” yoga—it’s Aerial Yoga.

Since we are already familiar with the usual yoga, poses such as mountain pose or tadasana, the warrior poses, cat-cow pose or marjaysana to bitilasana, and others ranging from beginners to intermediate, it’s time for you to learn and explore another yoga variation that will surely lift you up to the next level.


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But before we start with the poses and flow you can do when it comes to Swing Yoga for the Mind, let us first have a rundown of what you will need.


Getting the right Aerial Equipment

First, of course, is a yoga hammock. A yoga hammock is made from a strong fabric meaning tear-proof and is best for the activity. It is attached through its specific aerial hardware. Since it is a hammock, you can also use it even when not doing yoga.

Cozy up and get yourself a book, or even a cup of your favorite drink! It is multi-purpose and definitely a great investment to look into especially since it will help in your overall well-being.

Another variation of a yoga hammock is an upgraded one often called a yoga swing. This version comes with handles that will allow you to perform more complex asanas, practice resistance training, and just overall give you the best gravity-defying experience.

Aerial yoga can be dangerous if done with poor-quality equipment. We aim for you to get relaxation here and not more headaches. Get the original and best Bali Yoga Swings now at Gravotonics!

Other than the equipment themselves, it is also recommendable that you use clothing that is specifically for yoga or anything that is comfortable and will not get in the way of the activity. Our purpose here is to achieve total concentration and to be calm. We don’t want you to feel uncomfortable all throughout the flow.

It will only be a distraction and the whole mission of achieving peace of mind is just useless. Find good-fitting, stretchable, and if possible, airy workout clothes for you. Remember, you feel good about yourself when you also feel good about what you wear.

Since this activity involves you being suspended in the air, we really recommend having a professional install your aerial hammock or yoga swing for you.


Picking the right Yoga Space

May it be at work or at home, but usually home, picking the right place where you will install your yoga hammock is vital. You have to choose a space that gives you and projects tranquility. It can be near a window so there is a source of natural light, it can also be outside, on the porch or a gazebo, or even just in your own bedroom—wherever works for you best.

When picking your place to do swing yoga for the mind, you also have to ensure that there is enough space for you to move so we can avoid injuries and flow disruptions. But if you’re still not sure about the entire thing, you can always try it out in a gym that offers this certain exercise.

It is also a great option since it can be very difficult at first so it’s nice to have a trainer to spot and teach you the right ways of maneuvering yourself on a yoga hammock. Just take it slow. When you feel like it is for you, then that’s the time when you invest. Keep in mind, investing in improving yourself and its outcomes is something no one can ever take away from you.

Doing aerial yoga without proper research and guidance could be dangerous. We suggest getting a professional before advancing to the more intermediate level of the activity.


Beginner Aerial Yoga Positions For You To Try

Below are some of the best beginner-friendly aerial yoga poses and easiest swing yoga for the mind we handpicked for you to try.

Remember, it is absolutely okay if you cannot execute a pose just yet. You’ll become more flexible over time. These poses do not require that much effort and just your willingness. Are you ready?


  1. Aerial Side Leg Lift

Swing Yoga for the Mind - Aerial Side Leg LiftWith your yoga hammock, lie on your right side on the mat and insert your legs into the hammock. Then, assume a side plank position by lifting your trunk up, your right arm also holding you up, and with your elbow just below your shoulder.

Tighten your core and buttocks in. Then, raise your left leg straight while squeezing your glutes in.

Remember to breathe as you lift and lower your leg. Do this for a minute and repeat on the other side. Or, you can do your other side for the next set.


  1. Aerial Table Top Pose

Swing Yoga for the Mind - Aerial Table Top PoseFrom the last pose, slowly transition to a tabletop position. Do not move hastily, yoga is not about the speed and number of reps. Then, take one of your legs out of the hammock and kneel it on the floor.

You should now be in a tabletop position with one of your legs hanging in the hammock. This is a good stretch for tired legs and back. You can stay in this pose for up to a minute so you can savor the stretch. Do the same for the other side.


  1. Aerial One-Leg Cat-Cow Pose

Retaining the last pose, start doing the usual cat-cow movements but with one of your legs still hanging from the hammock. Tuck your tailbone and chin when you arch your back out and inhale, and exhale once you arch your back in and raise your head and lower back out.

Do this for a good minute. If you want to do the other side, of course, you may. Just be sure to transition slowly and do not rush yourself.


  1. Aerial Frog-Cobra Pose

Swing Yoga for the Mind - Aerial Frog-Cobra PoseSlowly lower yourself onto the mat. Take your knees apart but keep your feet together, forming something like a triangular or diamond shape, or a frog’s feet when they swim (hence the name). Both of your feet should now be inserted in the hammock.

