Tips for Creating an Aerial Yoga Swing Home Studio

Tips for Creating an Aerial Yoga Swing Home Studio

Whether you are a seasoned yogi or a beginner, investing your time and money in creating an at-home aerial yoga swing studio will be worth it.

With a home studio, you will be more relaxed and more comfortable practicing. As a result, your sessions will be more enjoyable and productive.

In this article, we will explore some of the benefits of creating a yoga swing home studio.

We will also walk you through some tips that will help you to create a simple, relaxing, and inexpensive yoga swing studio at your home.


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Why Create an Aerial Yoga Home Sanctuary

Creating an aerial yoga swing home studio comes with numerous benefits. Let’s take a closer look at some of the reasons and benefits of creating an aerial yoga swing sanctuary at home.

First, it gives you the flexibility and convenience, to practice on your own time. Whether you want your session to last for 30 minutes, five minutes, or one hour, it’s all up to you.

Also, you get to choose your schedule. Whether you want to practice in the evening, morning, before bedtime or during your lunch break, it’s all up to you to decide when you want to slot in your session.


Home Aerial Yoga StudioSecond, you will also cut out the time spent traveling to an outside yoga studio. Most people usually visit fitness centers early in the morning or in the evening after work.

And traffic jams are quite common during these two periods. So, with your home studio, you won’t waste your valuable time being stuck in traffic.

Third, having your own yoga swing home studio may increase your motivation to practice, meaning you will be practicing more often.

And while it may sound like a cliché practice does make perfect. So, you will be able to progress faster, compared to enrolling for classes in a studio elsewhere.


Another reason why you should consider creating an aerial yoga home sanctuary is that you will save money. Signing up for yoga classes in an outdoor studio will cost you hundreds of dollars every month. And when you factor in the cost of fuel to and from the studio, these costs can add up quite fast.

But when you have your own sanctuary at home, you don’t have to spend money on classes or fuel. You can then invest this money into other areas of your life. With an aerial yoga studio at home, you will be enjoying all the benefits that come with yoga swing workouts, without having to spend thousands of dollars every month.


Tips for Creating a Yoga Swing Home Sanctuary

Without a doubt, the benefits of creating a yoga swing studio at home are immense. In this section, we will take you through a couple of tips that will help you to create the perfect home aerial yoga swing studio.


Identify the Right Room

Yoga Swing Home StudioWhen it comes to setting up an aerial yoga studio at home, you need to ensure you have the proper room. In fact, it’s one of the most important considerations when setting up a yoga swing home studio.

So, which type of room do you need when starting an aerial yoga home practice?

Should Have Adequate Space

Even if you intend to create a small, aerial yoga home studio, the room that you choose should have adequate space to hang your antigravity yoga swings. Yoga swings and hammocks measure approximately 3 meters long.

Hence, the room that you choose should have a minimum length of three meters. Also, it should have extra space around the swing to extend your legs and arms as you do the various poses. Also, it should have some additional space for additional essentials.

Should Be Quiet

The room that you choose to set up your aerial yoga home studio also needs to be quiet and private. Ideally, it should be away from the main living areas of your house so that no one interrupts when you are in the middle of a pose.

Also, it should be free from any distractions like phones or doorbells. In case it’s not possible to install a door and close it off, you should consider purchasing a room divider or a screen as an alternative.

Proper Flooring

Besides being quiet and having ample space, the room you choose for your aerial yoga swing home studio should have proper flooring. If possible it should have hardwood floors.

The reason why you should choose a room that has a hardwood floor is that it will help to absorb the shock generated from your movements. Also, a room with a hardwood floor will provide a non-slip base especially when you are doing poses that involve planting your feet firmly on the ground.

Proper Ventilation

As much as aerial yoga is considered a low-impact physical activity, there’s a chance you will end up sweating after doing some poses. Hence, you need to choose a well-ventilated room. To this end, you should go for a room that has windows.

You should ensure the room you choose has adequate space for the installation of a fan, which will come in handy during those sweltering summer days or after an intense yoga swing workout.

Strong Ceiling

If you will be hanging your yoga swings from the ceiling, then you need to ensure the room you’ve selected has a sturdy ceiling. But, if you’ve found a room that meets all the above requirements but the ceiling is not sturdy enough, you can opt to use a yoga swing stand to hang your yoga swings.


Furnish Your Yoga Sanctuary with the Essentials

Once you’ve identified the right room for setting up your yoga swing home studio, it’s now time to outfit it with the essentials or equipment needed for your antigravity yoga hammock practice. The aerial yoga equipment needed for your aerial yoga home setup includes:

Yoga Swing

An aerial yoga swing is the main piece of equipment needed for you to do aerial yoga swing poses at home. For the swing, you have several options to explore. You can opt for an aerial yoga trapeze or an aerial yoga hammock, just to name a few.

The best aerial yoga swing for you will depend on your budget and preferences.

