Yoga Inversion Swings For Back Pain Relief

Back Pain Relief Using Yoga Inversion Swings

For some people, inversion therapy may come across as a health and wellness trend.

But the reality is that this natural therapeutic method has been used for hundreds of years for various reasons like pain relief, strength building as well as flexibility, just to name a few.

There are various types of Inversion Therapy. But, the most common one entails using yoga inversion swings, also known as aerial yoga swings.

With this type of inversion therapy, you won’t need expensive or complex equipment.


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In this article, we will explore more about yoga inversions, the conditions that it can alleviate, as well as the benefits of inversion therapy using yoga inversion swings.

We will also walk you through a couple of risks associated with this natural therapeutic method.

With that said, let’s jump straight in..


About Inversion Therapy

Practicing Inversion Therapy Using Yoga Inversion SwingsSo, what exactly is inversion therapy?

It’s a technique where you are suspended upside-down, in an attempt to stretch and decompress the spine. This technique is designed to provide some form of relief from back pain.

So, how does this therapy help to provide back pain relief?

Well, the working theory behind this technique is that when you shift the body’s gravity, you will ease off some of the pressure exerted on the back. Also, shifting the body’s gravity can help to deliver some level of traction directly to the spine.

Gravity usually causes the joints, bones, and muscles in your back to compress over time, leading to back pain. Hence, inversion therapy will then help to decompress the spine, thus alleviating this back pain.

Inversion therapy experts also say that it can be highly beneficial to people suffering from chronic back pain and sciatica. Also, this natural therapy may help to boost circulation in the body while alleviating scoliosis.


Conditions that Inversion Therapy Can Alleviate

Spinal compression remains one of the leading causes of lumbar pain and chronic back pain. And this can be attributed to the sedentary lifestyle that most people are accustomed to these days.

For instance, if you spend the entire day seating behind a computer, there’s a high chance that gravity will cause your muscles, joints and bones to compress. As a result, you may end up with back pain.

And this is where inversion therapy comes in. Instead of using invasive treatment methods or taking medications, non-invasive solutions like inversion therapy using aerial yoga inversion swings can help to alleviate such issues.

As mentioned earlier, inversion therapy using inversion slings helps to ease the pressure from your spine while increasing the space between the vertebrae. Hence, it remains an effective technique for pain relief.

Some of the conditions that this therapy can alleviate include sciatica pain, muscle tension, chronic back pain as well as degenerative disc disease, just to name a few.

So, if you’ve been suffering from any of these conditions and most of the treatment methods you’ve used haven’t delivered the expected results, then you should give inversion therapy a try.


Benefits of Using Yoga Inversion Swings


Benefits of Inversion Therapy Using Yoga Inversion Swings

As we mentioned earlier, you don’t need fancy or costly equipment for inversion therapy. You only need to install yoga inversion swings in your house, and you can start doing various inversion exercises.

Some of the benefits of doing inversion exercises using yoga swings include:


Better Spine Health

Improper spine alignment is, without a doubt, one of the leading causes of upper and lower back pain. Failing to adhere to the right posture for prolonged hours will definitely place an undue amount of pressure on the spine.

The reason behind this pain is that your spine will be forced to compensate for the unnatural posture.

To alleviate this pain, you will need to find ways of decompressing the spine and releasing this tension. Some of the strategies that are commonly used include spine massage, combined with muscle-strengthening exercises.

However, inversion therapy can also work similarly. Suspending the body in an upside-down position on the yoga inversion swings and doing yoga swing poses will help to alleviate the pressure and tension placed on the muscles, bones and ligaments of the spine, leading to better spine health.

Reduced Dependence on Painkillers

Most people who suffer from back pain tend to depend on painkillers for relief. And as much as these medications are effective in alleviating back pain, taking them for too long can lead to various gastrointestinal issues like bleeding and ulcers.

Studies also show that consuming painkillers for too long can cause liver and kidney damage, among other serious complications.

The good news is, that doing various yoga poses using yoga inversion swings can help to alleviate back pain. So, if you have been suffering from chronic back pain, you don’t always have to rely on painkillers.

Besides being expensive, painkillers pose numerous health complications, especially when you consume them for long. By replacing them with inversion therapy, you will save money, reduce health complications and enjoy better health overall.

Avoid Surgery

If you are suffering from a serious case of sciatica or lumbar pain, then you may be thinking of going for surgery, to alleviate these conditions. However, holistic and alternative pain management techniques like inversion therapy can help you to avoid surgery.

As earlier mentioned, leveraging inversion therapy using yoga inversion swings can help to improve spine health. And once your spine’s condition improves, you may no longer need to go for invasive treatment methods like surgery.


This has also been supported by a peer-reviewed study, which has shown inversion devices and techniques can help to lower the need for surgery, for individuals suffering from lumbar discogenic disease.

The lumbar discogenic disease is more of a health complication, which causes the discs along your spine to become weak and thin.

According to this study, twenty six people suffering from lumbar discogenic disease were enrolled.

In one group, both physical and inversion therapies were applied while only physical therapy was applied for the control group.

From the results, 77% of the study participants who received both physical and inversion therapies avoided having to undergo surgery. And for the group that only received physical therapy, only 22% avoided surgery.


