Why Do the Biggest Names in Fitness Choose Us?

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Originally Published on 6/17/2020


We at Gravotonics have been hand-making authentic, premium yoga swings and aerial hammocks in Bali since 2003. We’re in our 20th year of business and despite some hiccups, particularly during the height of covid, we’re still going strong!

We have our loyal customers all over the world to thank for that. Today we wanted to shine a light on why our customers are so thrilled and continue to do business with us.


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As the original aerial yoga swing manufacturers, we have enjoyed the popularity of aerial yoga and the yoga swing take off. This trend is only increasing, and we are continuing to grow in step with it.

Please get in touch with us today and we hope we can help you with your aerial yoga equipment needs.


Here’s Why the Biggest Names in Fitness Choose Us…


Get Limitless – Get Gravotonics!

Gravotonics Bali Yoga Swings TeamWe are an ethical, family business based in Bali, and our workshop in Seminyak is run by a dedicated, highly skilled team that have been with us since the beginning, who take pride in excellent craft-work. You can read more about us here.

Firstly, we want to share that it was Kerrie Neal that founded Gravotonics before aerial yoga was even a thing and as aerial yoga became more mainstream with studios opening all over the world, Gravotonics grew organically as a wholesale yoga swing manufacturer and served a majority of these new studios, and continues to do so to this day.

This included many of the most established yoga studios and some of the biggest names in fitness as they branched into offering aerial yoga classes.

Also over time we began supplying our yoga swings to more and more yoga equipment retailers around the world, stocked right alongside other top brands such as Alo, Manduka, Gaiam and so on.

Now however, since Paul Jenkin took ownership over 3 years ago, although continuing to offer wholesale customers, we’re laser focused on reaching more everyday aerial yoga enthusiasts out there who want to get into aerial yoga at home.

As we gain more traction in the retail market we are also growing a wonderful passionate community which we hope you will become a part of! Along with this, we’re slowly building our online reviews and people are sending in more and more pictures, videos and testimonials, which we are so thankful for <3


Customer Focus!!

We are a small team and truly value our customers, and as our customers know we go above and beyond with our service.

From prompt, courteous and transparent communication through to after sales care, we’ve got your back. No matter how big we get we’ll ensure to put our customer’s needs first. We do our best to reply to emails within just hours and work around many time zones, so you’ll often get responses from us even if its midnight here in the office!

For wholesale inquiries, you’ll often receive quotes within a day if not (depending on 3rd-party open hours), and timely invoicing. Once payments are received we have fast lead times for our production, in fact our turn around time is usually less than a week for retail orders and approx. 2 weeks for most wholesale orders.

We offer a 10 Year Warranty for our yoga swings and aerial hammocks for all retail orders and you’re also covered by a 60-day satisfaction guarantee. However, we have never had a product returned in 20 years!

Because of the quality and safety of our products, we are trusted by our vast portfolio of retailers such as EMP Ind. Aust., YogaStore UK., MundoYoga Spain, along with the dozens of yoga studio/gym locations throughout the world to provide equipment for their ongoing aerial yoga classes.

These include, Fitness First throughout Asia and the Middle East – Celebrity Fitness throughout Asia – The Shala Yoga London – Good Karma Studio New York – Breathe Yoga Studio Abu Dhabi – So many we cannot list them all here!

Fitness First Thailand GX Studio Aerial Yoga

Likewise, our testimonials include esteemed yogis and high profile brands attesting to our service and attention to detail. We recently featured 11 expert aerial yoga teachers from all over the earth that use our equipment, exploring their passion and their favourite poses and why!


Design Certification

Garuda Pancasila - Coat of Arms of IndonesiaWe hold the Indonesian Design Certification for the original yoga swing design, making us the only legal manufacturers in Bali.

This certificate also assures our customers that our aerial yoga swing is of the highest standard, quality and safety.

With so many cheap knock off yoga swings now on the market, it is important to know you are getting the original quality product direct from the source.


Highest Quality Materials

We aren’t the cheapest manufacturers on the market, but that is for good reason!

Gravotonics yoga swings and aerial hammocks are made with the highest quality 100% nylon rip-stop parachute fabric.

This material is plush but lightweight and does not rot or mildew. Being rip-stop it is tear resistant and durable. The fabric is easily maintained and simply machine wash in cold water and sanitize with a gentle cleansing spray.

The sling is spacious and comfortable, and after you choose your colour combination, each yoga swing or aerial hammock is handmade, specifically to order, with love, care and attention to detail…

Speaking of colours, we have 16 standard base colours and several specialty colours available. Best thing is you can choose to have a single colour for your yoga swing or aerial hammock, or you can have a dual colour combination.

So you can mix and match and customize them exactly how you want!

Also, while we are mentioning customizations, for studio owners we can provide personalized business branding with custom logo labels printed and stitched onto each item, which really adds a great touch to your studio or gym.

This option is not available for retailers, however if you have a studio/gym and you wish to resell yoga swings to your membership base, we are happy to extend the custom logo label option for all your orders with us.

Our yoga swings and aerial hammocks are triple stitched throughout and we only use the strongest fittings, such as heavy duty 6mm stainless steel s-hooks – ensuring our slings last the test of time.