After purchasing the swing, you should then hire someone who specializes in yoga swing installation to do the rigging for you. While you can do it by yourself, hiring an expert will ensure the aerial yoga swing installation is properly done, to ensure you will be working out safely.

Aerial Yoga Mat

Home Aerial Yoga Swing StudioYou should also consider investing in an aerial yoga mat, whether you are an experienced aerial yogi or a beginner. An aerial yoga mat will provide the necessary cushioning or act as a shock absorber during falls.

So, if you accidentally slip and fall, this mat will reduce the impact the floor will have on your body, thus preventing serious injuries.

Antigravity yoga mats are available in different types, designs and models. Again, you simply need to choose one that aligns with your budget and preferences. We suggest going for a thicker design.

Aerial Yoga Blocks

Another essential piece of equipment that you should purchase for your aerial yoga home studio is a yoga block. A yoga block will help to raise the floor and bring it closer to your body.

In short, it will act as if it’s your arms’ extension. Yoga blocks will come in handy when you are a beginner, since you are not yet flexible enough.

Hence, they will help you to execute yoga swing poses for beginners that involve placing your hands on the floor, such as the downward-facing dog.


Create Your Yoga Sanctuary

By now, you’ve already purchased and installed the necessary pieces of equipment for your aerial yoga home studio. And, your at-home yoga studio is almost ready.

However, it needs one final touch, which is adding a few items, to ensure it’s a real sanctuary.

Some of the items that you can add to your aerial yoga home studio to convert it into a real sanctuary include:

Proper Lighting

Lighting can have a considerable effect on your mood. If your aerial yoga swing home studio has the right brightness and optimal color temperature, you will be more alert, focused and creative. On the other hand, if the light is too bright, you may end up with headaches, fatigue and migraines.

And natural lighting provides the best solution. However, if the windows in the room you will be practicing are too small or you intend to be doing your aerial yoga workout sessions at night, then you can simply use artificial lighting. If possible, choose a lighting solution that has a dimmer, so that you can control the amount of brightness and avoid CFL globes.

Alternatively, you can opt for salt lamps, lanterns and candles. Besides helping to provide dim lighting for your aerial yoga home sanctuary, salt lamps will help purify your space while creating a relaxing environment.

House Plants

Yoga Swing Home Studio

Besides helping to create an element of nature in your aerial yoga home studio, plants can also reduce the level of carbon dioxide in the air while increasing oxygen levels.

Also, they can help to trap and reduce airborne dust that may be present inside your room.

As a result, they play a vital role in purifying the air, thus helping to create a cleansed and calm atmosphere for your aerial yoga at home practice.

Furthermore, tending to these indoor plants can help to create an element of relaxation, mindfulness as well as peace of mind.

So, it will be a great idea to add some houseplants to your space. When choosing houseplants, you should go for those varieties that can cope well with the amount of light in that space.

Some of the varieties to consider include ferns, cacti, snake plants, succulents, and spider plants. These varieties require minimal care, making them an ideal choice for someone who doesn’t have a green thumb.


Music can help to block out external noise, thus helping you to focus on your antigravity yoga practice.

Furthermore, music can also help to elevate your mood, distract you from fatigue and pain, and increase your endurance, making your sessions more productive.

So, you should also consider adding music set up to your aerial yoga swing home studio. Once you’ve installed a music setup, you can then be downloading playlists from music streaming platforms. The playlists that you will be downloading will depend on whether you want a relaxed or intense workout session.


You should also consider adding mirrors to your yoga swing home studio. Mirrors will help you to check whether you are executing your poses or postures the right way. And this is crucial to help enhance your skills and prevent injuries.

Furthermore, mirrors will also help to make your yoga home studio bigger than it is while brightening it.

Hence, mirrors will play both a functional and aesthetic role, making them a great addition to your aerial yoga home sanctuary.


A yoga studio is not complete without the beauty and energy of crystals. And this should also apply to your yoga swing home studio. So, what type of crystals should you add to your antigravity yoga home studio?

Well, it will depend on your personality or the type of environment that you intend to create.

For instance, amethyst promotes patience and stability while rose quartz is associated with self-love and compassion. Jade creates an element of serenity and peace while citrine promotes abundance and prosperity.

So the type of crystals that you will choose will depend on the energy, mood or focus that you want to amplify.


Scents will also go a long way in helping to create a serene, tranquil, relaxed and calm environment. So, you should consider lighting some scented candles or adding essential oil diffusers in your home studio.

However, don’t overdo it. Too excessive smoke and scents can affect your breathing, making it hard to enjoy a productive session. So, experiment with a few scents and then choose the combination that works best for you.


Your Yoga Swing Home Studio

Home Yoga Swing StudioA home aerial yoga sanctuary offers almost the same benefits that you will get from a yoga studio.

But, it comes with the additional benefit of not having to spend your time and money commuting to an outdoor studio. It also provides a level of flexibility and convenience that you can’t get from a studio.

And as you can see, creating one is not as challenging as it may appear. We hope the tips we’ve shared in this guide will help you to come up with the perfect aerial yoga swing home studio.





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