As you can see, there’s enough evidence that using yoga inversion swings can help you to avoid surgery. Besides being an expensive procedure, back surgery may sideline you for a couple of months, making it hard to attend to your daily chores or live a normal life.

But, it’s important to note that you should always listen to your physician regarding the best treatment method for your specific medical condition.

Lower Stress

Stress is a normal part of life. Unfortunately, if it’s left unchecked, too much stress can lead to various mental health issues like anxiety, depression as well as personality disorders. Stress can also lead to cardiovascular diseases like heart attacks, high blood pressure, strokes and unusual rhythms, just to name a few.

Also, excessive stress can cause under-eating or over-eating, muscle pain, muscle tension, chest pain, drug use and abuse, trouble sleeping, as well as lack of focus or motivation, among other serious issues.

The good news is, that you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars attending therapy sessions or taking stress-relieving medications. Doing inverted poses on your yoga inversion swing will be more than enough to provide stress relief.

And one of the most effective poses for stress relief is the floating child pose aerial. In this pose, your bum will be in the air while your head will be down. This naturally-soothing pose will put your body into a more relaxing and restful state, thus helping to alleviate any stress or anxiety that you may be experiencing.

Other yoga swing poses that can help to alleviate stress include the cross pose, star inversion, aerial warrior poses, downward facing dog, aerial lunges, cow pose aerial, cat pose aerial and bridge pose, among others.


Enhanced Flexibility

Yoga Inversion SwingsPracticing inversion therapy regularly using yoga inversion swings can also lead to improved flexibility. And, improving your flexibility comes with numerous benefits.

Also, it can have a positive impact on your overall well-being.

Some of the benefits of enhanced flexibility include:

Increased Mobility

First, improved flexibility will increase your mobility. As much as well all have varying levels of flexibility, the more flexible you are, the greater your mobility.

In short, if your muscles are stiff, then you will have mobility issues.

On the other hand, if your muscles are flexible, then you will find it easier to move around. The reason behind this is that if your muscles are flexible, then your joints will move in the right sequence.

Consequently, you will be able to load the right joints and muscles, to move around or perform various exercises.


Lower Risk of Injuries

Second, increased flexibility can also help to reduce the risk of injuries. Once you develop flexibility, you will eliminate muscle imbalances.

Besides, your body’s capacity to withstand higher levels of physical stress will increase. And as a result, you will be suffering from fewer injuries, compared to someone whose body is stiff or inflexible.

Improved Athletic Performance

Third, flexibility can also increase your athletic performance. As we mentioned above, flexibility will increase your overall mobility.

And when combined with muscle stability and proper muscle control, enhanced flexibility will boost your overall athletic performance, regardless of the sport that you practice.

Enhanced Posture and Balance

Fourth, flexibility can improve your balance and posture. If your muscles are stiff, it’s highly likely that you will end up placing unnecessary pressure and strain on your joints and muscles.

And, this may lead to poor posture, which is certainly a long term factor in most back pain complaints among other things.

Increased flexibility, on the other hand, will help to correct muscle imbalances, boost your alignment and improve your posture.

Improved Circulation

Fifth, increased flexibility can also improve the overall circulation in your body. If your muscles and joints are tight, circulation will be affected.

And this will prevent oxygen and nutrients from moving through your body smoothly.

But when your muscles are flexible and relaxed, circulation will increase.

Bigger Range of Motion

Flexibility will also increase your range of motion. As you may probably know, tight joints and muscles can considerably reduce your range of motion, making it hard to execute everyday tasks.

With increased flexibility, your range of motion will increase, making it easy to attend to your routine activities.


Risks of Inversion Therapy

Practicing inversion therapy using yoga inversion swings comes with a wide range of health and wellness benefits. But like most other things, this natural therapeutic technique also comes with its drawbacks.

While inversion therapy is safe for most people, it can also be unsafe for certain individuals, especially those suffering from some health conditions or complications.

Some of the risks of inversion therapy include:


Pressure in the Eyes and Ears

Practicing inversion therapy using yoga inversion swings may lead to increased pressure in the ears and eyes. And, individuals who suffer from retinal detachments or glaucoma tend to experience increased pressure in their eyes.

Also, inverted poses can lead to increased pressure in the ears.

So, if you suffer from any of these conditions or you have a complication that increases pressure in your eyes or ears, then it would be advisable to stay away from inversion therapy, since it may aggravate your condition.

Increase in Blood Pressure Levels

When you are suspended upside down, there’s a chance that your heart may slow down, while your blood pressure will increase within a few minutes.

Due to this issue, inversion therapy may not be recommended for individuals that suffer from heart diseases, high blood pressure as well as those with a history of stroke.

Can Worsen Some Health Conditions

Inversion therapy can also worsen some health conditions, especially those related to the joints and bones. It may also aggravate spinal injuries.

So, if you suffer from herniated disk, osteoporosis, broken bones and other similar complications, then it would be advisable to avoid practicing inversion therapy using inversion yoga swings.


Yoga Inversion SlingWrapping It Up

Practicing inversion therapy using yoga inversion swings provides an effective and affordable means of alleviating back pain and improving your overall health and wellness.

But, just like other forms of exercise, it’s always advisable to start slow, to give your body ample time to get used to the new routine.

And if you have an underlying health condition, then you should first consult a physician or health professional.





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