Swing Yoga Morning Practice: Tips to Boost Your Routine

Swing Yoga Morning Practice - Tips to Boost Your Routine

A morning aerial yoga practice comes with numerous benefits. It can help to relieve tension and fatigue while enhancing your ability to stay focused throughout the day.

Also, a short swing yoga morning practice can considerably boost your energy levels and your immune system. It can also improve your mood, speed up your metabolism, and enhance your overall health and wellness.

And despite all these great benefits, most people tend to struggle with morning yoga sessions. For instance, some will claim they don’t have enough time to slot in a morning yoga swing practice, while others will claim that they lack the enthusiasm or energy needed for an early morning workout.

So, how do you start a morning practice and sustain it?


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The trick is to come up with a workout that is effective, rewarding, and, most importantly, fun!

Here are some tips that can help to start, sustain and boost your swing yoga morning practice: –


Set Your Goals and Expectations

Having a clear set of goals and expectations will go a long way in helping you to follow up with your morning aerial yoga session.

Without a clear set of goals, you’ll lack the motivation to wake up early, leaving you flustered and out of time.

But while goals and expectations are important, you should ensure they are realistic. If you set them too high, you may end up giving up on your workout, feeling as if you may never achieve them.

On the other hand, if you set them too low, you may end up feeling as if you are not making any progress. And this will eventually kill your motivation altogether.

Simply put, you need to find a balance between expectations and reality when you are setting your goals.

As long as your goals are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-focused, you can rest assured that you will enjoy great success with your swing yoga morning practice.


Prepare the Previous Night

Swing Yoga Morning Practice - Yoga PreparationLike every other activity, your morning antigravity yoga workout will need proper planning. And the best way to plan for it is by starting to prepare the previous night.

Whether you are doing an aerial yoga workout at home or you will be doing your sessions at a local yoga studio, proper preparation is vital. If you will be practicing at home, you should make sure that your equipment is ready.

Also, you should select your workout gear in readiness for the morning session and place it next to your bed. So, when you wake up, you will just put on your gear and start your session right away.

It will be advisable to keep your meal light. Eating a heavy meal the previous night may make you feel uncomfortable and groggy when you wake up. Ensure you sleep early so that your body will be adequately rested for your aerial yoga fitness workout in the morning.


Freshen Up

Taking a shower in the morning or simply splashing your face with cold water will help to refresh your mind and wake up the rest of your body. By the time you start your yoga session, your mind and body will have already switched from a state of sleepiness.

If you will be doing your morning practice at home, then splashing your face with water will be more than enough. On the other hand, if you will be doing your session in a local aerial yoga studio, then you should consider taking a shower.

Taking a shower will leave you feeling clean and refreshed as you practice.


Fuel Your Body

 Photo by Hana Brannigan from PexelsYou may have probably heard that you should exercise on an empty stomach.

However, this may not always apply in all situations. For instance, if you are feeling hungry, working out on an empty stomach will leave you feeling light-headed.

And it may be too distracting, so you may be forced to end your antigravity yoga workout prematurely.

Therefore, it will be advisable to take a light snack or meal before you get on your aerial yoga hammock swing.

The snack can be a banana, protein bar, or smoothie. But regardless of what you choose, make sure it’s easy to digest, light and small. This way, it will keep your body fueled during your workout without leaving you feeling uncomfortable.


Apart from taking a light snack, it will also be advisable to hydrate before you start doing aerial yoga training. A single glass of water before your session will be more than enough to adequately hydrate you to begin with, and then sips throughout.

You can also mix water with fresh lemon juice as your pre-workout drink. Apart from keeping the body hydrated, this mixture will also flush out toxins from your body while helping to maximize your energy levels throughout your yoga swing morning practice.


Go Easy On Yourself

After spending the entire night asleep, your body tends to be stiff in the morning. Therefore, it will not be a good idea to jump straight into demanding workouts.

Instead, you should take it slow, to give your body some time to adjust. For instance, you can set up an alarm to wake up at least 10 to 15 minutes before your workout session begin.

Those 10 or 15 minutes will give your mind and body to adjust before you get on to the yoga hammock swing. You should also start with a warm up before you begin your actual workout.

The warm-up session will get your blood flowing to your muscles and organs, allowing for fuller movement. Also, the short warm-up session will help to minimize the risk of injuries.


Keep Your Session Short

Your morning yoga hammock workout should be short and simple. An ideal session should last for approximately 15 to 30 minutes.

Pushing yourself too hard in the morning may leave you feeling excessively tired and worn out. Consequently, you will find it challenging to complete some of your tasks for the day.

On the other hand, short and simple practice sessions will help to clear your mind and prepare your body for the day ahead.

However, it’s worth mentioning there is no single approach that will work for everyone. Therefore, you simply need to experiment with the duration until you find what works best for you.


Make it Lively

Swing Yoga Morning Practice - Yoga PosesNothing will kill your workout motivation faster than a repetitive routine. If you keep doing the same thing every day, you will get bored.

Eventually, you will no longer look forward to your swing yoga morning practice!

So, you will need to find ways of making your morning session livelier. One of the easiest ways of achieving that is by mixing up the yoga swing poses that you choose each morning.

For instance, you can mix up sun salutations with the downward-facing dog or any other exercise.

The key is to avoid repeating the same exercise for two consecutive days. You can also plan your workout session in a way that you will be doing something different every day.

By varying your exercises, your workout will be more comprehensive over the long term and enjoyable – you will always be looking forward to your morning practice.


Leverage Power Poses

As you plan your exercises for your morning yoga practice, you should also make sure you include a couple of power poses.

Power poses will energize and make you feel confident. They will also boost your happiness and self-esteem throughout the day, thus giving you all the preparation and motivation that you need to tackle the day ahead.

For instance, you can start with some standing yoga poses, which will add strength and energy.

You can also add various warrior poses, which can help to boost your focus and willpower.


Challenge Yourself

Learning how to handle challenges can considerably boost your happiness and your overall quality of life.

Whenever you decide to challenge yourself with various poses, you will begin to view them as part of the learning process and not something that you simply want to get over with.

For example, after doing the beginner poses for a month or two months, you can then proceed to the advanced poses. And the advanced poses may appear hard the first few days.

But as long as you keep applying yourself, you will eventually find yourself doing some poses that you always thought were beyond your reach.

And with this approach, you will not only be challenging yourself, but you will also be laying a strong foundation for your practice.


Swing Yoga Morning Practice

Swing Yoga Morning PracticeA swing yoga morning practice provides one of the best ways of starting your day. It is also an effective means of helping you to attain your health and fitness goals.

As you grow into your practice, you can apply that discipline to other areas of your life, thus making you a well-rounded person.

You simply need to set your goals, choose your preferred place for working out and follow the above tips we’ve provided in this article.





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