Don’t go for the cheapo hammocks! You’re trusting it to suspend you off the ground and often hanging upside down. As long as your installation is secure, our equipment will safely hold 440lbs while practicing aerial yoga.

This includes our own tough nylon daisy chain adjustment straps made in house that we supply a pair of with every yoga swing/aerial hammock purchase. At 1.5m long, with 10 loops, they are more than adequate for most studio setups. If you have extra high ceilings or need more adjustability, we recommend purchasing a second set of straps.

While we don’t provide ceiling brackets with our standard packages due to the individual nature of peoples set up (i.e. wood beam, concrete, steel etc etc.) we do have plenty of resources available to guide you. We recommend hiring a professional to assess and install if you are unsure.

Yoga Hammock Fittings

The yoga swings have 2 handles with 3 tiers, each with thick padded grips for added comfort and versatility. These handles help you to manoeuvre into almost any asana imaginable!

Being compact and lightweight allows for easy transport and storage. Let’s not forget that the yoga swing is not only for aerial yoga, and can be used for suspension training workouts just like the TRX system, and for rehabilitation and inversion therapy to ease back pain.

Gravotonics Yoga Swings are finished to superior standards, and each one is subject to a rigorous quality control inspection before we approve it. All threads, piping, and edges are finished off perfectly to avoid any issues and premature wear, and ensure premium quality in look and feel.

So if you are looking for the original and best Yoga Swing on the market, from a dedicated company you can trust, look no further than Gravotonics!



The other big problem with many manufacturers, particularly in China, is the poor standards with waste minimization and control.

We are conscientious of minimizing our impact on the environment, sourcing, manufacturing and recycling as sustainably as possible.

Thankfully our yoga swings and aerial hammocks made to last, so very few end up being thrown out, and also, all the metal and nylon materials are 100% recyclable.

Clean Up BaliFurthermore, we donate 5% of our profits each year to help keep Bali beautiful!

As we know, plastic pollution is a huge problem and is swamping our beaches and chocking our estuaries. There are many great community projects that are tackling this issue, and we are doing what we can to help.

Yes, we personally take time to join with community groups in Bali (and Thailand) to do clean up the beach days, and contribute funding to these groups for their ongoing clean-up efforts.


Best Payment & Shipping Options

Despite being in Bali, we routinely get our products to our customer’s door in a timely manner. People these days assume any products they’re ordering from Asia will be on the slow boat from China, and are often prepared to wait up to 2 months to receive their items!

However, that’s not the case with our web orders because we have Express Shipping worldwide which will generally reach anywhere in about 7 days.

We offer FREE delivery for retail orders placed on our website over $70 and offer affordable flat rates for smaller orders.

We also have convenient delivery options for wholesale/light-bulk orders, depending upon your budget, the size of the order and the urgency.

These range from Express Courier to Airfreight and Sea freight. In these cases we quote for shipping separately so you can choose which option suits your needs.

We’re happy to work with our customers to ensure stress free delivery of their items, which in some cases will include: Splitting deliveries, booking pickup via external accounts, arranging freight forwarding and ensuring the correct documentation for customs and other internal processes.

We will also provide tracking details and forward any relevant documents in a timely manner. Airfreight will reach most places generally within 2 weeks and about 6-8 weeks for LCL sea freight shipments.

As for payment options, we’ve really gone above and beyond, to give our international client base the best solutions to make it quick and easy to pay and keep costs low.

We offer international card and invoice payment via Stripe and PayPal, along direct deposit (SWIFT/ACH/Wire etc.) via Wise in multiple currencies including USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, CAD, NZD.

We also accommodate many local deposit options throughout Asia via XanPay, and have convenience options such as GooglePay, AliPay, and feature buy now, pay later services with PayPal and AfterPay.

Get in touch with us today to discuss your current circumstances, now matter where you are in the world.


Swing Yoga Training

Because of our connection and care for the yoga community, we also host swing yoga retreats and training workshops in Bali and Koh Phangan.

This is a great way for us to support the aerial yoga space and any also showcase our aerial yoga equipment!

Our retreats are generally 14 days of fun and exploration (inner & outer), set in beautiful tropical locations, with meditation, yoga and aerial yoga practice, nature walks/temple day trips, massage/spa healing, evening ecstatic dance and ritual, healthy eating, rest and rejuvenation.

We also offer 50hr Aerial Yoga Teacher Training certification over 7 days. It’s perfect to learn all the basics of aerial flow, and for those who have already completed at least 200hr accredited yoga teacher training, you can add our certification to your teaching credentials and feel confident as an aerial yoga teacher.

Gravotonics - Why Choose Us

Please see here for our upcoming event schedule for 2023-2024.

Also, we’ve recently begun producing aerial yoga flow instructional videos, with our first one now available in our online store, and more to come.

This first recording was filmed at the famous Soma Lab in London under the instruction of expert aerial yoga teacher Marc Cross with assistant yogi Katie performing the poses, and is the perfect beginner flow to follow along with in the comfort of your own home.

Lastly, you can find many other resources on our blog to help you along your journey, with general information and beginner sequences, along with our pose gallery.

Be sure to check it all out and get involved with us – we look forward to getting you swinging!


Gravotonics – Forget the rest & swing with the best!





get your free aerial yoga home studio setup guide



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