Restore Your Focus With Aerial Yoga

Restore your focus with Aerial Yoga

If you find yourself fidgeting or staring into space instead of writing a report that is due then take a pause to restore your focus with Aerial Yoga!

How to Choose the Right Yoga Swing

best yoga swing - yoga trapeze

It can be a little daunting to choose the right yoga swing with so many options available. Here is a short guide of what to look out for!

Boost Your Confidence With Aerial Yoga

Boost Your Confidence With Aerial Yoga

You can boost your confidence with aerial yoga and with the involvement of suspension and inversion, it is indeed a new definition of fitness!

Why Do the Biggest Names in Fitness Choose Us?

Fitness First Aerial Yoga

Gravotonics is trusted by some of the best yoga studios and biggest fitness brands around the world for quality yoga swings & aerial hammocks!

Is Aerial Yoga for Me? A Quick Starter’s Guide

Is Aerial Yoga for Me A Quick Starter’s Guide

For those who are quite skeptical and asking themselves “is aerial yoga for me?” we at Gravotonics created this blog entry to help you decide!

What Is the Best Yoga Swing for 2023? A Quick Buyer’s Guide

Best Yoga Swing Buyers Guide 2023

Need to buy a new yoga swing? Check our buyer’s guide for 2023 and learn what your best yoga swing and equipment options are and why!

Swing Yoga For The Mind: Calming and Collecting

Swing Yoga for the Mind Calming and Collecting

It’s time for you to explore the poses and flow you can do when it comes to Swing Yoga for the Mind that will surely lift you up to the next level.

10 Common Misconceptions About Yoga Swings

10 Common Misconceptions About Yoga Swings

Considering aerial yoga is a relatively new form of workout, we’ll go through some common misconceptions about yoga swings to ease your mind.

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