The Benefits of Using A Yoga Swing

Benefits of Using a Yoga Swing
Originally Published On 6/12/2020


If you’ve been wondering what the benefits of using a yoga swing are, you’ve come to the right place! Yoga has been practiced for thousands of years and provides some excellent health benefits along with spiritual and mental advantages.

In the west, it has quickly become a trendy and popular activity, and aerial yoga with a yoga swing now gaining more and more attention, and many people are beginning to take part. If you feel like it is time for you to jump ship and get in with the trend, then read on! We got good things coming your way.

But the question that hangs in the front of everyone’s mind is whether aerial yoga has its own benefits – of course! Its distinction from the traditional yoga also brings up a whole lot of benefits that you never know what your body might be needing.


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In this post, we are going to explore some of the wonderful advantages that practicing swing yoga will bring.


How Does Aerial Yoga Differ From Regular Yoga?

the key benefits of using yoga swingsUsually, yoga is practiced on a yoga mat placed on the floor, but this poses some difficulty for many people, especially beginners or those with mobility issues.

Those with restricted movement or perhaps on the heavier side may find it difficult to get onto the floor and may find their ability to perform certain asanas an impossibility.

With the help of the yoga swing you are supported and it can definitely aid you in getting into the flow.

Aerial yoga takes away some of this stress with its anti-gravity effect, making it a more accessible form of the practice. With the help of the yoga hammock or yoga swing, executing even the most complex poses could not have been easier!

What’s more, aerial yoga incorporates aspects taken from Pilates, acrobatics, and aerial arts as well as traditional yoga making it more versatile for those who find regular yoga somewhat lacking or just too hard.

Through the use of a yoga swing, those taking part can encounter a new, refreshing approach to yoga.


Key Benefits of Using a Yoga Swing

Traditional yoga is known to have a wealth of benefits and is proven to be good for your health and aerial yoga is no exception to this rule with a range of benefits all of its own. You might already be aware about a few of these benefits, but let us dive further.

Let’s take a closer look at what you can expect to see after taking to the yoga swing.


Improved Digestion

As you move and contort the body into various poses, a lot is going on inside. The shapes you create may look impressive on the outside but internally they are gently massaging your organs which in turn, stimulates the digestive system.

For those who struggle with ailments such as indigestion, constipation, or irritable bowel syndrome, aerial yoga can prove particularly beneficial. This is achieved through the gentle stretching of the abdomen.


Better Circulation

It may come as a surprise to learn that regular participation in an aerial yoga class can decrease your chances of developing cardiovascular disease and other heart-related health issues.

The reason for this is that blood can become ‘stagnant’ within the body but when you perform poses associated with this type of yoga, especially inversions, the blood flow is restored.

Additionally, this temporary improvement in circulation can give you an energy boost and improve your focus, making you more productive in your day-to-day life.

Just think about the betterment of the coming days when you start to incorporate aerial yoga to your routine!


Improve Balance

Traditional yoga offers a variety of poses that are designed to work on your balance and aerial yoga may be even more effective at this.

When taking part in this form of yoga, you are working against gravity and this requires you to focus on your ability to remain stable and balanced – ideal for improving in this area.

As we get older, our balance tends to decrease over time, which means that we are more likely to experience trips and falls but practicing balance through aerial yoga may help to prevent this. Remember also that a good balance contributes to a good posture!


Decompress The Spine

One of the best ways to realign the body is through the inversions you perform during aerial yoga practice. These poses will relieve any tension in the spine and decompress it.

For many people, the spine becomes frequently compressed as a result of long periods spent sitting down in the office and whilst it may be a surprise, the simple act of standing can contribute to the spine becoming squashed.

If you are one of those people who have been experiencing chronic back pain and the usual stretching does not help any more, then it is high time you try another remedy!

As you hang upside down, your natural realignment is easily restored, improving posture and making you feel much more comfortable.


Get A Detox

There is a lot of speculation that in order to successfully detox the body, one must eat certain foods and drink plenty of water and whilst this is true, yoga and its aerial form, in particular, can be advantageous for detoxing the body.

This type of yoga is known to effectively detox both the lymphatic system and the circulatory system which, as we mentioned earlier can help to prevent cardiovascular disease.

Combine this with the effect on the lymphatic system and your body will be much more easily able to eliminate toxins leaving you feeling healthier and reducing bloating.

What’s more is that aerial yoga will detoxify your mind, leaving you feeling more relaxed, less stressed, with an overall feeling of contentment. A renewed perspective, you’re ready to get on with the day, come what may!


