How To Stay Active With Aerial Yoga On A Busy Schedule

stay active with aerial yoga

Many people decide to get active with aerial yoga to find a way of getting away from the stresses of modern life. But staying active is hard!

What To Expect From Your First Aerial Yoga Class

Aerial Yoga Beginners

Going to your first aerial yoga class can be somewhat intimidating, but there is nothing to be afraid of, especially if you follow our tips..

Aerial Yoga for Beginners – What to know before your first class

Aerial Yoga for Beginners Downward Dog

Rarely do people go to just one Aerial Yoga for beginners class… Usually after the first, they’re hooked! You’ll find out why when you take the plunge!

How to Choose a Yoga Swing Class

How to Choose a Yoga Swing Class

While you can safely practice aerial yoga at home, it’s highly advisable to start with a Yoga Swing Class, so that you can learn some basics!

Swing Yoga at Home: Benefits & Tips

Swing Yoga at Home

You can still enjoy the benefits of aerial yoga even if you cannot get to classes. Here are some of the benefits of practicing swing yoga at home.

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