Project Flex: Stretching & Flexibility with Swing Yoga

Stretching & Flexibility with Swing Yoga

We’ll talk about all the benefits you can get from stretching and enhancing your flexibility with swing yoga and how it can cater to your needs.

Special Guest Interview: Sissy Gonzalez – MX

Special Guest Interview - Sissy Gonzalez

Check out this awesome interview with pioneer yoga aereo teacher Sissy Gonzalez, and hear about her amazing experiences around the world!

Why Would You Do Swing Yoga & What Sets It Apart?

Why Would You Do Swing Yoga & What Sets It Apart

We will be talking about what really sets the swing yoga practice apart from other yoga styles and what the most significant benefits you can reap!

How To Stay Active With Aerial Yoga On A Busy Schedule

stay active with aerial yoga

Many people decide to get active with aerial yoga to find a way of getting away from the stresses of modern life. But staying active is hard!

Special Guest Interview: Keity Garcia – N.Z.

Special Guest Interview - Keity Garcia

Check out this fantastic interview with wonderful yoga teacher Keity Garcia to hear about the exciting adventures along her yoga journey!

Beyond Flying Yoga Gimmicks

Beyond Flying Yoga Gimmicks

Flying Yoga isn’t just a trendy gimmick! Sure there are many opportunities for fun with this thrilling yoga variation, but its firmly based on tradition.

Common Misconceptions About Swing Yoga

Common Misconceptions About Swing Yoga

Let us help debunk the some misconceptions about swing yoga, especially if you are in the midst of researching the practice of aerial yoga.

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