The KT Aerial Yoga Stand

KT Aerial Yoga Stand
Originally Published On 7/27/2020


So, you’re looking for a Yoga Swing Stand?

Finding the best Aerial Yoga Stand is a big decision as you need to trust it during your aerial workouts and inversions. We’ll be introducing you to the KT Aerial Yoga Stand in this article.

There are many considerations as we’ll discuss here, one of which is how easy and inexpensively is it going to be to have delivered directly to you, no matter where you are in the world.

You’ll want to pick a reputable manufacturer/supplier that can deliver to you without any stress.


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To provide you more information about the product we recommend, we’re going to do a quick run through of the things you should look for in a good frame so you can decide whether it’s the right choice for you.


What is an Aerial Yoga Stand?

KT Aerial Yoga StandAn aerial yoga stand is a freestanding frame usually made of high quality, durable, aluminum or stainless steel.

This strong construction makes them perfectly suited for aerial fitness equipment, such as a yoga swing, aerial hammock, or you can even use the apparatus as a pull-up/chin-up bar. They are for anyone who wants to practice aerial yoga, suspension training, and inversion therapy and so on.

In many cases you will not need a frame, as you can use a door frame bar, ceiling mounts, exposed beams with daisy chains, which are all less expensive options.

However, some people just don’t have a place to put permanent ceiling brackets to install a yoga swing nor do they have any exposed beams to hang it from.

Also, maybe they have a permanent place, but want to have the option to set up their yoga swing in different spots around the house… So a portable frame is a practical choice!


What is the best Aerial Yoga Stand?

Well there are a few decent aerial yoga stands available on the market. Choosing a Yoga Swing Stand will be much easier with this guide.

While you are looking for a yoga swing stand, you should keep the following points in mind. Some of the considerations will be the shape and overall look of the frame, along with the weight and ease of set up.

Here is our recommendation of the Best Yoga Swing Stand available on the market that is accessible for most.


The Cost of a Yoga Stand

For many, this is probably the most important factor. If you can afford to pay top dollar for a stand that suits your needs perfectly then you should go for it. Especially if you need a larger, less portable options

If you’re on a budget or live in a tight spot, you might have to compromise on that and go with a smaller, more portable option.

Not to mention the shipping costs can add up, as it is a bulky package, so shop around for the best delivery options to bring down your overall costs. The KT aerial yoga stand is an affordable frame sold on Amazon. It is not the cheapest, nor is it the most expensive, however the shipping options on Amazon generally make it most cost effective overall.

You can easily fit this into your budget – Check it out here on Amazon.


Durable Materials

Generally the materials are similar, however you could find a lighter frame or you may need a more heavy-duty frame, depending on your weight.

Also, if you intend to use outdoors, it must be decently weather resistant.

The KT aerial yoga stand is a sturdy and strong frame made from alloy steel, which also makes it extremely durable and can be used for exercising indoors or even outdoors due to it’s protective powder coating.

It can easily support up to 200 Kgs (440.9 lbs) and you can be quite confident in its ability.

High-quality foam grips, comfortable for use and it is ideal for your aerial yoga routine, and comes with non-slip rubber pads that protect your flooring and add extra stability.


Sizes of the Yoga Stand

Because of the large size of aerial yoga stands, you’ll need to make sure that you have enough space, regardless of whether you’re planning to use it indoors or outdoors.

This may play a significant part in your decision making process, as some yoga stands are a more narrow A-frame style and others have a large circular base.

The KT aerial yoga stand is quite slim-line and has a standard footprint of 44 inches x 48 inches x spread range (112cm x 122cm x spread range).

KT yoga stand dimentions
It’s high enough to comfortably use an aerial yoga swing, and you don’t need to bend your legs when exercising, but also low enough to use indoors in most homes.

No need to use a spanner/wrench, it is height adjustable from 72.8’’ – 92.5’’ (185cm – 235cm) to fit your requirements. This height adjustability gives you the ultimate control over the use of this frame and allows you to use it for many purposes.


Portability is Important

Another reason many aerial yoga enthusiasts choose to purchase a freestanding aerial rig is for portability. When you need to go to somewhere outside your usual yoga practice space, it can be difficult to move all the gear. Not with the KT folding aerial yoga stand!

It is highly portable and easily transportable, weighing just 17kgs (37.48 lbs), so its not too heavy for one person to stand up and fold out. With a decent sized vehicle you can take it with you to set up your aerial rig anywhere!

It folds away in a matter of seconds after use, so you can store it away with ease.


Easy to Install

Many people hesitate to get into aerial yoga because they think that it is a hassle with all the setup it may require. Sure, it can be a bit challenging in some circumstances, however the KT aerial yoga stand makes it easy and you’ll be having fun and getting in shape in no time.