Fight The Signs Of Ageing

Primarily, any form of exercise will combat those unwanted signs of aging simply because your body is being kept healthy.

You will appear in better physical shape as you get older but also, as a result of the positive effects on the various systems within the body, aging can be effectively slowed down. Your respiratory, cardiovascular, and digestive systems will all be healthier which will prevent age-related problems.

As we get older, it can be easy for the body to become rigid, tight, and in some cases, painful but aerial yoga allows you to put your body into positions that you may not have thought possible.

This is great news for anyone who feels restricted on the yoga mat as aerial yoga will provide you with the support you need to attempt poses you haven’t been previously able to achieve. May it be crane poses, Susan poses, and particularly inverted poses, your yoga swing will be your best-est friend in this activity.

Finally, since aerial yoga has the ability to strengthen the muscles and joints, another of the main benefits of using a yoga swing is your flexibility will be greatly improved.

It is thought that the shoulders and the spine will benefit the most but your overall flexibility will improve and in time, you will begin to notice that it has become a lot easier for you to move around.


Get A Better Night’s Sleep

Many people suffer from insomnia and this can be a life-limiting condition owing to the extreme fatigue that comes alongside it. But there is hope, aerial yoga has been shown to improve the quality of sleep.

When taking part in a regular practice, your muscles will have reduced tension which is known to aid in a night of more restful sleep.

In addition to this, your brain releases serotonin and endorphins whilst performing aerial yoga, these hormones which are associated with feeling happy and relaxed can help your body to stay in sync – allowing you to feel higher energy levels during the daytime and more relaxed when it gets to bedtime.

Some days can be too stressful and we all need an outlet for it. Aerial yoga helps ease down our brain and switch our body on to the recharging phase. It does not all just do that but also recovery.

Spending a big chunk of the day sitting or standing up is totally a pain, unless it is your profession. These long hours deserve the break they needed.


Get A Full Body Workout

health benefits of using yoga swingsHopping into the yoga swing is a great way to target every area of your body. Whether you are looking to improve muscle tone, lose weight, strengthen your joints, or simply stay generally healthy, this type of yoga is ideal for all of these.

During the practice, every one of your muscles has to get to work, in turn, this helps to work out your joints and ligaments which is great for preventing or improving conditions like arthritis.

What’s more, unlike other forms of exercise which require you to focus on one part of the body at a time, aerial yoga forces you to work on various parts all at once.

Improving your muscle tone and core strength are key aspects of traditional yoga and its aerial counterpart which is great news for those looking to improve their overall strength and balance.

A strong core is also important if you want to become better at other sports and we’d say this is one of the most prominent benefits of using a yoga swing.

Many people are of the belief that only sports such as running or HIIT are suitable for targeting weight problems, but aerial yoga provides a gentle yet vigorous approach to burning calories and therefore, losing weight. The usual gym bags could be too big for us when we go to the gym, but in the practice of aerial yoga, all that you kneed is to have a yoga swing or hammock ready and start swinging!

In addition to this, those with severe weight problems may find this type of exercise much easier to take part in, providing even more benefits in this area.


Improve The Brain Function

As you perform the inversions during an aerial yoga workout, the blood flow to the brain is significantly improved, therefore feeding it more oxygen.

As a result of this, the brain is able to work more efficiently giving you better focus, clarity, and memory.

In the short term, this can make you more productive but more importantly, in the long term, it may reduce the chance of neurological conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia commonly associated with age.

Giving your brain a resting phase could help avoid burnout and the negative days we may or may not have caused on ourselves. Since we all know how exercising helps our body produce our endorphins or happy hormones, we can be quite assured that you will be doing better and make more rational decisions for the day.


Connect With Your Spiritual Side

For some people, yoga is simply a way to remain in good health whereas, for others, a connection to their spirituality is one of the main benefits of the practice.

Traditionally, yoga has a deep spiritual link, and by practicing the aerial form you are able to remove the mind from daily stresses and take it to a place of calm and peace.

Being in sync with your main control system contributes greatly to the improvement of your overall well-being. It also helps you ground yourself back.


Yoga Swings.. An Aerial View

With aerial yoga becoming more popular, many people are noting the health benefits of using a yoga swing, especially those that come from regular practice. Not only does it bring about some excellent physical health benefits but it can also improve your mental function and reduce stress levels.

In addition to this, there is a deeply spiritual side associated with yoga, and whilst this isn’t something that appeals to everyone, for those that it does, it can be life-enhancing.

Let us not forget the #FitnessGoals that you will reap with constant practice!

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