Then, like a cobra pose, put your arms in front of you and slowly push yourself up stretching your abdomen and inner thighs.

Make sure to keep your knees grounded.

You can tilt your head up a little for a more satisfying stretch. Stay in this pose for 30 seconds up to a minute. Remember not to push yourself too hard and just keep breathing.


  1. Aerial Sphinx Pose

From the last pose, gently lower yourself down on the mat then straighten back your legs, both still inserted in the hammock. Then, with your arms folded at about ninety degrees on your side, resting on your forearms, rise your upper body up, as if a sphinx statue.

Feel the stretch on your lower and middle back as well as your legs. Practice proper breathing and stay in this pose for a minute.


  1. Aerial Thunderbolt Pose Side Arm Bend

Now, assume a sitting position. Insert your right arm in the hammock. Then, using the same arm, slowly reach above your head, towards your left along with your body. This pose stretches the sides of your body and your shoulders. Use your other arm to support the bend.

You can stay in this pose for 20-30 seconds or even up to a minute. Take this flow slowly and let yourself get used to the support the yoga hammock gives. Do this on the other side.


  1. Aerial Supported Camel Neck Pose

Swing Yoga for the Mind - Aerial Supported Camel Neck PoseGet on your knees and keep your back straight up. Adjust your hammock to the level of your neck. Then, insert your head backwards into the hammock.

Your face should now be directed toward the ceiling. Bend your torso backward as well while using your arms as support by reaching for the back of your legs.

This is a very good stretch for the neck, arms, and back. Stay in this pose for a minute before proceeding to the next pose.

Just be slow and gentle when doing this pose, as the neck is delicate.



  1. Aerial Corpse Pose

Swing Yoga for the Mind - Aerial Corpse PoseNow this one is probably going to be one of your favorites. Spread out your hammock and get on it. Yes, on it! Lie down on your back and put yourself in a comfortable position. Stretch your arms above your head as if reaching, as well as your legs.

But! We are still exercising here, so try your best not to fall asleep despite how comfortable this position is. This is one of the most relaxing swing yoga for the mind. Keep breathing and try not to doze off!

From here, you can start again for another set for the other side of your body. Or, if you also feel like doing more, then there is a lot more aerial yoga poses for you to discover!


There are more complex aerial poses such as those that require total suspension like the aerial monkey pose, aerial seal pose, aerial extended mermaid pose, aerial handstand pose, and more which we will surely be tackling on another blog. Connect with us and find a supporting and welcoming yoga community!

These poses are just one of the simplest, good for beginners, and perfect for those who just want a quick and calming timeout either from working, studying, or even for those who want to have a day’s head start or a few good stretches before sleeping. Literally, the possibilities are within your reach in aerial yoga.


Effects & Benefits of Swing Yoga for the Mind

Aerial yoga is not just about the aesthetics and coolness of being able to do it.

Similar to yoga’s principles, it aims to unite the mind, body, and soul through poses and breathing that has different meanings and benefits to various parts of our body plus the experience being suspended gives you. It is a fun and creative activity fit for every age.

A few of the specific benefits one can get from doing aerial yoga are:

  • Having your body suspended is believed to help it open more gently than the usual yoga on the floor.
  • Being suspended can improve your overall balance.
  • Aerial yoga helps decompress joints.
  • You can always start slow and low-intensity options are doable and easy to understand.
  • Aerial yoga promotes the overall betterment of one’s mental health.


Swing Yoga For The Mind

“Just keep breathing.” That’s what most people tell us whenever we are having a hard time or just can’t keep up with the fast-pacing world. A lot of times, we get carried away by the flow that we don’t even know where it would take us, whether good or bad.

We tend to get influenced by the things around us to the point that we also tend to forget what it is that we truly aim for and work for.

So, do not be afraid or hesitate to take even a half-hour break. Stand up from that chair and walk around, stretch, and breathe. There is a similar principle in aerial yoga or even just the classic yoga that we know:

Just keep moving and breathing!

Pause for a while, breathe, allow your body to get used to the pain, and the hardship, and stretch through it. Allow yourself to transcend your limits by keeping a steady breath and taking it one pose at a time. The flows in aerial yoga are not those that will take or carry you away, but those that will let you pave and lead your own way.

The calmness that aerial yoga inhibits in the body can be beneficial to your emotions and even your quality of work. Having a clear, focused, and energized mind while working and studying will definitely let you finish tasks more efficiently and you are just all in all, happy about what you do.

Do not deprive your body of renewal, clarity, calmness, and presence of mind. Try aerial yoga today!





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