If you’re not particularly handy, you will want to stay away from screws and drills, and focus on stands which don’t require a lot of effort nor any permanent or structural changes to your home.

If you tend to go away a lot, then it’s better to buy a stand that can be completely disassembled, however you have to consider the time and extra tools it will require each time you want to set it up.

This frame is super easy and requires no great technical knowledge to set up. Everything you require to assemble it is in the package, and is all done within a few minutes without a spanner or wrench.

KT yoga stand assembly

It is designed to be convenient and since it is quick and easy to set up and dismantle, you get more time to focus on your aerial yoga routine.


Aerial Stand Safety

Safety is the major factor, as you’ll be relying on your Yoga swing stand to fully support your weight while you practice aerial yoga.

You do not want to be worrying about the stability of the stand while practicing. It should be safe enough to keep your mind at ease. Never buy a stand from an unknown manufacturer, as a cheap knock-off is very likely to break while in use, which is dangerous!

Check the user reviews before you purchase to ensure it is trusted and safe! Khanh Trinh, the manufacturers of the KT Yoga Stand are very reputable. The KT frame has a high force bearing capacity during the exercise routine, despite its light weight, and is very safe.

As we mentioned already, it is made from high-quality material, and is a very sturdy stand. You can even perform “kipping pull ups” on it without any trouble.

KT yoga stand explanations



Along with finding a reputable manufacturer, you should make sure they offer a good warranty. It is important to check the warranty or guarantee of any product before you buy it.

This is to make sure that you can return or exchange parts that get damaged or don’t come properly manufactured. This is especially true for aerial fitness equipment, and the KT yoga stand comes with a 5 YEAR WARRANTY!


The KT Aerial Yoga Stand

This is a great option for aerial yoga enthusiasts. Thanks to the excellent design, it is very easy to install, use and transport. It is a well-tested and comfortable product, and you can rest easy knowing it is safe with its strong and sturdy design.

KT Aerial Yoga StandNot just advertising – it’s the truth! Most users are satisfied with the KT folding stand frames. Distinctive design and outstanding quality. Perfect products for smart shoppers who like MULTIPURPOSE, PORTABLE, FOLDABLE, HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE, and STURDY Yoga Stands.

This is an incredibly convenient yoga trapeze stand for aerial yoga practitioners who want to practice yoga indoors or outdoors and the handy height-adjustable top bar makes it suitable for multiple purposes.

Anyone looking for a quality product to begin their yoga sessions, this is an innovative, unique and versatile piece of aerial equipment to have at home, and is an affordable option.

So, you don’t have to worry anymore. With the help of the KT Aerial Yoga Swing Stand, a yoga swing and some daisy chain straps, you will find yourself performing all the gravity-defying yoga poses that you want in no time!



Customer Reviews

(2 of 411 5-Star Reviews)


Allison Evans
5 out of 5 stars – This is a great deal, and a great product- company is very helpful from the start.
Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on September 2, 2020
Verified Purchase

This company was great to work with! They communicated with me every step of the way. I had a time frame updated several times with extra information like instructions and videos so I could be prepared for set up upon arrival. When the package arrived it was compact and carefully packed so well nothing could move or become damaged in transit. The video instructions were easy to watch and quickly facilitated getting the stand together. The only thing not super clear at the beginning of the video was that you do not use any of the longer bolts until you put the bottom of the frame together. It is stated later in the video just not at the beginning.

I loved that they showed you how to adjust the stand in the upright position. Overall a very clear video and set up process. I was immediately able to get everything set up and start using my yoga trapeze. I felt very confident and comfortable using the stand. The value is great, the product is great, and I would suggest purchasing! Great find! Also the contact for the company is very kind!


Nick R
5 out of 5 stars – Perfect for Aerial Yoga for 1 – Inside the house!
Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on June 5, 2020
Verified Purchase

I got this to practice aerial yoga in my home. I have 8 ft ceilings and the stand is able to fit inside perfectly. I assembled it by myself in about 20-30 minutes. While it feels very safe during use, the inherent nature of the construction does allow for a bit of lateral movement during use. This does not feel dangerous, but it is slightly noticeable. The rubber pads on the feet are heavy duty and I have no doubt they’ll protect the floors in my rental apartment. I’m looking forward to taking it out on the pool deck and setting it at max height! Will hopefully remember to come back and post pictures!

The seller is also WONDERFUL at communicating. I placed my order during the beginning of the lockdowns for Covid19. I sent an inquiry about shipping times and received a prompt response explaining the whole situation and estimated timeline. They continued to update me once the materials were ready to ship. Once shipped, it arrived within a few days. I am very pleased with the overall experience!



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get your free aerial yoga home studio setup guide



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